Air Force bombs Gaza tunnels
Roi Kais
Published: 19.11.10, 23:59
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1. bomb for bomb
alexi   (11.20.10)
see, bibi responds for every shot. Now I would do it 5 to 10 tiems for every shot. Like I said-s tunnels, 5 gas stations, 2 police headquarters, 2 welding shops etc etc. Olmert never understood this, the moron that he was. He hated the military. Yet barak, while defense miniister sat there like a dumbbell when olmert tied his hands to limit idf entry and frequency of response. He should have cornered olmert and forced him to give idf free rein. No this fool and the idiot livni sat there while olmert tied idf hands and the population in the south was terrified and damaged. \ it starts with self respect and what do you stand for. For example, bibi should now ask himself what does he stand for. Hmas and fatah incite, fire rockets while obama tells only israel to freeze. Abbas can build non stop even though west bank is disputed and in truth the arabs colonially occupy ancient israeli land, who is kidding who. EU will slam israell whatever it does. Here is the deal: No freeze, develop alternate supplies especially energy, stockpile spare parts, get the idf ready, develop the whole front shelter and chemical bio mask supply, induct all the haredi into the idf(torah does not exempt) . Tell ababas, you want to talk call us period. standfast and don't concede on anything. Obama is within his rights, he sides with khalid rashid-end of story. He has it backwards but that is his view. Thhe worldreally does not understand that israel was the ancient jewish homeland-hebron, ramle, bethlehem are all jewish cities. War may eliminate the demographic problem.
2. All's Fair In Love And War!
Heather Czerniak ,   Mississauga, Canada   (11.20.10)
From now on, Israel will not hesitate to use phosphorous! I hope Hamas is ready.
3. Great Job IDF-They shall be like David
LJ ,   MD, USA   (11.20.10)
4. Six casualties
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (11.20.10)
I'm so happy you take the wounding of six civilians so casually. What did they do to you? How would you like it if six members of your family were wounded equally by Israeli soldiers? Would you just say, it's all in a day's work or would you scream bloody murder to the government and demand trials and jail time?
5. bombs
colin   (11.20.10)
So they fire on empty tunnels. The arabs long ago learnt the sysem When will Bibi get rid of this cowardly groveling wimp of a so called defence minister>Everybody knows he hates jews. Everybody knows he will run with his tail between his legs if the atmosphere heatens up Everybody knows he was FIRED-KICKED OUT- DISGRACED AS PM. Get rid of barak and allow the IDF to protect the country.
6. #4, what do you suggest?
Eyal ,   USA   (11.20.10)
an apology? Did you ever consider what the Jews feel when rockets and mortars fly into them. or is it doesn't apply to Jews? The Gazans voted for Hamas to be in power, not the Israelites. If you are around terrorists, you would think to move away when rockets are fired into Israel. You complain with no solution, suggestions or merit. Complaining will not get you anywhere, if you can tell me how Israel should respond, then we will talk, but please don't give me the typical BS of occupation, cause not only the story is old, but Gaza is not occupied.
7. #4 - you are such a goofy Jew
Eyal ,   USA   (11.20.10)
8. #4 Just six casualties?
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.20.10)
Hamas must be very disappointed. They fire kassams and grad bombs at Israel to provoke a response. Injuries attract sympathy from non-thinking supporters like Jerrold who rant on command. Wonder if he would like his family to be blown to bits by kassam rockets and bombs?
9. @Jerrold
Paul ,   Israel   (11.20.10)
Hey, man, take your blinkers off! The rockets fired at Israel intentionally target civilians and when they hit, the Gazans dance on the rooftops. I don't hear sympathy from you when this happens. However, when Israel responds, as it is allowed to do, you pipe up. It is not Israel's fault that the Hamas flaunt The Geneva conventions and fire rockets as well as build smuggling tunnels in densely populated civilian areas. It is THEY who use civilians as human shields, shoot and then cry/whine. I wonder how YOU would feel or react if every day YOU were living under the threat of rockets being fired on your home and your family in the USA. I know for sure that the US Air Force would blanket bomb the area, as thay did in Vietnam ( rmember?) - and you would probably justify it. So stop being a hypocrite!
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