Israel complains to UN over rocket fire
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.11.10, 07:45
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1. And someone is expecting the UN to do anything?
Scott ,   USA   (11.20.10)
2. UN will do nothing about attacks.
vicky ,   ashkelon israel   (11.20.10)
We are not like our ancestors, we WILL defend our selves, our Country and our right to EXIST. and that means retaliating. If the Arab world do not like that then don't fire first! (Its as simple as that!)
3. Back to victim status ;) ,...
split ,   US   (11.20.10)
4. #3 only until UN grows some brains and lets us do our war
Omri ,   Israel   (11.20.10)
5. How Very Ironic
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (11.20.10)
Israel was caught red-handed firing phosphorous shells at civilians and UN personnel causing casualties, at first denied it, then when it was proven, said that firing phosphorous shells at civilians was legal. Now Hamas fires a few shells into the desert ground with no casualties that the IDF alledges has some phosphorous in it and Israel has the nerve to whine about it?
6. rockets into gaza
mike logan ,   retford, notts   (11.20.10)
I guess they think they are only firing into there own country and if the israelites had not stolen it from them no harm would have been done,I am waiting for israel to stop the building, then maybe they will stop firing
7. #6 To Mr. Logan
Standing Tall ,   USA   (11.20.10)
"Firing rockets into their own country"? I guess you are delusional and they are suicidal. What country wants to shoot off rockets in their own land? The Israelites were there long before there was Palestine. In case you forgot, the Israel left the Gaza Strip and they still are being fired upon. No country would tolerate thousands of rockets into their country. Understand now?
8. Where did the phosphorus come from?
Ali' ,   Scotland   (11.20.10)
We all know the answer !
9. UN
Ezra ,   Florida   (11.20.10)
Here is what the Gazans are saying to the UN:"Ooh, our knees are shaking with fear. You are scaring us to death" and the UN replies: "Don't worry baby, we know you could not help yourselves. It's your way of life (or death) If it makes you happy we will throw in for you a few billion dollars to sweeten your miserable lives and condemn Israel for complaining to us and waste our vakuable time. Don't cry,baby".
10. Israel
Buck Mast ,   United States   (11.20.10)
The land was Israels long before Mohammud invented Islam.Islam is the problem because Islam is a religion of hate.Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible over 300 times.Jerusalem is no mentioned in the Koran.
11. The UN in action
Israel   (11.20.10)
Here's what the UN really does in the Palestinian territories. See this short video
12. phosphorous shells
Mordeci ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.20.10)
Where is Ban Moon and the rest of the very anti semetic UN.Ban Moon is good for two things. Moral Outrage and condemnation. It always seems to be against jews.The UN and there military policy is costing lots of American losses. If an RPG IS LAUNCHED AT TROOPS BUT THE COMBATANT PUTS THE WEAPON DOWN YOU CAN NOT KILL HIM BUT YOU CAN QUESTION HIM FOR 96 HOURS BEFORE HE HAS TO BE SET FREE.AND YOU CANNOT TORTURE HIM FOR INFORMATION.JUST ONE EXAMPLE OF THE UN.
13. The UN?
Paul ,   USA   (11.20.10)
I must have missed the news. Gaza is a nation?
14. double standard
James ,   San Antonio TX USA   (11.20.10)
Israel ignores most UN resolutions, so why should the UN listen to Israel?
15. Wait for Europe
Ken ,   Internet   (11.20.10)
When Jihad attacks escalate in Europe they will wake up, but it may be too late by then. Sarkozy: let's call a spade a spade: today's missile threat comes from Iran," he told reporters at the NATO summit in Lisbon.
16. This is funny...
Dave   (11.20.10)
We all remember Israel claiming its use of white phosphorous in cast lead was within international law and legal... Lieberman is just upgrading and bringing to new heights Israeli chutzpa...
17. DONY TALK - ACT !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.20.10)
In the past year, Israel has filed complains to the United Nations following every rocket fire from the Gaza Strip or southern Lebanon. In a letter to the secretary-general, Reuven wrote that the attack included phosphorus shells, and stressed that Israel will continue to practice its right for self defense while using all necessary means to protect its citizens. SO - WHEN WILL ISRAEL GET ITS FINGERS OUT OF ITS AS ???. Arn.
18. UN reaction: Don't bother me, I'm reading comic books.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.21.10)
19. I smell another operation, this time
ghostq   (11.21.10)
since the UN is useless(like right before WW2) other countrie will have to be involved, which can egnite the entire area, thanks to palis rockets, that is among others the reason the blockad still going on, just in case people got short memory they already killed 2 Israelis civilians after the withdraw. facts r facts. anyone that bite the hand that hasd been given for peace will observe the hand that can slap.
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