Pollard's father: He's served too long
Ynet reporters
Published: 20.11.10, 12:52
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1. Pollard
Spencer ,   Israel   (11.20.10)
What America has done to Pollard is a trvesty of justice. Yes, he did spy FOR America's closest ally. He gave Israel information that America should have given her and for this he received a life sentence. What a disgrace. The time has long passed when Pollard should have been rel;eased. To be honest, he should not have been jailed in the first place because NO HARM whatsoever was caused to the USA. All that happened was that America's closest ally was better prepared to deal with the threats on her existance and to combat terrorism.
2. He should be freed
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (11.20.10)
I've often have wondered how his sentence compared to other spies like the Walker family and others. Now that those questions have been answered the case is clear to me. David Barnett sold the names of 30 agents to the Soviets, out after 18 years, the Walker family who were considered some of the most damaging spies to the U.S. in all of history are out already? Look I don't like what Pollard did, it gives all the antisemitic people of the world (and in the U.S. especially) what they consider proof of Jewish dual loyalty, that all Jewish people can't be trust as true citizens. But when you compare the Pollard case to other spy cases , again we see double standard being applied because it's Israel. When people who committed espionage against the U.S.(and did major damage to the U.S.) are compared, it is clear Pollard (who did no real damage to the U.S.) is more of a political prisoner at this point. It doesn't excuse Pollards actions, but what's fair is fair. This isn't fair, period. He should be released or we should be told why he is still being held.
3. release Pollard...
seadog1946 ,   Shooter's Island, NJ   (11.20.10)
over the Ben Gurion aerodrome from a height of 1000m. What he did, he did for money. The fat creep should rot in solitary.
4. I am the first to lambaste America...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.20.10)
but, I would never consider doing what Pollard did. That in no way excuses his unjust, ridiculously long incarceration, which turns the American justice system into a laughing stock.
5. Bibi bring him back and become a hero
tomer   (11.20.10)
6. Pollard
Ezra ,   Florida   (11.20.10)
It's about time. Here is anopportunity for Mr. Obama to find grace in the eyes of Israel : F R E E POLLARD N O WWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Not in Your Wildest Dreams
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.20.10)
Even if a settlement freeze was extended for 91 days instead of 90 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pollard is a traitor to his country..let him rot in prison.
8. What If He Were A Muslim CAIR?
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (11.20.10)
I have been an activist for his release from day one, or a much shorter sentence with chance of parole. The judge got the anti-Semites ( Weinberger) report at the last moment..which has not been disclosed. But to be fair, I understand Israel has balked at giving some valueable info to the US regarding the entire episode. Fair is fair. Some say Israel could have given the info to the Russians. I say, doubtful. But no President wants to dirty his releasing him, votes, loyalty and all that. Dual loyalty..are Jews in high govt positions disloyal. This is nonsense..out of the Protocols. Pres. pardon peope at the end of their terms..he should have been pardoned...unfortunately, we Jews dont know how to really apply pressure. Pollard acted foolishly in admittinhg guilt. No one ever admits guilt, guilty or not. Let them make the case. If he were an Muslim..the entire Muslim world would be ranting and raving.
9. salma of palestine
martin ,   uk   (11.20.10)
is that palestine east of the jordan, or west of the jordan? is that within the 1947 borders or over the borders? i cannot find a map showing palestine anywhere except for old british maps when they took control of the old ottoman empire's domain. how do you feel having a colonial term as your supposed nationisty? can't you be more imaginative? erm, silly question no you cannot can you?
10. To #7
Aviva ,   Israel.   (11.20.10)
You are a disgrace to mankind! You spend you days writing on all the israeli newspapers ! No body cares what you say, so get a life!
11. Salma
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (11.20.10)
What a hatefull person are you.
12. #9 she talks just to hear herself talk.
13. Pollard was a traitor
Sammy ,   NYC, United States   (11.20.10)
Pollard's treason resulted in the deaths of several US operatives in the USSR, as well as the dismantling of a large intelligence network there at untold cost. He carried out his espionage for MONEY. The fact that Israelis keep calling him a victim is truly offensive. Let him rot in his cell.
14. To salma#7
Texan   (11.20.10)
salma you hate show over every side of the Israeli newspapers , You are disgrace .even to you own people . You hatered you antisemetic mind all over ,Please go write you hate comments some other side .PEACE never happen till you learn to love you self and you children more then you hate Israel and the Jewish people . Wake up!!!!!!
15. I don't get it...
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (11.20.10)
Why are people obsessed with Pollard? He was caught spying, he was sentenced to life in prison. There is no horrible travesty of justice here.
16. salma paid by the PLO Ynet helps
Arik ,   Guivat Yearim IL   (11.20.10)
To write her hateful comments.She has too much time on her hand, and is everywhere. She should be censored, ynet is sleeping with the enemy by publishing her all the time. Ynet I will stop reading you too leftist, pro-arab and anti-religious
17. #13 Clearly you know all the facts, Sammy
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (11.20.10)
So either provide us with a credible source to prove your grave accusations (Pollard supposedly causing the death of US operatives), or admit you're just regurgitating an unfounded libel.
18. #3 I bet you haven't even read the news item
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (11.20.10)
And skipped straight to the talk-backs to spew your venom. Just be clear that your opinion here is carries zero weight if you cannot provide a solid rebuttal to any of the facts mentioned by Pollard's father.
19. #7 Salma, judging by your fervent hate toward traitors...
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (11.20.10)
Then you would be the first to say that Mordechai Vanunu and Tali Fahima deserve the exact same sentence. Right?...
20. Obama - bring justice! Free him!
21. Bravo! Anti-Semites please try reading the article before
Jae ,   Lynn US   (11.20.10)
typcial defamation. Use your brain, God gave even you one. Think. It doesnt hurt to try the process called thinking and using intelligence to debate points. Or are you an emotional slave to your hatred and blind feelings?
ASAF ,   KFAR SABA   (11.20.10)
23. Pollard
tom dee ,   usa   (11.20.10)
I find it interest that Israel wants to be taken serious and it has a person like Lieberman as foreign ministry and the Bibi government spends a lot of time attempting to get a traitor to his nation out of jail. Pollard did what he did because he wanted the money. Israel paid him for information that they could have gotten the usual way of asking a USA senator to give ti to them. The USA senate is full of prositutions and it probably would have been cheaper than paying the whore Pollard. Why does anyone want a person who betrays his own nations? What makes Israel think he will not sell out what he can on Israel if he gets the chance? Amazingly stupid for people who generally have been smart. Must be the lack of water which is the real problem for Israel rather than a fat slob that is a disgrace to humanity.
24. His arrogance keeps him in prison
Tel Avivoid ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.20.10)
Let us ignore for a moment why Pollard is in prison. One will argue he took vital information for Israel's defense, another will say he did it for the money and sold US secrets unrelated to Israel. Given that the court documents are secret, this boils down to "whose heresay do you trust more." However, this is meaningless to the issue of his incarceration. Pollard has adamantly refused to seek parole, even though he was eligible 8 years into his sentence. His own website can only offer the weak excuses that it "would probably fail" and (for reasons that are a mystery) "interfere with clemency requests." If Pollard truly wants freedom, he must work for it himself. At best he will be paroled, at worst a parole hearing will reinvigorate efforts to gain clemency. But he won't, because then he won't get to play martyr anymore.
25. Pollard
Judy T ,   Chicago, USA   (11.20.10)
He is a traitor and lucky he was not executed. There is no justice in releasing him.
26. He played the rat with his country
Cameron ,   USA   (11.20.10)
He tossed his honor & loyalty out the window. Release so you Israelis can raise him up as some sort of "hero"? No, he stays in his prison cell. He serves as a heavy symbolic message to dual-citizens in this country, and to Israel.
27. #17 - Pollard's treason led to deaths
Sammy ,   NYC, United States   (11.20.10)
Pollard almost certainly caused the death of US agents, as well as millions of dollars of cost in lost intelligence resources. Here's Time Magazine, but this has been reported by many sources. Again, let him rot, and stop idolizing this man:,9171,979817,00.html
28. Reprehensible
D. ,   Israel   (11.20.10)
Anyone who claims Pollard should remain in jail or even be executed because he is a "traitor" either is an anti-semite or self hating Jew. If that is the case then why has no other person who "spied" on a friendly country been treated the same way? No one who has done what he has, has been in prison for nearly as long...oh I know why because he is a Jew and that is the truth...all other statements are just beating around the bush.
29. He should be lucky
Chase ,   Philadelphia   (11.20.10)
Prof. Pollard should be grateful and lucky that they didn't execute the traitor! No man can serve two masters!
30. Pollard was messed with by anti-semitic USa
Joseph   (11.20.10)
They renaged on a plea-bargin. Some of the information was meant to go to Israel under treaty which the evil americans withheld, which could have cost lives. Some of the charges were made up. The sentence is disproportionate compared with ALL others the US have ever given. Sadly part of his predicment is due to self-hating Jews. (see his appel judges.)
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