Hezbollah: Arms needed to resist Israel
Associated Press
Published: 20.11.10, 17:34
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1. Shame on Israel!
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (11.20.10)
Is it uncomfortable to ‘retreat’ with your tail between your legs?
2. let the people of ghajar enjoy their freedom :)
3. Again Israel Makes A Gesture
Jethro ,   Marquette, MI USA   (11.20.10)
Israel is always makes gestures to show they want peace but Arabs don't care. They stilll want the destruction of Israel.
4. #2
Texan   (11.20.10)
What freedem ? This is going to be hamas town like gaza ,Waik up ....
5. Why am I not surprised?
Paul ,   Israel   (11.20.10)
Hizbolla said in 2000 that they existed to free Lebanon from Israeli occupation. Israel pulled out and the the Rajar incident arose, out of nowhere, even though the UN approved Israel's full withdrawal. Then they said that Israel was still on Lebanese soil. Israel is prepared at cost to Rajar residents, to pull back from Northern Rajar. Now Hizbolla say that they STILL need their arms. COME ON WORLD, WAKE UP! hIZBOLLA WANT TO DESTROY ISRAEL AND ARE PLAYING YOU LIKE A FIDDLE WITH THESE LAME EXCUSES WHY THEY NEED THEIR ARMS! The time has come to calla spade a spade and denounce this murderous organisation for the true Islamic terrorist Iranian agent that it is, and move to destroy it.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (11.20.10)
But the Fat Man and his fiends I mean Friends, just need reason to exist. Israel poses a zero threat to Lebanon. Israel has only had to defend itself from those who seek to destroy Israel. Bottom line: If no attacks come from Lebanon into Israel, Israel has no desire or designs on taking, possessing or wanting any part of Lebanon, period. Now the same cannot be said of Hezbollah, who on many occasions have stated their desire to destroy Israel. Again we have the liars, lying, as is typical for such criminals. The only threat that exists is terrorists and their friends attacking Israel. It is the only time any trouble has ever started, it always was preceded by attacks against Israel from Lebanon. That is an historic fact, that is undisputed. The CASE IS CLOSED.
7. #2 - this action is against the wishes of Ghajar residents
William ,   Israel   (11.20.10)
The residents of Ghajar warned the UN and Israel that if Israel pulled out Hizbullah would show up and the town would be armed and full of terrorists, then no one in the town would be safe. Israel still insisted to leave - and for that, I have no idea why since the residents didn't want that nor does it better their lives. Politics often forgets that real people are affected by decisions. Furthermore, this is just a withdraw from N. Ghajar where S. Ghajar is in Israel, and now families are separated by a border. Finally, with Hizbullah in the town, it now becomes a major drug smuggling route into Israel and points beyond, increasing the criminals in the town. Nope - this isn't good for anyone.
8. Hiz is a mafia terrorist org, not protection force
William ,   Israel   (11.20.10)
Hizbullah is like a child that passes by a neighbor's house each day and taunts, throws rocks at their dog. After a while, the dog will get upset and bark loudly, even rush the fence. The boy will make the assumption that this dog is violent and he needs bigger rocks or to ask parents to put it to sleep. Hence, the logic of Hizbullah is akin to an 8-year-old boy. Jordan and Egypt made the right move - stop throwing the "Stones" and the dog remains on its side of fence, uncaring of the "little boy".
9. Hizbollah NEEDS an "occupation"
Danny   (11.21.10)
Otherwise it can't pretend it needs totalitarian control to keep its base in line and weapons to control lebanon.
10. 7 and 4 I was being sarcastic.
2   (11.21.10)
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