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Jews dismayed over pope comments
Published: 22.11.10, 08:10
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31. give it a rest guys
Farah   (11.23.10)
don't you guys have anything more important to do? There is plenty to worry about in Israel. And tThe same old arguments over and is getting very boring. Christians have been persecuted since day one- and they still are, by the millons-so Jews do not have an exclusive. To you guys everybody is an enemy- Christians, muslims, atheists, etc. etc... "The pope stood idly by while Jews were slaughtered?" So did many rich Jews who could have helped... so did the Americans- I don't hear anybody yell!!!
32. think again
observer ,   melbourne   (11.23.10)
Before criticising the pope or others for not helping the Jews , how much had the Jews leaders done in Turkey to help the armenian victims when they were masacered? Simply nothing. At least the Catholic Pope saved tens of thousands of Jewish lives. He did what was possible at that time.
33. b.s. about what we can think
hey no. 31 farah ,   we dont need your   (11.23.10)
or what us Jews can not think. so mind your own business and quit huffing the glue too!! lol, opps i mean quit drinking the nazi kool-aid hahah
34. The rightioust pious lame duck can
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (11.23.10)
only save as much as he can.It makes sense,
35. shut up jerry b4 an israeli beats you
pini ,   usrael   (11.24.10)
chris ,   wales   (11.24.10)
Your correct about most of what you said,But I don't see the comparision between Protestantism and Catholicism..I think you mean most who call themselves Christians? that is so true..There are some of us Gentiles who understand the prophetic significant of for the Pope,WWell,We believe according to many passages that the Pope could well be the Antichrist 666 beast,or the False Prophet at least spoken of in Rev 13 and also Rev 17. Antichrist in the greek means Instead of Christ,someone who will decieve the whole world,including the Christian Church..Pope cliams to be the Head of the Body of Yeshua,when Yeshua himself is the head..the Popes call themselves Holy Father,This is Blasphemy because there is only one Holy Father and He is in Heaven. the Vatican sites on 7 hills,The Prophecy about the Whore sitting on the beast as also sitting on 7 hills..The Catholic church is a Counterfeit Christianity that was set up to oppose the truth and persecute the Jews..Beware of a Future Pope who will want to have a part of is part of the end times deception to have the Vatican bring a false peace to the world involving Israel and the Arabs...
37. #22
chris ,   wales   (11.24.10)
hey friend,not all Christians ok?your quoting false christians believe me..true believers are a remnant..we can't help it or be blamed if false believers take over the "Church" Thanks!
38. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.26.10)
you must be very young as you have no idea about the past history of the "old pope" who turned a blind eye at the time of the Holocaust. Do yourself a favour,please open a history book or search google & read & learn before you post here. YES it is really important for us Jews to know who tried to help us in the time of the Holocaust. We Israelis & Jews HAVE TO CARE,& have to teach our children about our past,so it will be passed down from generation to generation.
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