Police: Haredim embezzled millions in ID fraud
Yair Altman
Published: 21.11.10, 17:35
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1. Crime is Crime everywhere
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (11.21.10)
Why should these people be immune from criminals. Prosecute them and send them to jail, and seize the bank accounts of these organizations. Let's not blow this into some bizarre conspiracy theory.
2. The government sent millions without once knocking on the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.21.10)
door and asking to see the students? This is stealing and the government helped them by ignoring them. What was the Reagan statement about nuclear treaties with Russia? Trust but verify.
3. a bunch of crooks
tony ,   uk   (11.21.10)
Haredi, ie those who 'tremble before hashem'. Of course they have to steal from the State, the State doesn't expect them to work? What a great life they have
4. Jewish Law
Alex ,   New York   (11.21.10)
I don't see how those who only adhere to Jewish law will ever submit to Israeli law. However, why is it that in every other state, the haredim follow Jewish law and the state law? (or do they?) Lastly, how will the haredim shape Israeli law? in only one direction - Jewish law.
5. What a surprise ,...
split ,   US   (11.21.10)
Haredis are involved in another scam - I'm shocked ;) ,... Familiar with kosher nostra extortion racket imposed almost on every food product in US ??? ,...
6. Stealing is stealing...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.21.10)
And a violation of one of the Ten Commandments. I do assume the Haredim still accept those have not come up with a new version. AFAIK, the commandment simply says "Lo lignov". It does not say "don't steal from X, but stealing from Y is okay". If the police case can be proven in court, the same "Yeshivot" should lose their licensing as educational institutions and be responsible for returning every cent embezzeled plus interst, as well as prison sentences for those responsible. This is what happens when the "inspectors" who are supposed to verify the Yeshivot come from a Haredi political party--they inspect their own, so of course it's "Kosher"--even when it isn't. Inspectors for the yeshivot should be secular, not Haredi. And the Haredim wonder why we seculars look upon them with distaste? They remind me of the man who murdered his parents, then threw himself on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan--CHUTZPA! If this is an example of how we Jews are supposed to be "a light unto nations", they've cut off the power.
7. #1
Jeremy ,   Michigan USA   (11.21.10)
You are right.. but it always amazes (sarcasm) me when people who declare that they are so much better than others get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.. What does the Torah say of stealing? Hmm... must have studied really hard... oh wait they were too busy stealing to study LOL
8. Re #4 Jewish Law?
Andrew Brehm   (11.21.10)
They stole. They certainly don't follow Jewish law. And I am sure they won't follow secular law either.
9. these lazy bastards!
david ,   manchester   (11.21.10)
10. I guess
Ze'ev ,   Lod   (11.21.10)
This is also a result of secular education. Or maybe they are not Jews, but converts. Or... Nah, just haredi criminals.
11. 6 michael
Ora ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.10)
The commandement is LO(if you don t have) TIGNOV(steal). Lol In the papers you can read every day crimes commited by seculares.The Haredi do not have the monopoly.I agree with you,we expect better from the Haredi.If the accusation is true they do Hilul Hashem.Till now there is no proof.You do not need to look on all the Haredis with distaste because of one group.You could better look on them with sympathy,because of the good ones:ZAKA, EVER LEZION YAD SARA RAV DAVID GROSSMAN and all the volunteers in the hospitals,in the elserly homes etc. To be a light under the nations we need the help of the secular.Let s us put on the power together as ONE people.Agree?
12. And the Lord said "Thou............not steal"
jo   (11.21.10)
Everything haredim do is with god's blessings. Embezzling, lying, fake ID's, stealing, cheating and more.It's part of " their own " 10 commandments. Millions stolen ? It only shows the incompetance, the stupidity ( complicity?) of Govt employees. They will NEVER see a cent back. The lord, their lord will provide. Now that the game is over ( is it?) they can go on ,rampage and burn trash cans, beat up the poor cops,block streets, spread their filth in the neighborhood. The Mayor will clean after them; he always does. Now that their livelyhood have been confiscated, they can go back "Schorring".And I am told that they were made in god's image ?? Now Ovadia can give them his blessings.
13. if true then truly disappointing and pitiful end
Barney ,   USA   (11.21.10)
14. the money must be repaid and the crooks sent to jail
zionist forever   (11.21.10)
The fact that they are haredi institutions makes this worse. The money should be repaid and the individuals involved should be locked up for s long time. It does show the current Tudat Zahut is a joke considering you need to use it for so much and its nothing but a laminated piece of paper with a picture.
15. So who is a real Jew?
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (11.21.10)
Basic Judaism requires that Jews respect the law of the land. The Torah says thou shall not steal. So mare these so called ultra religious Jews really Jews? Their behavior in many areas gives Judaism a bad name. These so called Jews should be disowned by the government; Yeshivas that stole money should be cut off from receiving any other or new funds. Real pressure needs to be put on these people to start earning a living. We all must realize their holier than thou attitude is just an act.
16. #7; Jeremy; As I expected
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (11.21.10)
Jeremy writes: "when people who declare that they are so much better than others" Really show us where these "people" declared they were so much better than others? Link us to these alleged remarks. Show us where any Jewish leader ever said anything even remotely like that. Actually that is your projection onto the Jewish people. Since you can't provide where anybody ever states that, your remark seems bigoted and self righteous. I have a better idea, follow my advice leave out the false statements people like you love to make. Also I like your quote: "but it always amazes (sarcasm) me" Oh I see all Jewish people are really just thieves. Your remarks drip with antisemitism. The funny thing is people like you are never even aware of your not so subtle hatreds. I guess you believe the Jewish people control all of the media, banks, and really in their awful sneaky way run the U.S. government, and all governments around the world. Lets not forget the secret radio's Jews have in their houses that warned them not to come to work on 9/11. Did I miss anything Jeremy? Did you know your name "Jeremy" is of Jewish origin. Watch out there may be a chip in your brain, to secretly control you. But in this case it must be broken.
17. Police: Haredim embezzled millions in ID fraud
Natalie Irene Wood ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.21.10)
We should expect no less from people immersed in a grossly hypocritical culture where they are taught ways to circumvent the very Torah they spend their lives studying and supposedly propagating to others. The house of cards is beginning to collapse.
18. Will they or won't they?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.21.10)
One can only hope that they will be properly punished with appropriate jail terms and not permitted to beg off with 'public service' sentences.
19. Wake up Israelis
Joe ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.22.10)
These are the same people who pronounce that most of world Jewry (both and inside Israel) is not authentic and irrelevant. Be it conversions, marriages, burials, rituals (including the holy Jewish sites), they are building a ghetto for the exclusion of the rest of us. Since those of us outside of Israel don't have the vote, I would suggest that all non-orthodox Israeli Jews move quickly to take back the State that they have dearly paid for with blood. Otherwise, I fear, we all won't recognize it in just a few more years. The anti-Semites must be loving it.
20. Discrimination
Avrohom ,   London   (11.22.10)
Imagine a headline "Blacks arrested for embezzlement" could you imagine the outcry over it. Why does this media outlet have to use the word Haredim, and why is none bothered by the blatant discriminatory headline?
21. Headline Worst Then Inappropriate
Kenneth Perlman ,   N.J. USA   (11.22.10)
First any person guilty of a crime should pay the price. Until the legal process is complete a decent news organization will indicate that the accuse are alleged to have committed the crime. Secondly individuals are accused not the group that they are members of. The headline 'Haredim embezzled millions in ID fraud' is as disgusting as the alleged crime. I will allege that author and the editor are as guilty as the accused. This headline is an example of generating hatred to a group. Shame on this paper. G-d willing I will never pay for this rag.
22. Cut all benefits to the charideem
Avi ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
This kind of behavior is of no surprise at all. Its time these lazy bastards got off their holly backsides and did an honest days work and while their at it draft them in to the army, as they obviously need a bit of disipline. If your going to claim the moral highground at least try and behave like a human being. They flaunt the very laws they claim to uphold, just like Shas they are walking hypocrites and criminals who use religion as a means to extort our hard earned tax money.
23. Get Haredi to make fake Passports for shin Bet
Leon   (11.22.10)
If the Haredi are skilled forgers maybe they could make false passports for Shin Bet and lessen the seculars anger at the Haredi not having (honest) employment.
24. Not justifying anyone stealing
HH ,   Jerusalem   (11.22.10)
but i'm just wondering if the sense of outrage at the forging of ID cards is as great toward terrorist groups that have an entire underground industry in faked ID cards that helps facilitate terrorism, suicide bombings, smuggling, etc.?
25. Religious institutions should fund themselves
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.22.10)
Why should the public be force to allocate funding to separatist cults? Religion is a private matter and therefore it should be privately funded and subjected to tax as any other entity.
26. Who is a dhimmi now
Avramele   (11.22.10)
The secular Israeli is under dhimmi servitude to the Haredim with the tax to prove it.
27. Haredim imbezzelment / fraud
Simcha ,   SO.CAl.USA   (11.22.10)
So this is news? since when? It's no secret that the haredim "students" collect money for doing nothing,including study. The majority of them just march in place. Unless they are being paid to procreate and riot. Torah study is worthles unless the individual also does good works toward their fellows.
28. They are entitled
Loyal Jew ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
The state spends Jews' money on secular education, "culture," sports etc., keeps roads open on Shabbat, and all the rest. That's the real theft. If yeshivot have to bend the rules to get a pittance, it's time to change the rules. Instead, they arrest them for it?
29. #20 Why.... Avrohom?
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (11.22.10)
...Because that's what they are...Charedim... just dishonest ones..that's all. Why fuss...unless you've got something to worry about? Maybe you have to steer clear of this specific group of crooks.. (at least until Yom Kippur) to avoid getting tarnished with the same brush....?
30. #28 Loyal Jew you are forgetting the rules
Avi ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
In case you have forgotten , in order to take out you need to put in> I have worked hard in my life and pay in access of 12,000,000 NIS in tax every year and i serve in the army reserves. These people contribute nothing, and as we can see they also lie and cheat and steal from state. If your going to go around claiming the moral highground based on a relgious belief preaching to others at least learn the 10 commandments - AMEN Ever heard of "Thou Shalt not Steal "?
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