Jerusalem to hold segregated event
Ronen Medzini
Published: 22.11.10, 00:12
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1. So Pepe from Mertez is the poster boy for the opposition?
sk ,   USA   (11.22.10)
Given how much he loves Islam, the Khamenei reference must show support for segregation.
2. Sexism, Racism and Bigotry
Human ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
Definitely back to the dark ages .
3. disgusting .....
rachel ,   usa   (11.22.10)
4. Just authorize the chardi to run independently owned buses.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.22.10)
The religious and not so religious pick the bus they want and everyone is happy.
5. Segregated event in Jerusalem
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (11.22.10)
Yesterday, writing about the bus decision, I said, "First the buses, then...". And now we know.
6. Israel is becaming like Iran...
Paolo O. ,   Ramat Gan, IL   (11.22.10)
... any day more. Haredim will damage Israel more than the Arabs ever did...
7. I'd rather have an Arab neighbor!
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (11.22.10)
8. Jerusalem, islamic delight.
jo   (11.22.10)
Inforced segregation, of all places Jerusalem ?; full of make believe Jews. The only omission to this glorious event are the ' barbed wires', a few watch towers, a few guards baton in hand, in order to see that order is maintained.. I bow my head with deep reverence to the Mayor of this ignoble city, in achieving the impossible ; duplicate the " good old days " of the 30's / 40's when, in order to survive, one had to show to " THE MASTERS ' that you have a special gift IE: violin, piano, voice, etc. that will deligt the ear, the hart, the eye. Yakov Swekey has one such gift -- the voice. To the bottom of my heart, I wish and pray (I am not the praying type) that his voice cracks and never recovers. I am writing this under the " Freedom of Expression ", so that Ynet will not follow the censor's approach so familiar with the BBC, NYtimes, the Guardian and other publications of ill repute.
9. don't forget,
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.22.10)
"Israel is a Jewish State" as you know Judaism is a religion, and that a religious act....good luck !
10. Segregation
Joan ,   Rishon Israel   (11.22.10)
I have always been proud of my country, now I am really ashamed. A disgrace.
11. I was sure this was a special event honoring the Haredim in
meir gush etzion ,   gush etzion   (11.22.10)
the security forces. In light of the high percentage of Haredi families who would come to see their members honored this might have made sense. In honor of a Haredi singer....Change singers. (of course only male.)
12. percentage of haredim serving???
dina ,   jerusalem israel   (11.22.10)
considering the low, nearly nill, percentage of haredim serving in the security forces I do not understand why they have to be considered at all in such an event. Even more so that it is with my tax money (they hardly contribute) and my sons!!!! (again they hardly contribute) This is a shame on Israel against the Jewish phylosophy and religion and not so different from the Nuremberger laws.
13. to Chahia #7
Laurence ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
A haredi will never touch you or try to rape you. Arabs are barbarians that would violent and rape you at first occasion. Haven't u heard of these 30.000 jewish girls hold prisoner in arabs villages that have been forced to convert to islam and are on regular basis beaten and raped by their husband ? Get informed before to make such stupid declaration. Why shouldn't they hold a segregate event if they want to ? It s a question of respect toward the other sex. Respect their choice .
14. Jerusalem to hold segregated event
Marlene   (11.22.10)
2 solutions (1) All the ladies just boycott this event. (2) Change the singer, since when is an artist allowed to dictate to anyone what he wants to enable him to perform. The only thing he can demand is what sum of money he is paid for this. It is totally pathetic in todays world that this should even be though of or allowed. I
15. Amazing progress for Israel
Yoni ,   Tel Aviv   (11.22.10)
To be able to stand up to all of the hatred toward charedim and accept them as they are. To show true pluralism by embracing various cultural differences. To segregate men and women and regain a little bit of the respect for eachother without the attitude of hedonism we are forced to take part in in places like my Tel Aviv hometown. To stand up to intolerance by those claiming to be tolerant but really spewing hatred and intollerance in the name of tolerance Meretz is just a bunch of anti's with no ideology or belief of its own other than the break down of morals and family values in our precious country
16. Ynet: Stirring up the hate
El-Nakam ,   TA, Israel   (11.22.10)
17. Segregation
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
This whole business of segregation is because Haredi men are scared witless of coming into contact with a woman who might be deemed "unclean " or be tempted to go further than just touching. What on earth is going to happen to them if they shake hands, or - heaven forbid - accidently brush in bus or street against a woman? They ar just so repressed and rather than learn restraint and respect, they choose to publicly insult all women. The whole thing stinks.
18. #7 Lawrence inciting rascism
Avi ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
And i quote "Arabs are barbarians that would violent and rape you at first occasion." what a sick and twisted view you have , blinded by hatred.
19. To Salma #9
Lippy ,   Proud Israeli   (11.22.10)
At least we don't have "family honour murders".
stude ham   (11.22.10)
who eats buses anyways?
21. #9
Dudi ,   Jerusalem   (11.22.10)
Equating Jewish and Judaism so carelessly is a good indication of the depth of insight you provide in general. The question of who is a Jew is a tricky question that is beyond the realm of religion. Please continue to make comments like this one which will undermine your entire racist agenda. And yes, as bad as our religious fanatics are, I don't see them shooting up weddings because they played music. That being said, as much as people may disagree with Hareidim, these opponents have no right to talk until they understand the motivations for and implications of such actions
22. Mayor Barakat this is NOT
Jerusalem, Israel   (11.22.10)
why you were elected! You may rest assured that you will NOT be re-elected!
23. oh hello! Jerusalem is a segregated event!
Really! Jerusalem is segregated on the religious front Jerusalem is segregated on the national front and now everyone is surprised to learn that Jerusalem is segregated on the sexual gender front.... Really kids this surprises you? Give it a rest truth is we are a very segregated and traditional society!
24. QUICK! Let's all rush to judge!!!
Gimmie a break ,   Jerusalem   (11.22.10)
Why does separate seating automatically mean mean women are being mistreated? Ever stop to consider that maybe these religious women also consider mixed events inappropriate, or must it be that they are all just brainwashed or too scared to speak out about how they really feel? Instead of ignorantly treating religious people like backwards cave-people why don't you respect the fact that we also have our own social norms and customs and just because they may be different than yours doesn't mean you have to insult us for them.
25. Jerusalem to hold segregated event.
Jerry ,   Az   (11.22.10)
Marlene, this is Israel - a religious state like Saudi Arabia ir Iran or Afghanistan! All Israelis and the rest of the world should know that you can't have it both ways. You either separate religion from the state or you expect lunacy to run wild. THe US and its allies are fighting wars all over the world for just this reason. Good luck, Israel - you are next!
26. #19 Don't let this worry you
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.22.10)
it's step-by-step approach.....Be patient .
27. to be or not to be a jew.
robert   (11.22.10)
Dudi of Jerusalem: same can be said --- as much as people may disagree with islam, these opponents have no rights to talk until they understand the motivation and implication of such actions. ---Also Dudi, the question of who is a jew being a tricky question behind the realm of religion is only in your head ; brainwashed by generations of individuals who claimed to know it all. I might add worthless individuals.I am from a family of Jews, religious background. Never cared for the scritures (none of them); the candles, the sabbath, the prayers, synagogues. My father was a cohen, never interested me. I am a mature Jew. When the country needded my arm, some blood, I was glad to be of help, including ( Baad Ehad). Live and let live is my approach to life, and it works very well for me. I have as much respect and love for haredim, rabbis, the naturei carta and other such characters as I have for all the combined sects of islam --- They all insist and/or want to force you to believe in them, in their own fantaisy gods, their sacred books (being revised by their experts constantly ). And I object and refuse to embrace any of their gods (whatever their name ) who's legacy and fame on earth had been, still is; bloodshed, massacres, for 1000's of years in their name. The gods of peace they each claim to be.
28. bans and rabbi ovadia yosef
anna ,   uk   (11.22.10)
The reason for the segregation is because Rabbi Ovadia Yosef told him he had to have it and also because at a previous concert 2 charedi rabbis issued bans against his concert. Rabbi Yosef said it was fine as long as the segregation went ahead. So here we have another example of charedi rabbis trying to control people
29. #4
Paul ,   USA   (11.22.10)
It would still be segregation. Kosher = Sharia?
30. What Is The Basis For This Segragation?
emanon ,   USA   (11.23.10)
I am certainly not the most religious Jew on the planet, but I don't recall any teaching that has anything to do with separating men and women on a daily basis.
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