Wanna buy a car from Ahmadinejad?
Dudi Cohen
Published: 22.11.10, 17:22
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1. Yea, need families like the ones living in secret nuclear
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (11.22.10)
sites. I'm sure that money is very much in need now that the new sanctions have been placed on his country.
2. Sell the NEW car, it would get more money for the poor and
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.22.10)
the old one has been good enough all this time.
3. The car's not his to sell
Ehoop ,   UK   (11.22.10)
Support his wife's rights and arrest him
4. ask obama if its eligible for cash for clunkers
zionist forever   (11.22.10)
Sell it under the cash for clunkers scheme then he can get a brand new car subsidized by the US government. Obama could say even Ahmadinejad recognized cash for clunkers was a wonderful idea.
5. I like that car i am willing to start bidding
tea man ,   marjayoun   (11.22.10)
$ 40,000.00 is enough you think let me know that all I have right now
6. # 1#2 #3 #4 y'll hate poor people why
tea man ,   marjayoun   (11.22.10)
you only like to see dead iranian people why remmeber there are 70,000 jew in iran you donot wish them to be dead or starving
Rivkah   (11.22.10)
Because in an EMP attack on Iran, the old cars will run because they have no fiberoptics. Keep the old car and give part of your income to the poor instead! ElectroMagnetic Pulse will shut down the electricity, cars, computers and in a moment society will go back a hundred years. But if you have an old car, it will run like a horse will run if you have gas for it. Keep it! it is more useful than the new one!
8. Clever fellow
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.23.10)
He acts and looks cheap while his son has millions stashed in several banks in the gulf region. This guy knows how to play his role. What a clever actor!
9. To No. 6,
dotty ,   gilgil, kenya   (11.23.10)
tea man, do you mean there are jews living in iran?
10. Iranian Jew, can you find the "gulf"...
Persian CAT   (11.23.10)
on the map please. You are referring to the Persian Gulf, I assume. What a pity the "arabs" have gotten to you too. But then uneducated people have always been easy targets to fool.
11. At least Iranian RealJews are NOT like RaelJews
JoJOO ,   Kosher Toronto   (11.23.10)
Grow up fools and mascarading as wannadeJews.At least the man has balls to stand up to USrael thugs [:^/
12. Yes, I would buy a used car from Ahamadinejad
exomike ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.24.10)
A '73 Peugeot 504 is a classic and Ahamadinejad is so much more honest than American and Israeli Politicians I would not worry about buying a Used Car From him.
13. #12 You'll need to fumigate the car
Ringo ,   US   (11.25.10)
Like the rest of Iran's dated technology, try buying parts for yet another Iranian import.
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