UK to check Islamic schools after Sharia claim
Published: 22.11.10, 17:52
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1. I presume salma went to eaton...
2. where is Nour and salma?we must hear them urgently!
3. Islam is peace (TM)
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.22.10)
4. is anyone surprised?
5. where's Avi?
He must certainly prefer Muslim education to the Haredim.
6. Galloway
ya'akov ,   USA   (11.22.10)
I'm sure MP Galloway will be more than happy to provide some extra funding for these hate materials.
7. I wonder what exactly is happening to the UK?
observer 1 ,   Chrangbegbo, Ghana   (11.22.10)
What exactly is happening to you, Brits? Are you claiming ignorance and think other people will be daft enough to believe it? What a shame! I hope you still hold sacred some democratic values worthy of defending. Because, if not, you are already sliding towards something very scary. Shalom.
8. Hate education
Issy Hass ,   Ra'anana-Israel   (11.22.10)
How long will the "Sharia"law will be part of the UK law?
9. Islamic schools
Islam will take ,   EUROPE shortly   (11.22.10)
This will be the start of the problems in Europe from the Islam. Islam are saying openly they want to take the world. WAKE UP UK & EUROPE FOR YOUR OWN SAKE.Tomoorow can be too late
10. yes, the saudis are modernizing
oferdesade ,   israel   (11.22.10)
using power saws (small ones) for cutting off hands, electrocution for sodomy, and now they can prove the jews are taking off using the web
11. The Brits are too busy drinking beer,
Dyslexic.... ,   Israel....   (11.22.10)
eating fish and chips,watching football,too worry, that there country is been taken over buy the Muslims.Wake up England.
12. The Biggest Religious Cult In History
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (11.22.10)
13. Good news...
EDL member ,   Brixton, UK   (11.22.10)
sooner or later even the dumbest dogooder will wake up and give the towels a kick in their halal butts. And time to tell the Saudis to f00k off, too. Emirates stadium, etc. They even corrupted ENGLISH football.
14. Encourages More anti Islamic feeling in UK, burqa rage..
Shayna ,   New york   (11.22.10)
Muslim women having head scarves ripped up, Muslims being spat on, White kids calling Muslim kids terrorists. Also heard of normal people getting off a train if they see a 'brown' person with a big ruck sack. It's all news stories from the uk that you don't hear in Israel. Once the uk has a bee in it's bonnet about something they will be on it like White on rice.
15. Prosecutions ?.Damaging to U.K / Moslem sensitivities !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (11.22.10)
16. to nour and salma
martin ,   uk   (11.22.10)
we know this kind of filth has been used in arab moslem schools for many years, including u.n. schools. please answer my dilemma. If Jews are descended from apes ? Abraham was the father of the jewish people and islmics. do you therefore, claim that abraham was, too, descended from apes and pigs, or was he a pig or ape> i am very confused that you, as moslemsare supposed to revere our father avraham. are you able to offer me some direction here in the manner of a civilsed reply. thank you
17. The modern approach in the art of killing /maiming
jo   (11.22.10)
in America and the UK. How to chop off a hand, a foot, gouge an eye, stone live girls,; always kill with honor. In the UK , they are very up to date with these family matters. They are very snobish about it. Halloway makes sure that classrooms are well supplied with the latest printouts due to the generosity of this fat Pig, this murderer, this deviant character, Abdullah. Elisabeth is very proud indeed regarding this special arrangement. For her B'day she probably will get a ' sapphire ' that will complement her collection. America has been the " lucky " recipient of the same Pig, the same murderer for decades. An ideal set-up. America is giving the Saudis $ billons every years, and they in turn spend 100's of millions in America IE: ie terror training, bribe politicians ( a must in the US in order to get work done), a 9 / 11 job with 90% saudi participation..classes in arabic how to hate Jews, kill them. Since Obama knows everything, approval is of course no impediment. The sad and reprehensible part is that America and Europe don't give a Sh....t.
18. ISLAM is piece!!,hand&foot
handicap ramps ,   sharia law   (11.22.10)
19. Its an Islamic state, no?
So where's ,   the problem?   (11.22.10)
20. I'd like to hear what Salma-Nella has to say...
Scott ,   USA   (11.22.10)
21. saudi arabia
zichron   (11.22.10)
saudi arabia lost its mandate from heaven when it refused to rescue the jews of europe as did islamic lands after the christian persecutions under mohammeds inspirations who saved the daughter of his enemy. The jews will destroy islamic aberrations from its false heresies criticizing all jews without acknowledging the righteous amongst the People of the Book.
22. oh yea, "Isrel" school spread "love"!!!!!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.22.10)
23. Israeli Schools don't spread hate.
Sarah ,   Tel Aviv   (11.22.10)
In fact, contrary to what "Salma, Palestine" wrote, they actually do spread love. I have looked through piles and piles of books, and have NEVER come across such hate-filled statements about Arabs , Muslims or Christians. In fact, the text books that we use on a daily basis teach about tolerance and multi-culturalism. More than that, the teachers and principals that I've worked with teach those values as well. I'm a teacher in the ministry of education. I'd know.
24. Salma my dear you finally got one right
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.22.10)
We do not ever teach anything even remotely like your schools do. We teach our golden rule - Do not treat others and you do not want to be treated. There may not be a lot of love in that message, but is sure as hell beats the racist hatred of Islam.
25. feudalism for the digital age
Cameron ,   USA   (11.22.10)
26. I'd hate to be a Muslim in UK, the media is so against them
American Jew in UK   (11.22.10)
There really isnt a day that goes by when there isnt a negative headline about Muslims, or inuendo headlines. Literally EVERY day, Muslims dont do themselves any favours with a lot of the headline but still...all the newspapers covered this upcoming documentary this morning, what totally aweome, (sarcastic) Monday morning reading for Muslims and to anger and enrage non Muslims. If this was the flip side and it was about Jews, we'd all be up in arms.
27. American Jew in UK #26
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.22.10)
"If this was the flip side and it was about Jews, we'd all be up in arms." If we were doing such things then it would justified. The huge difference is their actions, not ours.
28. Nothing new here
Harvey ,   London   (11.22.10)
This was the subject of a Panorama report about 3 years ago and has been well documented in further media coverage since then. I regret to say that rampant political correctness imposed by the Stalinists in local councils and the failed cult of multiculturalism engineered by the previous government has had a disastrous effect on the country. Prince Charles wishes to be known as the Defender of Faiths rather then The Faith ie Christianity and the Archbishop of Canterbury has called for the [limited ]implementation of Sharia Law. Is it any wonder that these nihilists believe themselves not only immune to the rule of British Law but fervently believe they will in time overthrow it. Those of you writing from Israel may be facing a variety of problms some of which are little different from from those we face here in the UK . The key difference is that you have a common bond , a deep abiding love of country and a sense of purpose . These are traits we appear to have lost over the last 40 years or so and which ,I regret, may be too far gone to recover
29. To American Jew
Hungarian Jew   (11.23.10)
What on earth are you blabbering about??! THe BBC uncovering report is only talking about FACTS, icecold facts. Are you also one of those Islamophil punditsd brought by Saudi cash, too, hmmm?
30. Schizophrenia, Islam and Western Liberal Democracy
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.23.10)
Islam, just like Nazism, Fascism and Communism opposes whole heartedly Western Liberal Democracy and individual rights, freedom and integrity and Islam makes no secret that it wants world dominion. Islam spreads Jew hatred, racism and hostility to Christians, Europeans, Americans, Westerners and everything that is non Moslem. Islam openly supports genocide on Jews and support sexual relations with under-age girls. If there is someone in here who doubts my words you are more then welcome to see for yourself in an English or Hebrew translation of the Al Koran. So essentially Islam stands for the same evil that Nazism, Fascism and Communism stood for, represented and carried out. Since Islam is defined as a "religion" and not an ideology, freedom of religion grants Moslems the freedom to practice Moslem teachings that contradict democracy. Western Liberal Democracy allows blindly, freely, without resistance, obsessively the notion of "freedom of religion" in a rather dogmatic, axiomatic and ideological fashion where noone is even allowed to question the legitimacy of granting religious freedom to everyone. Religions are not the same in the same way as ideologies are not the same and human beings are not the same. There is a fundamental difference between Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism on one hand and Islam on the other hand. The followers of the first four religions usually practice love and tolerance whereas Islam teaches hate, genocide, racism, incest, Jew hatred and aims at taking over the world. Western Liberal Democracy blindly supports freedom of religion and Islam blindly opposes all other religions and Western Liberal Democracy. How should I put it? It's like a human being that has gone mad and grants absolute freedom to a disease that intends to destroy the human being from the inside. The disease wants to destroy the human and the human wants to get destroyed as it is "the disease's right to destroy the human". After all, it is "democracy". Western Liberal Democracy grants Islam the permission to destroy Western Liberal Democracy. Islam intends with all means at its disposal to destroy the very freedom that allows Islam to exist freely. Isn't the world plain and simple - mad? Or is the world just schizophrenic? The 20th and 21st century will go down in history as the Western World's time of decline and self hatred.
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