IDF stronger than ever
Guy Bechor
Published: 25.11.10, 11:29
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1. Ok Ok we got it..Arrogance at its finest
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (11.25.10)
Then some one tell me why on earth do you guys jump up and down like crazies when ever you hear the name's Iran and S-300. Why do you get so nervous every time Hezbollah receives new armaments?? I mean seriously,the worlds 5th army shouldn't worry about any of these,right? Why do you always have to beg the Americans to do your dirty work for you(just last month Netanyahu was asking the US president to attack iran!!!) Make up your mind
2. As Al-Sayed said Hezbollah is stronger than ever.
Zainulabdein ,   Pakistan   (11.25.10)
If IDF is stronger than ever so does Hezbollah, Hamas and syria. Well only time will tell, who has upper hand in next war but history shows, we have witnessed everything whatever Al-Sayed has promised. Zainulabdein Karachi Pakistan
3. New Arms For "Peace" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salma ,   palestine   (11.25.10)
Actions are truly stronger than Words , any way, the next war will also proof readiness of your enemies as well . It's more Important that who can bear more.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.25.10)
And so, the strategic balance in the region is completely changing, and the enemy clearly understands the implications of a new regional war. .BEVERE OF A NEAR TIME MILITARY FIRST STRIKE FROM ISRAELS FOES !!!. Arn.
5. Salma... tell me this
David ,   Haifa Israel   (11.25.10)
what is it like to LOSE every war? How is your refugee camp in Lebanon? are you south or north of the LItani? See you real soon.... see all you terrorists real soon. :)
6. "IDF stronger than ever" against Jews
instead of against the enemy. They destroy Memorials of Jews who sacrificed their lives for the land, they keep destroying homes and livelihood of Jews.
7. Peter your hatred of Jews and their RIGHT to nationality
jae ,   lynn usa   (11.25.10)
only gives you one thing in return: high blood pressure and increased chance of major health issues. God wants the wicked to repent. Why not start now? If a man jumps off a building can he expect to gravity to not work in mid flight downwards?
8. maybe stronger but enemies are growing more radical
we also never have be too confident. Israel should keep on upgrading the IDF constantly and increase military hedge again and again. Also be wary of surprise from our enemies. Be always wary.
9. That's all very nice.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (11.25.10)
You forgot to mention weak political leadership, the apparant abandonment of preemption as a military strategy, & the culture of political correctness that seemingly permeates the upper echelons of the military. All the new toys have much less value in the absence of strong leaders.
10. A reminder for Mr Bechor.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (11.25.10)
You recall the name of our Minister of Defense? Ehud Barak. If that doesn't scare the crap out of you, nothing will.
11. It's not the dog in the fight; it's the fight in the dog
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (11.25.10)
With all respect to Israel's wonderful innovations & technological development, it ALWAYS has much more to do with the soldier's & political echelon's competency, clarity of purpose, character, discipline, & determination. Think back to the 6 Day War's IDF AMX-13, WW II Shermans, rusty half tracks, Mirages & Fougas vastly outgunned by modern Russian T-55's, artillery, MIG's, etc. Think back to the Yom Kippur War, with the IDF surprised, outgunned, & outnumbered by every modern Soviet weapon. Let's not forget the War of Independence, where every bullet was counted before firing. I have personally seen well trained, motivated reservist crews on antiquated T-55's outperform Merkava's over the same training course. The disparity between infantry units can be even bigger. Watching the IDF on TV, I see a proliferation of antennas, electronics, & incredible weaponry that seems to be dissipated, unfocused, politically correct, & sloppily used by timid officers & wimpish politicians (I am also sure that there are many excellent units that go unseen). It is not "In my time..." - we had plenty of mediocre units that needed to be pulled up, but all the technology in the world will not replace an atmosphere of competency, professionalism, preparedness, leadership, personal example, guts, determination, discipline, clarity of purpose, commitment, belief in the mission, & an absolute refusal to accept mediocrity - ever. That atmosphere is created from the command & political levels down, & I don't see it. Take those characteristics, applied in conjunction with advanced weaponry, & THEN, Mr Bechor, you'll have something to talk about.
12. IDF Power
Ian ,   South Africa   (11.25.10)
Its all well to have this fancy military hardware but does Israel have the political will to use it effectively ?? Like all the wars Israel has fought after the Yom Kippur it cannot finish wars because of American interference and trying to appease world opinion and the ills of political correctness.
13. Military Advantages
Timberwolf ,   Bristol UK   (11.25.10)
Israel's greatest weapon against it's enemies is faithfulness to G-d.
14. F-35
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.25.10)
20 F-35 against literally thousands of ballistic missiles (conventional and non-conventional) raining down on Israel. Impressive.
15. IDF stronger than ever
milly   (11.25.10)
16. This is a message
Andre lajst ,   Tel aviv   (11.25.10)
I really fell that more than a opinion this is a message for those that cannot have it through an official officer. This Text draws to those groups and countries that Israel will not have another 2006 war. So, pay attention on this text before doing the mistake to provoke the giant lion just behind your garden.
17. All of these weapons will be controlled by
Sam ,   ME   (11.25.10)
pope Ovidia Yousef soon and we will have another Iran.
18. IDF
didier ,   franced   (11.25.10)
Unfortunatly F35 are not needed so late,dolphin can not be compared with other nuclear submarines. The main problem is SS missiles,& a preemptive strike would be a solution if Iran syria & lebanon attack because with precise heads theses missiles are deadly for air bases & economical infrastructures. What is needed there are courageous politicians that want to strike first before being attacked & possibly with tactical nukes that with EMP will destroy the missiles before launch.Not easy decision but perhaps a good one sooner than later.
19. The might of the IDF ?
jo   (11.25.10)
oh sure, bragging a little does satisfy the ego; that's about it. I think that being more direct, forceful has a greater impact, not on politicians who hide anyway, but on the soldier who has no choice but to fight for his life. "" Syria is warned that at the next war, every single tank and it's crew in Syrian uniform, will be destroyed without mercy ""; every airplane on Syrian territory (from piper, to civilian, to fighter, including the pilots will be incinerated"" ; with the hope that when they no longer have a war machine, there will be no more wars. I think it has a greater impact on the soldier, where it counts.
20. #3 Keep in Mind...
Warren ,   Israel   (11.25.10)
... throughout ancient history many empires consisting of many nations have tried to destroy the Hebrews. And while those empires faded into dust in the sands of time, and into ink written on the pages of history. The Jews have carried their banner through all of that unto the present day. Anyone that hates Israel and wants to destroy her can just know that they will just join a very old and long list of nations that have tried before. So yes it is important to know who can bear more
21. Guy, tell me something...
G ,   Israel   (11.25.10)
What's the point of this article? Is this a feel good piece or is it meant as propaganda? Let's deal with the three major internal issues we have and let the intelligence services and the army deal with the existential threats. The three major internal issues: - Palestinians and 'peace' - Religious Jews and Arabs vs secular Israelis - Education reform Let's take our heads out of the sand and concentrate on the fact that if we don't deal with the two last points above we will continue to be in decline.
22. arrogance
newyorkone   (11.25.10)
There is no arrogance in this article. We are nervous because we have enemies who are sworn to destroy us. We learned that we have to defend ourselves because of the actions of the good people of Germany and Austria. People who don't fight back end up in Auschwitz.
23. Yeah that is why Lebanon and Gaza war were so decisive. NOT!
ben yaacov ,   herzliya il   (11.25.10)
Jackasssed opinion. Israel is weak, that is why everyone knows another war with both Hizbollah and Gaza is only a matter of time.
24. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.25.10)
Why do you Moslems always hanker after death, destruction, mutilation and war? What is wrong with you people, anyway? Of course Israel is militarily strong. Of course Israel has several generations of the Stuxnet computer worm. So who needs a challenge on the battlefield when Israel can shut you down with a few keystrokes on the computer? Just ask Iran how effective it is. I know that Moslems are either racing back to the seventh century as quick as their little trotters can take them, or already embedded there. Too bad. Israel is in the twenty-first century, where cyberwar is the way to go! That said, if it's a battlefield confrontation you want, Israel can vaporize her enemies in a nanosecond. Ask yourself, though, if that is really, truly what you want. More fool you.
25. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.25.10)
You people always call for the "next war." I guess that is why Israel has had to engage you in six of them. That's considerably foolish. The next one, bubbeleh, will surely be the last. We are REALLY getting tired of your belligerence, your violence, your terror -- oh, why mince words? Israel is really tired of you. And our patience is coming to an end. By the way, sweetie, I know that if your father and/or brothers martyr themselves to your stupid cause, they get rivers of honey and seventy-two virgins. What do you get?
26. "Alexander the great" bit the dust in the Hindu Kush.
James ,   Belgium   (11.25.10)
America and NATO with all their advanced weapons are still bogged down fighting a bunch of rag tag country boys with AK-47 and RPG in Afghanistan with no end in sight.They still keep pushing the "victory day" forward,though.NATO, like "Alexander the great" before them,will also be biting the dust in the Hindu Kush sooner or later.
27. What Guy Bechor doesn't realize
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (11.25.10)
is that nowadays, the winner in a war is often decided not by the sheer strength of the military, and its tactical achievements, but rather - in who gains the upper hand in the MEDIA. In 2006 the IDF pulverized Hizbullah to dust, greatly diminshed its rocket firing capability, and killed over 25% of its fighters - yet this great military achievement was lost by the world media demonizing the IDF to look like ruthless killers, and accentuating their losses, while Hizbullah terrorists were portrayed as supposed "heroes" or underdogs. Hizbullah lost in every aspect militarily, yet won big time on the media. Ultimately, this was what decided the war. In Cast Lead, Hamas attempted to get the same outcome, but thankfully this time we were better prepared in dealing with the media, there were almost no Israeli losses for Hamas to boast about - and therefore our victory was never in doubt.
28. Another Leftist
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.25.10)
What makes Bechor think the IDF is so strong? The number of high-tech toys that good look on paper? Hamas rocketed Israeli civilians for 8 years and all the IDF could do was retreat to bases further from Gaza. The IDF, with tanks and airplanes, was fought to a standstill by a tiny force of Hezbolla infantry fighters. In Cast Lead, the IDF won to a stalemate, but Israel lost the conflict. The only thing that will be remembered from the war is how the IDF "justice department" turned on its own combat soldiers. In the past decade, the IDF has had only three successes: keeping Fatah (Israel's enemy) in power, ethnically cleansing Gush Katif of ten thousand unarmed Jews, and enforcing Netanyahu's anti-Jew decrees.
29. Are thos things effective against the haredim too??
Ah?   (11.25.10)
30. #1 Peter, are you going to tell us...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.25.10)
that the Iranians aren't quaking in their boots when they think about the post-Stuxnet possibilities? Of course their muslim bravado will not let them admit this publicly, but then sitting there in Vienna, you wouldn't know this, because you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.
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