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Making aliyah to IDF
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 25.11.10, 09:42
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1. And the Tel Aviv draft dodgers?
Alon ,   Jerusalem   (11.25.10)
It is interesting that you cite a supposed increase in those who draft the dodge for religious reasons and ignore the shocking increase among secular, left-wing youth who simply don't want to serve lest they get their pants dirty! Nor do you cite the fact that the bulk of the 189 olim are in fact religious Jews. This is a pathetic example of journalis, unless you admit to its predetermined slant/agenda.
2. the Israeli mentality
The Last Zionist ,   Eilat   (11.25.10)
The Israeli mentality; I missed learning about that in the army. I learned Hebrew through my feet as well as geography as I ran up almost every mountain in Israel. 38 years later I'm still trying to understand the Israeli mentality.
3. to #1
Tank ,   Tel Aviv   (11.25.10)
The reason the article mentions the religious who are dogging the draft, IS BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE THE MAJORITY OF THE DRAFT DODGERS COME FROM IN ISRAEL'S POPULATION. On top of that, you have no reason to suspect that 'the bulk' of the 189 olim are religious Jews. In 2008, I made Aliyah with 147 secular Jews, who were also 'lone soldiers' and the VAST majority of us served in combat units. This year close to 300 like-minded young people have also come to join the military. In short, you have no basis Alon from Jerusalem
4. im 25
pini ,   usrael   (11.25.10)
A non religious jew and thinking of coming to join the idf soon
5. Where's the contact info?
Manny ,   Canada   (11.25.10)
I want to join too. But the article gives no clear info about this. What is the name of this program? Where should I start, with the IDF or my embassy?
7. Aliyah
Hadassah ,   Jerusalem   (11.25.10)
Kol HaKavod and Bruchim HaBaim Good for you and welcome home!!! Aliyah is good no matter how you look at it! Should this encourage others to come home....
8. #1 Alon and the Bnei Brak draft dodgers
Avi ,   Israel   (11.25.10)
In case it slipped your mind the biggest percentage of draft dodgers are the charideem from Bnei Brak. Oh yes im sorry i forgot they are to holy to get off their holly back sides and defend our country.
9. Lone Soldiers
newyorkone   (11.25.10)
You young people are some of the best we have. We're all very proud of you, kol hakavod, and be very, very safe!
10. This article and info -
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.25.10)
warms my heart - thank you. Now I am truly sorry that I didn't think about joining IDF in 1968 when I made aliya.
11. It's a good program
Roland ,   Miami Beach, USA   (11.25.10)
that has been around since before 1999 when I enlisted. In many ways it's the same as non-combat basic training, with female commanders and instructors coordinating very strict discipline.. Still..., even just the first two weeks of infantry were harder and slower than 21/2 months at Michveh Alon.
12. to #8 TISK TISK TISK, Boss, Alon isn't religious
ghostq   (11.25.10)
you r barking at the wrong tree, TA is the center of secular draft dodgers, those r facts. anyway you live in this weird imagenary world, if you continue to believe that all Israelis supporters r Jewish religious.
13. this article means nothing since the IDF
ghostq   (11.25.10)
involve non jews from forign Armies, on weekly basis, boring to the max. just to prove my point the Swdish got 3 Army bases in Israel (no I am not swidish). duhhhh
14. 38 Years Old and Want to Serve
GRANT ,   south africa   (11.25.10)
I am moving to ISRAEL next year. I am extremely fit, strong and motivated and want to join the IDF but I'm 38 years old. Is it at all possible on this course or any other IDF course - (preferably combat)???
15. #4 and #5
Avi ,   Tel Aviv   (11.25.10) good luck. i did it in 07 and loved it.
16. and yours are 'COWARDS'!
They should have their dual citizenships revoked....Brutalizing Palestinians is not what I call 'manly'! I doubt Ynetnews will post my comments... TATA
17. to # 5
michveh alon ,   israel   (11.26.10)
i finished this program 1 year ago. u have to make aliyah and then address the idf directly. there are several enlistment stations all over israel, but you will need an israeli id to enter them. it's a great programm and really worth it. nevertheless, if you decide to join in and serve for only the demanded 6 month, the idf will totally screw you and give u shity jobs like, truck driver, handy man, or working in a warehouse. -> if u join come for at least 1.5 years in the army and do you part.!!!
18. # 14
yossi ,   tel aviv   (11.26.10)
you will have to volunteer but there shouldn't be an age limit. i did it at 29 and we h meone in my company who was 34!!! takein onsideration that the pay is bad. aprox 400 NIS a month!!! 700 NIS a month for figthers!!! but trust me that it will be the best thing you ever did!!!!
19. how to join
Jennifer ,   Pittsburgh USA   (11.27.10)
My son is joining next summer through the Garin Tzabar program. THis is a wonderful program put on by the "Israel Scouts" and can be found on the internet, just google it.
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