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The Fall asked to cancel Israel show
Or Barnea
Published: 25.11.10, 17:04
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1. the narrow view
er der   (11.25.10)
“The people who call for a boycott of Israel own the narrow view that performing there must be about profit and endorsing the hawkish policy of the government. It’s like never appearing in the US because you didn’t like Bush’s policies or boycotting England because of Margaret Thatcher.”
2. "Apartheid" sure has changed its meaning...
Andrew Brehm   (11.25.10)
if being against apartheid requires one to demand that bands don't play before Jews. It's no wonder Israel is an "apartheid state", since it is the only country in the middle east that doesn't have unequal laws.
3. south africa
Ilana   (11.25.10)
would be blessed if it had half the "apartheid" that Israel has! Jargon and twisted truths, lies and terror is what Islam fanatics offer the world. Take this sentence: I don't lie" It would be twisted to: 1. I do lie 2. I lie down 3. I don't tie any connections 4. I lied etc about dying
5. 5 or 6 nicely spoken ladies leafleting outside a concert
Kelly ,   London   (11.25.10)
Yes, this is the frightening face of Pro-Arab terrorism. I also loved that reports of this variously describe the gig as having been 'disrupted' and 'hit by protests'. Nice to see that the truth doesn't have to get in the way of things as ever.
6. Israel doesn't have equal laws
Richard Wicks ,   Sunnyvale, CA   (11.26.10)
ISRAEL doesn't have unequal laws? In Israel, only Jewish people are allowed to live in settlements - neither Christian nor Muslim Israelis are allowed. Statements like yours are simply ignorant. You don't know anything about the country if you think the nation is blind about religion, and genetic inheritance there.
7. and they are probably Jewish self hating students
mea   (11.26.10)
their parents should be ashamed for not raising them to love Israel That is the real crisis all across the world--Jewish children beign raised to exercise democracy through hating their faith and the nation of their people It is truly a sickness
8. Anti-Semites: Secure borders=apartheid
Eitan ,   Chicago   (11.26.10)
This lie will never stand on its own legs. The PA's Fayyad and Abbas enforce their own "apartheid" by arresting any Arabs in the fiefdom who work with Israelis, or purchase Israeli products. It is illegal, and punishable by death, for one of their Arabs to sell land to a Jew. That is de jure apartheid. The moonbats who libelously accuse Israel of apartheid in fact just erode support for any new "Palestinian" Arab state, by suggesting that Israel should permit unfettered entry and egress throughout its sovereign territory to any self-described Palestinian. That is the same as calling for the end to Israeli sovereignty, or by analogy, the end to border fences between the US and Mexico, the ROK-DPRK DMZ, enforceable customs and immigration laws, etc. It's just another ruse that aims at the destruction of Israel, just like the concept of Palestinian nationhood that the PLO's Zahir Muhsein laid out in the 1970s.
9. no unequal laws? get real..
israel doesn't have unequal laws? please educate yourself before talking. you just look foolish
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