Olmert slams Netanyahu on freeze
Associated Press
Published: 25.11.10, 19:09
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1. Olmert still doesn't get it why he was lost the election?
2. Give Obama Corrupt Olmert Family
TheCorruptLeft ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.25.10)
Give Obama Olmert that would be a better idea he and his corrupt left wing Meretz family are better suited to the US if you want to give Obama a present. I believe his sons are already there to escape the army anyway.
3. Such normal talk does not belong on this site!...:)
Avi   (11.25.10)
wait till terry, sarah and the rest of the loonies tell you all about it..
4. the two months might not be a
Barney ,   USA   (11.25.10)
big deal IF it would actually accomplish anything. Olmert stated himself that the palis turned down a great offer-why? they don't want peace-they want the Jews out. That isn't going to happen so neither is peace and the palis will live under their own corrupt terrorists forever. Eventually the world will get sick of the "aid" to the longest running "refugee" problem in history
5. Why isn't he in prison?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (11.25.10)
6. Olmert presented to Abbas a state on a silver platter, yet..
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.25.10)
...the latter refused , because it included a demand that Abbas also accept Israel's legitimacy, its right to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people. It is high time we realized the core issue is neither "settlements" nor "refugees" nor even "Jerusalem". The core issue to be resolved is the categorical refusal by the Muslim-Arabs - not the Christian-Arabs, not the Druze-Arabs - to accept Israel's legitimacy, its right to be, to exist as the independent nation-state of the Jewish people. That right of course is based on historic, ethical and legal grounds, dismissed by the Muslim-Arabs. When the Muslim-Arabs accept Israel's right to be peace will reign!! P.S. Sadly, Mr. B.H.Obama appears to continue to refuse to accept this reality, assuming he accepts Israel's right to exist as the independent nation-state of the Jewish people. We are still to hear him calling for a "two-states for two-peoples"...!!
7. Olmert
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (11.25.10)
Ex PM Olmert was a puppet of the United States Government why should Israel listen to him.
8. Olmert idelogy and falsly acting
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto   (11.25.10)
This is why the referendum is required in order to prevent political manipulation under the table and intransparancy of politicians acts.
9. give olmert to the IDF for target practice
zionist forever   (11.25.10)
Yes Olmert we all know you wanted to give away everything for nothing but thankfully your gone so butt out of matters which don't concern you. A man who was wanted to share the Old City & its holy sites between Palestinians. Jordan, Saudi Araba and the US as well as the fact we lost Lebanon because of your stupidity, and corruption has no right to comment on anything. We should have given this worthless piece of slime to the IDF to use as target practice .. make him do something useful help them train to kill terrorists.
10. I'm right says Olmert, much like
Criss ,   USA   (11.25.10)
Carter, another loser. And, Olmert admits he lied to the people when he said he was not negotiating away Jerusalem ! Like Carter, he should learn to close his mouth.
11. the village idiot refuses to shut up.
dante ,   uk   (11.25.10)
12. Olmert The Loser
David ,   NY US   (11.25.10)
13. Shouldnt this Thief be in Jail? Why does media cover views
Olmerts cell mate ,   Ramle Israel   (11.25.10)
of a convicted felon repeatedly the past 2 weeks? The guy should be becoming friends with his inmates, not with Israel which never voted him inot power. He should worry about his pieces now wife and daughter
14. Why do we need to know the opinions of the corrupt ?
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (11.25.10)
Why is Ynet giving this guy the time of day? Hasn't he hurt the Israeli public enough by exploiting our trust? This only goes to prove that the media will stop to nothing to get a headline.
15. RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTIST Olmert is the ENEMY of the people!!!
Jason   (11.25.10)
Criminal Olmert is hated by everyone!
16. Olmert=Carter
Essie HaKohane ,   Florida, USA   (11.25.10)
Two deeply flawed and failed leaders desperately trying to clear their names and "legacy."
17. give him what he wants
ALEXI   (11.25.10)
Give obama what he wants, the US is important according to olmert. I'm tired of fighting(and I didn't fight, nor did one of my sons who did not serve). I'm tired of winning so we lost to hezbollah.And I will interfere with the IDF to not let them win. Who cares about hills and the golan. Winograd says I am a military failure-who cares what they say. Lador indicted me-who cares- I have not been found guilty yet.-Why fight, we'll give it back anyways.Lets take out the white flag and surrender,and get peace and we will all be happy and things with the arabs willl be wonderful. Look at the gaza wihdrawal. i ask the million Israelis inthe south-have things not been wornderful? There are no words to describe olmert.Coward is too kind. Appeaser is insufficient. Yellow belly for certain as he is is an absolute coward. He makes chosen people a bloody joke. Going back to eshkol, meir, rabin, begin, shamir, netanyahu, sharon, there has been no PM as gutless and utterly contemptible as olmert though barak places a close seconid. Jail is where olmert will be headed and he has the nerve to render his advice perior to being found guilty. And he will be found guilty without a doubt and he will serve time. Deep down he wants to take the state with him into the gutter. Look at his supporters-barnea, haber, verter, ramon, livni(who shneller says is out of touch (and who has tourned kadima into a meretz party), peres, amir oren, misgav. They are an utter collection of misfits and cowards as well. I cannot think of a more despised person in israel history than olmert and he is a terrible stain on Israel. nest to world war ll, olmert is the worst thing to have hit the jewish people.
18. 5#,Terry,hopefully both Olmert AND Katzav will be in prison
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (11.25.10)
19. Olmert King of the Big Mouths
Yehuda Ben Moshe ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (11.25.10)
Oy I'm so glad this big-mouth, spineless, ass-kissing crook no longer is in power. Who cares what he has to say on any topic....only himself.
20. Bibi be strong!
djay ,   UK   (11.25.10)
resist the pressures, this is your test. Resist the pressures from the US, from the left, from europe, resist the temptation of giving away what's most valuable for us. Even more valuable than peace itself. Ask yourself, what's better, a peace meaning Israel no more, or a strong Israel without peace? Because this is what it's about. They want us dead, and any one saying otherwise is saying so out of personnal interest. Encourage and finance building projects, and good things will happen eventually. Be strong Mister PM, we count on you.
21. No more freebies
Zev ,   Israel   (11.25.10)
Time for the Palestinians to sit down and agree to a deal. They either get their state of they get nothing. All they have to do is make peace with a Jewish Israel.
22. #2 Yes! Give Olmert to Obama :-)
Yossef ,   Rehovot, Israel   (11.25.10)
23. Taker of Bribes - Israel (NO) - Olmert (Yes)!
Keith Johnson ,   Los Angeles   (11.25.10)
Olmert is accussed of taking bribes now he wants the state of Israel to do the same. As an American I can tell you that if Israel makes the case the because of Turkey's talk of getting envolved if Israel is forced to defend itself in Gaza or Lebanon and because of the 60 billion dollars in American arms going to Saudi Arabia it needs F35 fighters it can get them from the American people via a Republican Congress in an election year without having to take a bribe. If the Palestinian will agree to a Palestinian state within areas A and B then Israel might safely be able to say OK because such a deal should provide secure borders otherwise JUST SAY NO! Then after saying no, Israel should transform itself into a bicameral City State Democracy thus allowing the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs to rule over themselves where they live as well as allowing them a representative role in national governance. An Israel with a bicameral City State Representative Democracy is an Israel within secure borders, with Jerusalem as its undivided Capital while simultaneously allowing the Palestinians the right to vote and rule over themselves where they are. A City State Representative Democracy model for Israel is a One State for Two peoples solution.
24. I'll solve everyone's problem. Read on...
dudefromthebronx ,   Davenport, IA   (11.25.10)
I took care of this yesterday, when I notified an FBI agent of my intentions to expose the Obama Administration's intent to end diplomatic relations and cooperation with Israel. It's been in the works for quite some time. I'll be pulling into Davenport, Iowa this afternoon on a Burlington Trailways bus at 3:55PM CST if anyone wants to take me seriously. This is not a joke, people! The stuff is already on its way to the Israeli ambassador in Washington. No one will have anything to deny. Get busy, because I can do worse!
25. Oh SHUT UP!!!!
MK ,   Israel   (11.25.10)
We fired you and Kadema a long time ago.
26. let us give olmert to obama and call off the freeze.
Michael   (11.25.10)
27. Remember: Olmert represents the depraved Kadima agenda.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.25.10)
Most posters have commented on Olmert's disgraceful leadership of Israel and his corruption. Some have noted that his ridiculous opinions don't deserve publicity. However, there is one thing about Olmert everyone should take note of. Especially those who voted for Kadima in the past. Olmert does represent the depraved agenda of Kadima. Olmert's belief that Israel should beg at the feet of the most hostile and incompetent U.S. President of all, is shared by Livni and other Kadima leaders. It is time to vote Kadima out of existence as we are voting Labor and Meretz out of existence.
28. 2
zionist forever   (11.25.10)
If Olmert refuses to let anybody see his real birth certificate like Obama does then like Obama nobody would know he isn't an American by birth. As long as everybody thinks he is an American Obama could get rid of Biden and make Olmert his vice president. Olmert & Obama are a match made in heaven and belong together.
29. #24 I hope you are right
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.25.10)
Obama hates Jews, he learned it from his spiritual mentor Wright. Obama believes the getting rid of the Jews will solve all of America's problems. His economic plan is to get the Saudis to lower oil prices and to buy American weapons. The Saudis agreed if he implements Thomas Friedman's plan: Israel withdrawal to undefensible 1948 lines (no Western Wall, no French Hill, no Gilo, no Katamon, no road 1) and flooding of Israel with unlimited Arab immigrants. Obama knows that Israel can't agree to these demands, so he made outrageous demands that he figured Netanyahu would reject. Obama was amazed at how much humiliation, insults Netanyahu accepted, and how many critical Israel interests Netanyahu was willing to sacrifice. If you are right, Netanyahu won't have a choice but to finally stand up for Israel.
30. YNET, you do like to pour gasoline on the fire
Cameron ,   USA   (11.25.10)
You've got 'em all hopping up & down with this one! Ah, the ME.....
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