Official: Mossad behind Egypt riots
Roee Nahmias
Published: 26.11.10, 11:10
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1. with friends like the egyptians who needs enemies!
jason ,   ra'anana israel   (11.26.10)
2. Blame it on the Jews, yea, yea...blame it on the Jews, yea
Milli Vanilli ,   Lypsynck, US   (11.26.10)
yea....cause you can blame it on the Jews, blame it on the Jews, baby....blame it on the Jews that shine at night,...but whatever you do dont put the blame on you...blame it on the Jews, yea, yea! signed, Arab countries
3. Wait, didnt we also put Viagra in their water? My bad that
Conner Spiracee ,   Hobetoken US   (11.26.10)
was what Hamas said. I thinks its the raisins they import from Israel. Everyone knows they are laced with rebelagainstseculardictatorshipbecauseyouareIslamicfundamentalistITIS.
4. Sadat and Mubarak harassing Copts for decades
Trumpeldor   (11.26.10)
As a Jew,I am not that sensitive to Copt plight because these Christans remain avid antisemitic people. As a human being,I do not enjoy seeing people being harassed for following their religious creed though
5. RACISM par excellence! Where are Israel defamers? Crickets
Jae ,   Lynn US   (11.26.10)
chirping loudly! Ill add to this article that Egypt forbids Jews from praying in the Rambam synagogue, the only synagogue left in Egypt!! WOW.
6. Isrophobia
Coptic ,   Egypt   (11.26.10)
Of course it's the Mossad because Jews are infidel sinners and Muslims are peaceful, following the religion of peace!! Oh what a fascist people Muslims really are!
7. dont blame the jews
dong ,   israel   (11.26.10)
Blame your brothers #2 because they were idiots the same like you
8. Hard to soar like an Israeli eagle...
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.26.10)
...when you're forced to fly with the Egyptian turkeys... Poor frustrated Egyptians, unable to manage their way out of centuries of baksheesh culture.
9. if mossad were as good as arab claims it would run the world
zionist forever   (11.26.10)
As Mossad has unlimited capabilities then they need to send agents to the US overthrow Obama and replace him with a president that does anything Israel tells him to do. We also need Mossad to get the palestinians to all agree to move to Jordan unconditionally.
10. really ?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.26.10)
No surprise here.
11. they think : jews=mossad=god=almighty
12. Next, jews drinking Nile. Save Nile.
Rehavam ,   Israel   (11.26.10)
13. You sure that the Nile is still flowing?
jo   (11.26.10)
Like king Farouk accusing jews in the selling faulty munitions to his rag-tag army, Jordan's king accusing of betrayel in the arab world, and pompous, arrogant, obnoxious Nasser proclaimind to delirious masses that the IAF is no longer, as they were all shot down, today's El- Feki ( sure it's not El- Faki ) uses ultra modern islamic language to announce to the stupid masses( no changes) that he is " almost certain " that the Mossad is behind these events. -- NO PROOF, NO WITNESSESS, NO ONE CAUGHT. That's the muslim way. Can someone please check if his wife ( the # 3 ) is 'almost pregnant ?. And this low life individual is looking for someone to be accused of his own crime. Very Egyptian. He should get in touch with Nuweiba's Mayor in order to arrange and pick up a few suspects. With 40% of it's tourists being Israelis, there should be no problems. We should also send this broad Selma, to investigate.
14. mossad also behind extirminaton of dinosaurs
dov ,   uk   (11.26.10)
15. A true face of Arab definition of Peace
Prince ,   Niger Delta, Nigeria   (11.26.10)
There is a Helpless Genetical Disorder (HGT) that has been discovered to be linking "extreme" "Jew haters" (Israel enemies inclusive) and mental retardation. I for one would not be surprised at all! Because it is a scientific discovery carried out over intermittent number of times. Most "Jew haters" I have met/heard have tended to be one of the following: jealous, cowardly angry loners, really stupid, paranoid, delusional, dangerous, socially inept, insecure, lazy, unsuccessful. All in all, as a group, they are pathetic. The best is that some of them are even too stupid to even know they are "Jew haters". Though very hard to cure but try the following: limit your Koran intake, refrain from associating with extreme leftists and anarchists. Remember to find yourselve a work and don't depend on others to do everything for you. Accept responsibility for your actions including your failures and stop blaming the Jews.
16. #10
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (11.26.10)
Of course, no surprise to you, Salma. But for the rest of us, we are endlessly surprised by the breadth of Arab fantasy-hatching and willingness to believe wholeheartedly in the ridiculous.
17. To #10 - you can't suprise a primitve facist arab with this
David   (11.26.10)
This is the only thing they put in your fly-sized brain as a child.
18. #14 REALLY? OH MY GOD !
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.26.10)
first time i hear it.
19. Iran
PAL   (11.26.10)
Israel has no business in it, if you want to look at a country which wants to destabilize Egypt look to Iran and Hizbullah. After all the donated significant amounts of capital to help al-barada get elected.
20. to #18
dennis ,   chicago   (11.26.10)
dont want you to use "Gods name in vain" again... but, Nasrala is sure that the Mosad assasinated Lebanon's Harriri. Wake up and take your head out of the sand !
21. mossad was behind the wedding plan of Pc.Charles and Camilla
xav ,   paris   (11.26.10)
They met on Jdate too (run by mossad agents)
22. today I hit the wall, and I blamed it on the jews and mossad
Like will have probably said in this context Helen Thomas: "Get the hell out of the wall, you jews bastard!"
23. David @ No. 17
Avigdor ,   ISRAEL/USA   (11.26.10)
Why are you so filled with hate? Was it your parents who taught you to hate arabs?
24. Childish attitude for a senior Egyptian official
David   (11.26.10)
Mr. Al Feki, Egypt got serious internal problems that must be addressed and solved in a pragmatic way. Mossad has no interest whatsoever in destabilizing the security of Egypt. Please put the emotions aside and solve your internal problems before it gets out of control. Security solutions are just a pain killer but not the medicine. Confront the problems that your country is facing and stop the childish attitude of the 50's and 60's for blaming your internal problems on Israel. We are friends and yes we can offer support to your regime but keep your ignorant masses under control. Regards, David
25. Two-state solution
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (11.26.10)
There is obviously the need for a partition plan for Egypt to give the Copts a state of their own. Capital of that state should be old coptic Cairo, so Cairo needs to be divided, too. Mr. Ban, high time for another road map!
26. If israel didn't exist, the arabs would have invented her
otherwise, they might have started taking responsibility for their own faults, and god know that ain't gonna happen.
27. The Arabs Never Own up to their Responsibilities
chris ,   wales   (11.26.10)
Instead they Always have to blame someone else,what better to Make the arabs believe it than to blame it on Israel. They are so use to Demonizing Israel on their media to their people, that such a Habit is hard to stop. I have always believed that the Arabs have a strategy of Concealing their Crimes,Blame it on the Jews. Hamas and Hezbollah are forever using their Arab Children and women as Human Shields,knowing full well the UN Will always believe their Version when the poor arabs get killed as they will. IIt is time for this sort of Anti-Semitism to end,Only Israel can stop it.They might not stop it,But they can Protest in practical ways by Denouncing the Egyptians in the strongest terms and take their Government to Court if this is at all possible. But who needs Enemies,when you have such Friends as these?
28. And the Mossad is behind the Earthquakes too right?
hannah ,   sweden   (11.26.10)
And the Mossad is behind the Earthquakes too right?and probably behind Hezbollah and Hamas?GET A LIFE...I have almost begun to believe that the Arabs are Stupid people..
29. To No23
Spencer ,   Israel   (11.26.10)
Calling someone primitive doesn't mean you hate them! The only hate mongers in the ME are those arabs who hate Israel and the Jews.
30. #9 AGREE WITH YOU 100%
Chris ,   Bangor,UK,Not IRISH   (11.26.10)
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