Turkish bill bans Israelis from buying land
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 28.11.10, 19:01
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1. another islamic facist country in the making
David ,   Haifa Israel   (11.28.10)
turkey is going dark... evil and dark. kick them out of nato!
2. erdogan's arabic wife
mohson   (11.28.10)
emin the arafat screeching arabic wife of erdogan, with the headcovering, is the main reason why erdogan is engaging in a vicious racism against israel.He wants to satisfy her who he loves. She spews outright lies like abbas on lack of jewish connection to jerusalem. If you read betweens the lines of peace proposals of the arabs, of yuval rabin, of livni etc is that israel can have a small life only at the mercy of their arab overseers. In other words, jews have to kiss arab ass and be zhimmis. That is not hard for beilin, olmert, livni and peres since they naturally bow down and kiss. Its not for me today or tommorrow. Israel should take evangelize and adopt 6 million new jews into the country fast. Later when war breaks out, israel can retake jordan part of palestine. All the arabs will flee voluntarily and sign statements to that effect when they see PM liberman with blood in his mouth.
3. but prohibits sale to Greek........
hullabaloo   (11.28.10)
Thats right,,,,no need to sell the greeks any land?!? coz the greeks historically are the true owners of turkey anyway.....highway robbery ,MR;AFANDI !
4. no land for citizens of rouge states.
serif ,   Turkey   (11.28.10)
5. Turkey
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.28.10)
While more and more Turkish women start wearing the veil,Erdogan is revealing his ugly face,and who will invest in a country that has such crazy laws ?,the Turks seem to forget that if not for the infidels who buy their products,and send them the tourists,they would be starving.
6. Who'd sell land to the citizens of the courty that...
Persian CAT   (11.28.10)
kills her political activist citizens in international waters in broad daylight?
7. Would this have been reported before the Flotilla raid?
motokosoma ,   Miami, USA   (11.28.10)
There has been a torrent of anti-Turkish articles ever since the botched Flotilla raid. Erdogan has been the PM since 2003; Israelis were still sunbathing in Antalya up until 2008. Keep up the spinning!
8. Muslim racism of course, but the left is silent!!
Barbara J. Singer ,   Chicago, IL USA   (11.28.10)
9. I think no Israelis should even travel to Turkey now.
robin ,   israel   (11.28.10)
10. #4 Not so bright
GOOD ,   USA   (11.28.10)
According to your post Turks can't purchase land in turkey because between Israel and Turkey there is only one rogue nation and its not Israel.
11. And who is an apartheid state?
Cynic ,   USA   (11.28.10)
12. Good news
Adam Helberg ,   USA   (11.28.10)
It's good news, because it makes it more clear that the Turkish governement is an enemy of Israel, and makes it less likely there will be misunderstanding. It's always good to have things out in the open. Why any Israeli would want to own land there is beyond me.
13. greece in not a rogue state
yianni ,   greece   (11.28.10)
How is greece rogue? do you know what rogue even means? Turkish genocide armenians and still deny it, that is rogue that is evil!
14. Turkey get what it deserves
ALEXA ,   ISRAEL   (11.28.10)
To have Syrian and Iranian people purches land much better than Israelis I hope Israelis and jews will learn something from this and see the direction Turkey is heading to. Tell me who your friends are..................
15. they're just afraid jews would buy too much land, and then..
Mohammad Goldstein ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (11.28.10)
call it Israel 2! it happened once before in Palestine... so the turks have a legitimate concern.
16. calling all human rights groups,
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.28.10)
So what is new here? More anti Jewish, oops anti-Israel discrimination. Am I correct in supposing that the various Human Rights groups will support us? or do they not consider us human??
17. #4
Jane   (11.28.10)
Guess you can't buy, since Turkey is fast becoming a rogue state.
18. Boycott Turkey and expels it from NATO
Dani ,   Amstrdam NL   (11.28.10)
Erdogan is driving Turkey to it's own political isolation, there is no future for them in EU anymore.
19. what nice boy. not a rascist bone in his body.
ralph   (11.28.10)
20. Turkey goes darker and darker
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.28.10)
So, Mr. Erdogan, Israel is your enemy. And Iran is your friend. There is a saying: "Tell me who is your friend and I will tell you who you are."
21. a fair and balanced bill
Sebastian ,   Bremen Germany   (11.28.10)
This bill seems to be based on the fundamental principle of reciprocity. As long as no non-Jew is eligible to buy land in Israel proper, no Israeli Jew should not be granted the right to buy land in any country in the world outside Israel.
22.  1. another islamic facist country in the making ,...
split ,   US   (11.28.10)
Would you tell us please if Turkish citizen can buy a land in Israel ? ,....
23. Turks can kiss goodbye their F-35 deal, Congress will block
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.28.10)
Letting Turkey build 70 F-35s in a factory in Turkey was never a good deal for the US, put classified technology at risk. And Turkey's closeness to Iran makes this out of the question now. Racist laws directed at Israel will only enrage Congress further. The same US Congress that condemned Turkey's Armenian Genocide over the White House and State Dept objection will now vote to shut off F-35 sales to Turkey until its attitude changes. With no USSR and Iraq winding down, US has no need of Turkey and its bases. Incirlik is already nearly devoid of US operations. Next on the list if no improvement - cut off of F-16 and F-4 spare parts, ouster from NATO. Still ahead if Erdogan wants to play hardball - ban of Turkish automotive imports into the US. And US will start calling for billions in Armenian reparations, ouster of Turkey from Cyprus and a Free Kurdish homeland. We'll save the apricot ban for last.
24. Looking for excuses for imminent incident
Jude ,   uk   (11.28.10)
I think the writing is on the wall clearly now that Turkey is preparing the ground for some kind of military incident... some pretext .. I hope the Government of Israel is on the alert. This last act banning Israelis from owning land in Israel is a very clear sign - Turkey may brush this aside - but this action will greatly harm international investor confidence in Turkey - & also their prospects in the EEC membership application as discriminates against Greece a fellow member. A few years ago it was encouraging the very same thing it goes to show how arbitrary & unreliable this Government is - apart from nuts.
25. Erdogan makes Turkey a bad investment
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.28.10)
One minute he loves Israel and rolls out the red carpet for Israeli tourists. Once the EU rejects him, he throws Israel under the bus and sends his Jihadi Cruise Line to provoke Israel and impress the Arab/Muslim world. It didn't take long for Israeli tourists to find even better travel destinations and frankly, this erratic leadership should concern any investor.
26. To 23 Dr LLLLL
Sami   (11.28.10)
Unlike Israel Turkey is actually contributing to the production and design of the of the projects they are involved
27. Turkey on the road to apartheid. Erdogan's true face.
Eran ,   Singapore   (11.28.10)
28. who needs to buy in Turkey..
Anna M Sedda ,   Italy-Rome   (11.28.10)
onestly,who is dreaming today to live in Turkey?
29. Compensation
Zichron   (11.29.10)
The Armenians must reclaim their losses . Millions in 1915 Tens of millions in 2015 .
30. #8 - It is Not Racism
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (11.28.10)
Only members of Israel and Greece are excluded, not members of an ethnic group or race. For example, you as a Jewish American would be able to buy Turkish land or your neighbor as a Greek American would be able to buy Turkish land. In Israel, the descrimination is against people due to their ethnic group. Arab Israeli's are denied buying most land, living in most neighborhoods, etc., because of their ethnic group, despite being Israeli citizens. This used to happen in the US with Blacks, but that was 50 years ago.
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