WikiLeaks: Red Crescent smuggled weapons for Iran
Published: 29.11.10, 00:37
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1. OK, Iran is evil, then that.? Which of you, Mothers Teresas,
leo ,   usa   (11.28.10)
are going to do anything about it? Or are you waiting for Israel ans US pull your butts out of the fire?
2. Well this one turned in another way...
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (11.28.10)
The leftwingers that have been hyperactive this whole day in blogs, talkbacks on twitter and everywhere else you can voice your opinion online. Take twitter for example. One hour ago before the first leaks came out to the public, #wikileaks was a complete hate party directed towards USA. You had 2000 updates per 10 seconds. Now though those tweets have faded into silence, and the updates are fewer. All you can read now is tweets containing words like: missile, iran, north korea, nuclear weapons etc. What a turn. What a day. Wonderful. Can't be fun to be a leftwinger tonight.
3. Khomeini said it best
IRAN#1   (11.28.10)
The oppressors can not do a damn thing to the Iranian nation. Keep on trying but you will fail again and again.
4. toppling the regime would be stupid & has unpredictable resu
zionist forever   (11.28.10)
History shows that toppling regimes you don't like doesn't always solve the problem. The Russains got rid of the Tsar and they got Stalin. After WW1 we got rid of the Keiser and we got Hitler. In Iraq we got rid of Saddam and we got chaos. After WW2 the US intentionally kept on the Japanese empor but made his role ceremonial rather than political and we got the biggest success stories of the war. Iran is unpredictable we could topple the Mullahs but we have no idea who will replace them. Like Iraq before the overthrow of Saddam Iran has never had real democracy and freedom there was the Shah and the ayatollahs. The so called reformers like Mousavi say the things the west like to hear but he is no more a real reformer than Ahmadinejad. He wants the impression of a free country but he doesn't want real freedoms and he is very much in favor of Iran getting nukes as are most Iranians. Israel got rid of Arafat and so the world rallied around Abbas and we keep getting told make more concessions to strenghen Abbas against Hamas because he is the moderate. Israel keeps paying the price to strenghen the so called moderate. What would happen when we had toppled the ayatollahs and the world starts telling Israel its got to make concessions to strenghen the moderates in Iran? Right now with Obama in the White House Israel not only needs the mullahs but it also needs Ahmadinejad. As soon as Iran starts to look like Iran is becoming more peaceful even if its just replacing Ahmadinejad the firebrand with somebody who is ideologically but his image is more of an Obama than a Liberman then suddenly it will be end all sanctions lets remove all the sanctions, hold unconditional talks and as a first step to encourage Iran to not continnue its nuclear program then Israel will be forced to disarm. Air strikes to destroy the Iranian nuclear program and leaving the regime intact is the best way forward. If the US were to do the job without putting a single soldier on the ground they could destroy Iran's missile factories, chemical weapons and other military facilities which will ensure Iran is not a threat to either Israel or the arabs with either conventional or non conventional weapons for at least a decade. We don't need a peace treaty with Iran we just need to eliminate a threat and air strikes is the best solution not useless sanctions or regime change.
5. To number 3
John   (11.28.10)
I think you guys have done enough harm to your own country. I understand that its hard for you to see clearly but your leadership is, in fact, the oppressors.
6. :: Arabs are shaking in their boots
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (11.28.10)
Iran hates Israel but if they ever get a weapon of mass destruction (1 in 1000 chance) their first target will be Mecca and Medina to rid off their Sunni enemies center of inspirational power.
7. # 4
Jazz   (11.28.10)
And what the arabs to do to liberate Palestine from the zionists?
MAX ,   WASHINGTON USA   (11.28.10)
If you see persian never harm the jews look at 1974 asian games israel was ranked 6th in tehran iran so arbs harmes persian & jews
9. USA Tired OF Fighting Wars For Israel
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.28.10)
I would imagine they have decided to let Israel fight its way out of the next mess it gets into.
10.  Arabs traitors asked for Iran strike'
ZD ,   USA   (11.28.10)
not Arabs but the traitors Mubarak,and the two Abdallahs want Iran attacked.the majority of Arabs want to see Iran strong and capable of standing to the aggressors, occupiers of Palestine.
11. Arabs for very very strong Iran
Omer ,   Arab world   (11.29.10)
12. The upshot
David ,   New York   (11.29.10)
The upshot is that the whole of the Middle East is asking the US to neutralize Iran. Yet Obama continues to pursue his strategy of linking all things wrong in the Middle East; including Iran to Israel and the "Palestinians"
13. Do you feel the heat up your ARS #3?
Israeli 2   (11.28.10)
14. No. 6 = fake poster is at it again
15. Israel must not help Arabs against Iran.
16. News Flash: McDonald's Serves Hamburgers
emanon ,   USA   (11.29.10)
That about as much news as your headline . . .
17. the fake matty no. 14 = chasing ghosts
18. to #3 Iran #1 BS
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.29.10)
Yes, he also promised free oil and rice to everyone and obviously you and Mahmood got the free oil and rice. How about the rest of the people? Telling people how to live and act the way the regime does is oppression. Not letting me express my views freely in Iran the same way I do it here is oppression. Again! Keep your BS to yourself. We don't buy it.
19. Arabs love Iran
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.29.10)
Arab Gulf countries love the status quo of Iran. They make so much money off the sanctions. They hold all the money of poor Iranians and they are getting richer and richer by the minute. It's perfect for them.
20. #16
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.29.10)
I agree.
21. Red Crescent smuggles arms for Iran
SB ,   Virginia USA   (11.29.10)
This is the first I've seen this story. But why should anyone be surprised in the US? The anti-Israel American (and British) media has a long history of burying any and all stories deemed negative about enemies of Israel.
22. Do you think they will believe it now????
The Mad Zionist ,   SF, CA   (11.29.10)
So It turns out to be pretty good. Now all the anti semites can bash the other arab countries for trying to stop iran. Everything that came out of this leak is what every pro israel person has been saying. Nothing new. This might just turn out to be very good for israel!!!
23. Is the "Human Rights Council of the UN" going to send Mr.
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.29.10)
Muhammad R. Goldstone to check the matter...?? I doubt it...!!
24. Response to #9
Laura ,   USA   (11.29.10)
To the commenter who calls himself "world citizen", do you approve of America continuing to fight wars for muslims? Because while we have never fought a war for Israel, we have fought multiple wars on behalf of muslims. And apparently you didn't bother to read to the end of the article where it reports that arab countries have urged America to bomb Iran. But will you accuse the arab lobby for trying to get America into a war with Iran? Or do you just conveniently cherry pick the information which discusses Israel's concerns over Iranian nukes? Your comment is so predictable amongst your leftist ilk. Referring to yourself as "world citizen" tells us all we need to know about you.
25. re: wiki leaks & the world
joel ,   usa   (11.29.10)
if this wiki leaks "expose'" helps the world to be peaceful then it should be praised, if not, it should be eliminated!
26. Don't worry iran, our muslum president is going to ensure
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.29.10)
you get nuclear weapons but the bad news is that they will explode in iran when Israel attacks.
27. Israel and US must stay out of it. Let Shia and Sunni
leo ,   usa   (11.29.10)
duke it out who is real Muslim.
28. It is the US that has problems keeping promises
Eric L ,   Chicago, USA   (11.29.10)
29. :: #9 - WikiLeaks reveals Arabs beg US to fight for them
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (11.29.10)
World Traitor, do not let facts interfere with your imaginary opinions. You've become a laughing stock.
30. next time
David ,   Haifa Isael   (11.29.10)
because of stupid muslims... ambulances are targets as well. stupid stupid. islam/muslims the religion of idiocy
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