Netanyahu: Let Arabs say the truth out loud
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.11.10, 13:05
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1. Arab governments don't represent their people
Nour ,   One-State   (11.29.10)
They represent themselves, and their narrow tribal and family interests. Saudi Arabia is the perfect example of this backwardness.
2. Sad to see U.S. Diplomacy prioritizes Israeli priorities
NOAH ,   NY, USA   (11.29.10)
...We don't we see cables dealing with Israeli occupation and war crimes? Why there are not anything on the racist and insane nature of Israeli leaders and politicians? Nothing on Lieberman, Vishai, Rabbi Yossef, etc?!!! Is AIPAC people running the USDOS and its worldwide embassies? Shame!
3. muslims/arabs and the truth
David ,   Haifa Isael   (11.29.10)
Arabs and the truth... funny!
4. #2,Another conspiracy theory??
Ted ,   UK   (11.29.10)
No, what is sad to see is your ignorance, and probably the typical leftist and what is called the PC brigades, who won't believe anything if it doesn't have an anti-israeli flavour to it... Next thing you'll claim that Israelis, and jews also controls wikileaks! wouldn't surprise me..
5. A huge difference:arab dictators’ "leaders" And Arab people
Go ,   Go for it Iran   (11.29.10)
6. #2 but did you see cables from Iran?
Krzysztof ,   Warsaw, Poland   (11.29.10)
and other terrorist guerillas like Hezbollah? Actually there is one nice channel of information to the western world: . It says a lot about true intentions of peoples surrounding Israel ...
7. #2 U.S. Diplomatic Reality
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (11.29.10)
C'mon buddy take a reality break with the rest of the civilized world. There is NO occupation as the West Bank (Judea Samaria) are sovereign Israeli territory won after losing FIVE wars of aggression by the Palestinians. Jerusalem is our eternal UNDIVIDED Capitol again restored to us. The Palestinians may return to Gaza or Jordan any time they please.
8. #2 NOAH
Jay3 ,   Israel   (11.29.10)
Its very simple. There is no occupation and the so called War crimes that you claim Israel commits, pale in comparison to the crimes committed by the countries that accuse them of this.. Leiberman is correct in his analysis. Theres nothing to leak about when people like him are not scared of telling the public the truth. Sorry buddy, but the only racism i hear is coming from your mouth.
david   (11.29.10)
10. The truth is Israel took the steps
Cynic #2   (11.29.10)
from under the Palestinians feet !!
11. #1 well said, Nour ,
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.29.10)
Besides, these regimes which loudly criticized by Mr. Netanyahu are the same regimes Americans and the "Israelis" secretly cheer for them!!!!
12. Fool
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.29.10)
The Arabs do say the truth out loud, it is just that you refuse to hear: Peace can only be achieved by reversing the Nakba of 1948: Unlimited Arab immigration to Israel All of Israel clean of Jews
13. #11
Deborah ,   Midwest, USA   (11.29.10)
If you're trying to say what I think you are (your broken English is confusing), you are either sadly mistaken or delusional. The vast majority of Americans do not "secretly cheer" for any Arab government that denies the existence of Israel - quite the opposite. What planet do you come from?
14. Bibi... The DAVID....
Ali ,   villanova -PA- USA   (11.29.10)
Bibi has nothing to loose...His term is limited and then he will be gone..All the Arab leaders are there for life.. He likes to be seen as the Israeli DAVID that took on GOLIATH.. Bibi is the Christian Right boy for ARMAGEDDON, that will for sure, bring MAYHEM and DESTRUCTION to this region..and it will happen on his Clock....
15. #13 Planet "Palestine". Far away from Earth
16. #13
Salma, Palestine   (11.29.10)
You're right. We Arabs do have a problems. In fact, we have a number of problems we need to take care of.
17. #13 If your ARABIC (or any another) language is perfect
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.29.10)
I'LL CHEER YOU UP ; ) English is not my native language, English is my second language and I'm trying to perfect it and yes I can :-)
18. What WikiLeaks really says.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (11.29.10)
American foreign policy, especially under Obama, is inept, oblivious, incompetent, delusional, duplicitous, mendacious, & plain foolish. The Obama administration is a bad joke. The US State Dept. is an even worse joke. There is nothing really earth-shaking in the leaked material - most sane people even somewhat informed knew most of it anyway. WikiLeaks is essentially the confirmation of just what an idiot Obama's team of amateur-hour leftists really are. And if our gov't. follows the lead of these nitwits, we need elections urgently.
19. #14 Ali- right and wrong, yes and no.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.29.10)
1. You got it right ! Tiny Israel "David" against mammoth Arab "Goliath". 2. Wrong, if Armageddon happens in Bibi's time,apparently the Arab leaders won't be there for life.
20. to #1 lol you r also Arab, if you don't like it
ghostq   (11.29.10)
change it, you basicaly think that democrachy is something you get from others, well, news flash democracy was gained with allot of blood, go look for Franch revolution and maybe you will learn how to turn your own area to democracy, that is y you want the Israeli system, cause you think this is the easies way to get one without doing the hard work, well it doesn't work that way, you will have to change you think, and thinking is not what Arab do unless there is a tyrant tells them.
21. to #11 salma you mean the democratic kind
ghostq   (11.29.10)
hahahahaha, I just wonder how well can you critisize your leaders in news papers around arab area...
22. This Something That Will
Brazen   (11.29.10)
never happen, because arabs have NO integrity.
23. PM is winning the Truth War
LJ ,   USA   (11.29.10)
Great Reporting We will always pray for Israel and the PM. That the Truth that God Almighty has know from eternity about Israel and it's future will lead you to fuller understanding of the Torah & Biblical Truths and that all Israel will be saved. Peace to Isreal!
24. Truth
Ezra ,   Florida   (11.29.10)
They never did, they can't and never will. Simply, they repeated their lies thousands of times and it became for them and their supporters THEIR TRUTH.
25. The Gulf States will say anything to acquire US weapons.....
Cali Cal ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.29.10)
lets be honest here. Many of these Gulf States like Israel will lick our boots behind closed doors if we asked them to. How else are they going to acquire advanced weaponry and remain relevant in the world. The United States can decide to tomorrow to buy all of our oil from Russia and these states will wither away like all plant life did in the desert. The Israelis are not the only rear kissers in the Middle East my friends, they're just the most honest rear kissers. In the end, Iran is not going to be attacked, so whats with all this hoopla over these documents.
26. #25 Iran is not going to be attacked.
Joe F.   (11.29.10)
Maybe not by America. But she would be quickly drawn in.
27. #18 Terry, correct.
ben Ish   (11.29.10)
I've been browsing the leaked cable database for surprises, and haven't found any yet. Glad I'm not the only one.
28. bornliars
Olavi ,   Espoo, Finland   (11.30.10)
Iran and iranian people has been friend of jews for long time. When the present tyrant government collapses, the future government will change its attitude to Israel. Iranians are not arabs. They are intelligent and and relatively hard working people, proud of they acchievemets.
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