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US graffiti artists support Ariel settlers
Amir Bogen
Published: 01.12.10, 07:59
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1. The people of Ariel are residents and the
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.01.10)
arabs in the liberated territories are the illegal settlers. I bet those "artists" that are boycotting Ariel would love to perform for free for the arab trespassers.
2. Boycotters don't get it...
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (12.01.10)
The boycotters don't get it. It isn't an Israeli thing, or a Jewish thing or even a Zionist thing. It is a taxpayer thing. The people of Ariel are hard working taxpaying citizens of Israel. Their taxes pay for many cultural and sporting events thru out the State of Israel. They have a right to see some of those tax shekels being spent in their own backyard. Those boycotters who are actors, directors and producers receive State funds to produce, direct and act in movies and theatre productions. That means their salaries are being paid for by the residents of Ariel as well as other citizens of the State of Israel. If they do not wish to appear in Ariel then funds must be cut off to them immediately. Kudos to the graffiti artists who decided to tell the boycotters what to do with their boycott.
3. What Settlements?
Shaka   (12.01.10)
The Israeli Jewish Town of Ariel is not a settlement, was never a settlement and will never be a settlement it is simply a Jewish Town . . . in fact there are no Settlement in ISRAEL, no land in ISRAEL is a Settlement Jerusalem is certainly NOT a Settlement its a JEWISH CITY in fact its the CAPITAL of the Jewish State of ISRAEL. . . no settlements exist the Arabs are mistaken the only settlements are the illegal Arab settlements all over Judea and Samaria and they should leave these conquered illegal settlements at once and go back home to their countries of origin in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia . . . the Palestinians are land grabbers, robbers, thiefs and liers they do not belong in Israel and according to International Law have violated every humanitarian rights and laws that ever existed they should go back to their homelands where their culture and language and religion started and continues to exist the Palestinians are Arabs from Egypt Jordan, Syria, and Saudie Arabia that came to grab JEWISH land and they are the illegal Settlers because in Israel there are NO Jewish Settlements there are only Jewish Israeli Towns and Cities. Happy Hanuka! ; - D
4. God bless our friends
moshe ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.10)
Thanks to the artists and those who brought them for your work. You deserve the Israel Prize!
5. Artists ? Vandals more like it
Avi ,   Israel   (12.02.10)
Artists ? Graffiti is vandelism pure and simple . Naturally the Settlers would support such a thing after all hes a law breaker just like them.
6. to #5 yes an artist, sheesh you r old
ghostq   (12.02.10)
there r entire art galeries who dedicate their wals to street art, and it is part of high education cariculum, wow I never knew you such anti grafiti, you really need reality check buddy.
7. I like how they've developed their style.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.19.11)
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