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Geert Wilders: Israel fighting our war
Eldad Beck
Published: 30.11.10, 19:06
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1. Geert Wilders is a big lier ,Europe has no wars
2. Geert Wilders
Joshua ,   USA   (11.30.10)
WOW! My hat is off to this man! One sane and corageous politician among the yellow belied, ass kissing Europeans!
3. Geert tells it like it is-
Barney ,   USA   (11.30.10)
imagine the life he has to live because he is critical of islamofacism. even disgusting neonazis don't have to live in fear of being killed by Jews for their repugnant philosohy. it is a war of ideology. be safe Geert and spread the word!
4. Occasionally, G-d Sends Angels 2 Earth To ProtectUsFrom Evil
Anabella ,   Oporto, Portugal   (11.30.10)
Our G-d & the G-d of our fathers has sent down to Earth an Angel in Geert Wilders! An Angel to protect his people and the entire WORLD from pure, unadulterated evil, also known as the religion of death, islam. We're not talking about islamic people, they have the hope of G-d's forgiveness and redemption if they leave the cult that hates all others who are not part of them. Geert is here to warn the world of the evils of the cult and of the evil deeds of some of it's followers.
5. dutch jews
Idalia ,   the netherlands   (11.30.10)
And still only 10 % of Dutch Jews voted vor him. Maybe his islam-bashing really is annoying? Why doesn't he criticize all the horrible stuff in the Bible, both the Old and New Testament. And why should veils be forbidden? Jewish women and Indian women also weir head veils.
6. Geert Wilders
ezer   (11.30.10)
We admire you here in Israel.
7. #4 - Geert Wilders is evil itself in human shape
even the devil feel ashamed of this guy.
8. Geet Wilders
Rodney ,   Cape Town South Afri   (11.30.10)
If I was living in Holland I would definitely vote for this extremely courageous man who has the guts to stand up to wicked ideology called Islam. And to #1. Islam is at war with itself. wake up and taste the coffee. Bless you Geert for standing up for Israel.
9. Wilders is the only European who sees the true future.
I.K., Israel   (11.30.10)
Europe's only ideology so far has been political correctness, and hate for Israel. Good to know someone has the courage to face Islam.
10. Islam's Message
Dan ,   Titusville, Fl   (11.30.10)
Judaism and Christianity stand strong by the word of God but when Islam is criticized Muslim rise up hysterically screaming "Islam must be defended". Is it that the message of Islam is weak or that Arabs are simply prone to ignorant rioting, murder and destruction of property. Gert Wilders simply points out the obvious that left wing liberals cannot accept because it is too painful and left wing liberals cannot stand anything that gives them pain and discomfort.
11. Don't kid yourself; you could be next (again)...
Faraz ,   Meldreth, UK   (11.30.10)
That Israeli Jews support this kind of hatred against another religion is genuinely sad, particularly given their history. When Jews first came to Europe their were serious assimilation problems that ended in expulsions and even burnings. Is this what they want to see again? Is it a case of "as long as it is not us, we'll go along with it"? The vast majority of Europe's Jews understand the disgrace that is this man and his party. The fact that he carries his hatred across borders is simply frightening.
12. another Idiot from europe
ramallah ,   ramallah   (11.30.10)
13. A man after my own heart,he tells it like
Dyslexic......... ,   Israel....   (11.30.10)
it is .There is nothing like the true and he is telling the trueth.The muslims are a danger too Europe.
14. Wow, funky hair style Geert..
Nour ,   One-State   (11.30.10)
...But I still think you should get a hair cut. Oh, and shut the hell up and get on the first plane back to Amsterdam.
15. Freak
Ahmad ,   Nablus   (11.30.10)
only the freaks of Europe, the USA and in the Ocenia are left to support Israel and its facsist nature, only freaks like this moron can be greeted by open arms in Israel, whereas no one with the right of a mind would look at him twice...We should call israel: freakiland
16. Courageous man
Maurice ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.30.10)
I hope he is the voice of a growing silent majority in Europe.
17. Go Geert Wilders
John ,   Accra,Ghana   (11.30.10)
The only man with vision in Europe.
18. Wilders is a freedom fighter
Daniel ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.30.10)
This inspiring man stood up against the new and popular trend of Anti-Israel. He shows people like myself that it is not racist to feel proud of your cultural beliefs, and sheds light on the issue that is plaguing today's society which is radicals who seek to "replace" all other religions, as it is written in the Coran. I only hope I can be as courageous.
19. Geert, u're Da Man
Zorro ,   NY City   (11.30.10)
You speak out many would fear to do so. Geert's right, Jordan is Palestinians and the truth hurts and Muslim extremists would hunt him down to silent the truth.
20. #13 wow, Muslims a threat to Europe?
Nour ,   One-State   (11.30.10)
It's sure as hell that it was not Muslims who killed millions of Jews, gypsies, and gays in Europe! I guess you really are a dyslexic. Open a history book or two. See who rescued Jews in Spain, and who rescued Jews in Roman Palestine earlier... You people will apparently stop at nothing to create a false alignment of interest between you and the Europeans, after tricking and buying America.
21. Refreshing to hear the TRUTH...for once
Whack World ,   USA-Israel   (11.30.10)
I am so openly proud of this man and his quest to set down the truth with such commitment. He is a true friend not just of Israel, but the entire western world. In truth; he is our best friend. Islam: 'It's a totalitarian ideology." This is the most powerful truth that anyone can come to know about Islam. It is NOT for the west, even in its most moderate form. This has nothing to do with people, human beings. But rather: the potential powder-keg islam imbues its followers with should they become dismayed with their lives (the Times Square Bomber: american educated engineer who fret over his mortgage loss). Anything that makes a muslm unhappy in life can (and does too often) turn into an excuse to follow the more radical but essential part of its philosophy: violence against the Kufar. Geert speaks what everyone in the west feels...except for a tiny handful of radical leftist terrorists (the majority who support them would turn on a dime if a muslim killed their family members). The LOUD LEFT is the true enemy of the west: it is NOT a part of any humane endeavor to create equality: its a fanatical desire to gain power and attention...nothing more. We must fight two fronts: the PR front the RADICAL LEFT is waging on Jews and Israel: and the spread of Islam to the west...ANYWHERE in the west. Islam should stay in the muslim countries they exist but be stopped at Europe's, Americas, Canadas and Australias borders. I support Geert one million percent. GO GEERT!!!!!!
22. Either Wilderses will be able to save Europe or Europe is
leo ,   usa   (11.30.10)
at its end. And I thought Tea Party was American invention.
23. # 5 Do your homework
Dutch Jew ,   Amsterdam   (11.30.10)
The Quran talks of all times when saying: "Kill all non-Muslims" (with all the disgusting details on this matter). The Thora is commanding certain killing in certain places, during certain times by certain people. In NO WAY comparible to the Quran. Nor does the Thora talk of the right to kill any siblings when believed they are behaving 'inappropriate'. Nor is a wife 'a possession'. etc. etc. etc. And btw, Geert Wilders isn't saying 'veils' should be forbidden.
24. Great Man
Joe ,   USA   (11.30.10)
Geert speaks the truth, and the left/Islamists think it's hell. Giv'em hell Geert!
25. #15 So True! Chomsky was denied entry....
Nour ,   One-State   (11.30.10)
In contrast, this racist bigot is accepted with open arms in Zionistan. His accomplishment? Hysterical paranoia towards anything Muslim or Arab. It's quite consistent with the country where 56% of citizens would rather drop dead than have an Arab neighbor! More on the "shining example of democracy" here:,7340,L-3992058,00.html
26. Ga ervoor - Geert!
B. Botje ,   Z.-Laren   (11.30.10)
27. Great man, Great article, Great country
Omri ,   Israel   (11.30.10)
28. Geert Wilders
Mike Miller ,   Owensboro, U S A   (11.30.10)
You most likely won't print this. Thank God for a man as Mr. Wilders. The U S A could use a Sec. of state with some character. If he would like the job.
29. Nour @ 20, we can't have for you to pair up.
leo ,   usa   (11.30.10)
30. 20 who saved the jews?
alexa ,   israel   (11.30.10)
who rescued the jews in Roman Palestine? We are qoiet tired of your so called loving treatmeny of the jews . It wasn't so loving like you want us to belive. Lots of pogrom in Islam countries as well if you look at history. Even before the establishment of the jewish state.
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