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Geert Wilders: Israel fighting our war
Eldad Beck
Published: 30.11.10, 19:06
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91. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty
Alexander ,   NJ, USA/Israel   (12.01.10)
"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few." -Wendell Phillips Keep up the good fight and don't let freedom die. Do not retreat just reload!
92. " Maledictione " X 1.3 billion of them
jo   (12.01.10)
A totalitarian ideolgy ? Islam ?. You bet it is. It's communism, facism, nazism, all rolled into one. Rotten to the core, warped, pervert, despicable, corrupt, vicious. And they are the ones issuing 'fatwas', a crappy synonym for " evil eye ' that witches used to hurl at their enemies in the good old days. Today its done by imbeciles in long robes called imam, ayatollahs, the rejects of any viable society..They are the one who invented "honor killing", stoning, and to attract new recruits, the " 72 whores " the dream of their life. They would be perfect for US airports at " frisking " passengers. PS: For those who have red the 90+ comments, one thing stands out ' Nour, Salma, Ahmad, Ramallah " they represent the best crap palestinians have been able to put foreward. I have not forgotten Geert Wilders. A courageous man fighting a war against evil, for a Europe who doesn't give a damn, except crying " help" when the white flag is hoisted.
93. to #23 and William
Idalia ,   the netherlands   (12.01.10)
Ok, smartasses: i live in Holland and i know that Wilders wants also wants to ban HEAD veils. and everybody in holland knows this. And why should we criticize the Bible too? Have you been living under a rock or something? The might Pope saying that condoms are evil, all the idiotic christian branches in the US where it's ok to have 10 wifes. And oh yeah, the mighty rabbi ovadia saying it's ok to kill arabs.
94. #5 head coverings
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.01.10)
Wrong> Religious Jewish women cover their hair, usually with a hat, or they may wear a wig. They do NOT cover their faces in any way. Indian - Hindu - women, also do not cover their faces, though they may drape part of their clothing (not sure what it's called) over their hair. As for the" horrible stuff in the Bible" -what good would condemning today the biblical violence of thousands of years ago? Islam is the only religion that threatens death to anyone who publicly condemns them. By that veyr condemnation they support the claim that Islam is a religion of violence - call it a terror organization on a global scale, which is a more apt description.
95. reality
Jeff ,   USA   (12.01.10)
It is the corruption of ISlam by western powers that turned Islam on the Jews. Zionism is an Islamic concept. Anti Zionsim is a Roman concept. Its time we got things straight.
96. Geert Wilders EU & Islamic Integration
Richard Sherwin ,   Herzliyah   (12.01.10)
Ive long thought and continue to think that Wilders is about the only man in Europe, or at least the only one willing to speak publically about the threat to what's left of European cultural values, let alone religions -- including secular moral atheisms. I wish there were thousands more like him.... and we could also do with more like him here.
97. well, he is dutch
jj   (12.01.10)
and they know a thing or two about colonisation. probably sees in israel the glory days of the dutch landgrab in various parts of the world. it's not really much coincidence that a former dutch colony was the apartheid practicing subject of a boycott not so long ago. stay classy israel!
98. From todays revelations in Guardian UK
Alan ,   SA   (12.01.10)
•" Referring to Muslim extremists in Britain from Pakistan, Cameron told the Americans at a meeting in April 2009 that under Labour "we let in a lot of crazies and did not wake up early enough".
matilda ,   israel   (12.01.10)
100. Not at All Surprising.
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.01.10)
I'm glad because you're friend of "Israel" and the "Israelis" are your friends, tell me who your friends are and i will tell you who you are, this strengthens our position in the world : ) Incidentally, I have not read anything in this story, but the title, Geert Wilders, you're not worth to waste my time to identify your " bright views"!!! As for the person who ueses my name and Nour name, you are coward not less nor more.
101. Too bad he is not the p.m. or president
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.01.10)
of Israel! We would have a more secure future and a patriot as a leader.
MOSES ,   ACCRA   (12.01.10)
103. We love Geert
Mart ,   The Netherlands   (12.01.10)
Thank you Geert! we love and support Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party.
104. #33 WELL DONE,NOUR!!!!......
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.01.10)'ve just made Geert Wilders' case for him.You are eloquent. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
105. I agree with you
alexa ,   israel   (12.01.10)
YOu are so right tell me sho yur friends are and I'll tell you who you are . Friends of the palestinian like: Hamas hizballah Iran Syria now what does it say about the palestinain?
106. Wilders
Frans ,   Den Haag, Holland   (12.01.10)
Israel, look out for Wilders. He's a snake en looking for power all over the world. He destroyed the hapyness of the people in Holland already.
107. There was no Islam when the Romans conquered Eretz Yisrael
Ariel ,   Judea   (12.01.10)
But why should a true Muslim believer worry about facts?
108. #93
Carel ,   The Netherlands   (12.01.10)
Nice that you are from Holland and can talk for all Dutch people. Pity you aree lying. Taxing head veils is not banning them. Unless you argue that cars are banned as well, at least they are heavily taxed. For the rest your story was not understandable, but given your earlier comment that's no surprise.
109. Impressive
Saladin ,   Rotterdam, Holland   (12.01.10)
Wilders has given the world a platform to openly attack a religion and yet claims he has no problem with Muslims...funny that....Heck he even denies the religion altogether... In fact he says out loud what 90% of Non Muslims think. Being a Muslim, I am not going to acknowledge all the rubbish and venom being spat out here, not am I going to wish death and violence on Geert or anyone for that matter...even if you hate Islam and Muslims with a vengeance. I would like to ask one thing though....What exactly are you going to do about it...!! destroy Islam, Muslims, change their book and religion?? because, unknown to most of you, this is exactly the path being planned it seems...Good lck
110. @ 106 No he didn't.. end
Dennis ,   Netherlands   (12.01.10)
111. He is right
Albert H ,   Netherlands   (12.02.10)
I think Geert Wilders is right what he have been telling in this piece. I am a Dutchman and I see my Country moved from a Christian country into a country whit negative influence. That comes because the people that we needed in the 60's years where Muslim people some of them will not accept our way of living and want to change us what they thinking I don't want that. We have also people from Indonesia & Vietnam ,China they accept what are and those people understand that we are a Christian country for centuries and want to stay that way. If you respect us we will respect you the same way. But If you don't want respect us you better move to a other country and leave us alone. Peace
112. Anti-fascists of today
Jahira ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (12.02.10)
Wilders calls himself an anti-fascist ('fascist, I am the exact opposite of all that'). So do his followers But as Winston Churchill allegedly said: '"The fascists of the future will be called the anti-fascists"
113. Khalid
zvi gross ,   ottawa, canada   (12.02.10)
Your mad anti-Israeli ranting requires no reply. Israel is indeed the one and only democracy in the ME, and the close to 20% of arabs sitting in the Zionist states' parliament will attest to that reality, and not you baseless harangue.
114. Where is Nablus? I know Shichem...
Jan ,   The Netherlands   (12.02.10)
115. Wilders is dangarous for Israel
Yoram ,   Amsterdam   (12.02.10)
Muslims in Europe are not needed anymore they became a problem for Europe's economy with all production being moved to far east. First muslims were invited in the 60's when no European wanted to do the filthy work. Israel problem is NOT with Islam but with Palestinians that were opposing immigration of Jews in the begining of the 20th century and the establishing of the our state Israel. The muslim world will learn to exept Israel and Jews but will never excpet Wilders straping their religion.
116. Moses (102) Your comment is the best !
Hans ,   Amsterdam   (12.02.10)
Wilders and Osama are 1. When Europe wil start making money again and they will need Marrocans and Turkish in the factories they will talk different.
117. The 54 milions Muslims are present from GOD to Europe!
George Gershwin ,   Amsterdam   (12.02.10)
for what Europe have done to Jews along the hustory not only 2nd world war !
118. From Israel With Love
Ariel ,   Israel   (12.02.10)
Mr. Wilders, you are the man. Keep up the fight and stay safe, Brother.
119. Wilders totally correct in my opinion
Shaul Saulisbury ,   Los Angles, Californ   (12.02.10)
Mr. Wilders position is totally correct. Let Holland be Hollard I thought after 9/11 here in the U.S.A. should had implemented similiar policies. But, we are must too timmid to do such things but his points have series merits. Good luck to him an all his efforts:)
120. #100 Salma
Eran ,   Singapore   (12.03.10)
You write; "Incidentally, I have not read anything in this story, but the title, Geert Wilders, you're not worth to waste my time to identify .." True. why should a true Muslim believer worry about facts? Just keep posting your debile posts. No reading necessary for comment, Too much load on tour birdie brain. Thats why there is NO palestinian people. Go back to Jordan. - Six wars -- all started by the Arabs, I might add -- and won by Israel. The Arabs are a vanquished people, and do not get to set the terms and conditions for anything. That's just the way the world has worked for millennia.
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