UN slams US over 'espionage' revelations
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Published: 30.11.10, 00:07
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1. Rather than making the US seem like a big-brother State
William ,   Israel   (11.30.10)
the Leftist bloggers should focus on the short-comings and lies of the UN. I know the UN is considered a "utopia of nations" in the minds of liberals who's job it seems is to dream up fantasy devoid of reality. However, from the Wikileaks documents it seems the US was simply following a 6th sense of ulterior motives by the UN based on their biased nature and supporting of despots. If the UN is so transparent, how come they weren't forthcoming with the rapes and extortion of civilians by their troops worldwide? Why was tied between the UN heads and despotic regimes only made public by investigative journalists, including Kofi Annan's role in circumventing UN sanctions against Saddam? Or the use of UN vehicles by Hizbullah to move terrorists and launch an attack, under the eyes of UNIFIL? Let's dig deeper into the real reason UNWRA has never been disbanded until now, doesn't allow refugees to live in decent housing, and still demands more aid. If I were the US, and pumping $3B into this defunct organizing which has on many occasions attacked the US in forums, I too would be gathering intelligence. I'm sure Russia and China were already doing the same here.
2. oh dear, Ban is angry........
jonathan ,   London/ Israel   (11.30.10)
3. UN= corruption.. Spot on william (1)
yaniv ,   uk   (11.30.10)
4. time to call in the UN's lease in NY... kick em to the curb
David ,   Haifa Israel   (11.30.10)
evict them... the UN is the most useless corrupt organization on the planet. cowers to the muslims. useless
5. UN
yesjb ,   canada   (11.30.10)
Maybe the UN will get angry enough to move its headquarters out of NYC. One can only hope. Maybe Tehran will volunteer to take it (LOL)
6. UN out of the US
Paul Freedman ,   USA   (11.30.10)
If the US cannot get out of the UN at least get the UN out of its posh puzzle palace by the Hudson. Let these international bureaucrats whine from another country--they can get their free parking in the dear and kindred community of Gaza
7. yes its unethical but
mohson   (11.30.10)
Clinton endorsement of US spying on UN staff and diplomats is unethical though not surprising. Everyone there spies. Some of the staff are spies. That's the way it works. Given that the UN committees are dominated by representatives of biased dictatorial regimes who are rotten to the core, it is necessary to do the spying. And it will continue. And Ban-ki moon. Too bad but it will continue.
8. See what dishonorable liars and crooks American are.
JMK ,   NYC   (11.30.10)
Funny Americans think they are all so highly moral and righteous when they are just the most two faced liars. A man is judged by their word and Americans operate as a criminal opportunistic enterprise double dealing the world and manipulating their dumbed down population.
9. United Jungle
zichron   (11.30.10)
The united nations is a jungle organization with the 1994 genocide in Rwanda The african tribal wars the pol pot monstrosity supported by china and ignored by the usa and the psychotic barbarians in north korea . The world is ninety nine percent a gangsters domain.
10. JMK #8
David ,   Haifa Israel   (11.30.10)
you can always livein Iran or Syria if you do not like your own country that is....
11. the UN is no longer a neutral body
Avi ,   Geneva   (11.30.10)
if it ever was. It has become an agency of Arab and Venezuelan etc. policical maneuvering. Israel and the West should quit it. Shut it down!
12. ban ki moon's anger
ed ,   reno, america   (11.30.10)
what a joke does ban ki expect us to believe he has participated in the very same thing he is accusing america of doing. oh i don't doubt that america has done what ban ki is accusing it of but the fact of the matter is that whether admitted to or not every nation in the u.n. does the very same thing.
13. To: Paul at No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.10)
Actually, the U.N. is over by the East River. The Hudson is on the West Side. The foregoing notwithstanding, I agree with absolutely everything in your post. :-)
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