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Tommy Hilfiger: I'm not an anti-Semite
Eldad Beck
Published: 06.12.10, 20:50
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1. Boring, poorly written and such a non-issue,it's embarassing
Wild Bill ,   Lee County, Texas   (12.06.10)
For YNet that is.....isn't there any news to report on?
2. Irresponsible Yedioth Ahronoth
Steve G ,   NYC   (12.07.10)
Not only is the slander false, but this newspaper is totally irresponsible for reprinting it. What a load of complete garbage!
3. I received the said email
no like   (12.07.10)
a few months back. Checked with Snopes. Realized it was 12 year old rubbish and DIDNT PASS IT ON. Received another last week, in Hebrew. Nonsense about a medical student 'dying' of a blood disease and Yahoo will donate for every email passed on. HUNDREDS OF IDIOTS HAD SENT THIS TO ALL THEIR IDIOT EMAILEES TOO. The tasteless FaRcebook syndrome affects so many. The 'be my friend' idiots society. So clingy and dependent on complete strangers, Thousand of pathetic noch shleppers.Waste of time and space.
4. Tomy H is VERY popular here
female opinion   (12.07.10)
among the late teens and 20s and young 30s crowd Maybe a few alte kakkes dont like his stuff, but they look ridiculous in young looking gear so it doesn't matter. Late teens are always hoping to find his items at affordable prices (dream on ...:) ) They should try the machsan style down the steps cellars in bnei brak.
5. Ahhh yes...
israel   (12.08.10)
1. Some of my best friends are Jewish 2. The cheque is in the mail 3. ...
6. Tommy Hilfiger
FMS ,   NYC,USA   (12.08.10)
As an Orthodox Jew who has worked for Tommy Hilfiger for nearly 7 years I can say he is the best, sweetest, and kindest man around town.
7. U R totally pathetic
no name   (12.13.10)
What's this rubbish all about ???
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