Elior Chen convicted of abusing 8 children
Aviad Glickman
Published: 30.11.10, 13:52
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1. this co called nut of a rabbi and abuse
a ash ,   jerusalem   (11.30.10)
no amount of punishment will be enough for this man --and then he claims to do it all for torah----how the people are so misguided
2. For punishment...
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (11.30.10)
un-circumcise the guy!
3. Evil
Aviva ,   Israel   (11.30.10)
What he did to these children he does not deserve to walk this earth!
4. to seadog from the island nobody lives on
David ,   Haifa Israel   (11.30.10)
we have laws and punishments. he will rot in jail. you are still an anti semite bigot living on an eyeland where NOBODY lives on... i think your name is really Osama and you are from saudi arabia.
5. ARE YOU SURE HE IS A RABBI ?!!!!!!!!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.30.10)
wow! If Rabbi did these heinous things, wonder what about his followers ?!
to salma ,   IL   (11.30.10)
No Rav would approve or condone such a criminal
7. #5 - No Salma, he is not a Rabbi....
Uri ,   HaMerkaz   (11.30.10)
You must be thinking of Islam, where Mullahs who inflict torture and humiliation are celebrated in places like Iran. Here in the Jewish State of Israel, people who act this way are put in jail. Secular and religious Jews alike condemn this. See the difference? Now go back to your fantasy land of Palestine.
8. Go away #5,6
Israeli grandma   (11.30.10)
Your stupid posts do not belong on a serious discussion site, have you nothing to do in your kitchen? Lior Chen is perverted individual, and is going to get put away where he can no longer harm society. This is nothing to do with Jewish religious lifestyle as every observant Jew knows very well. Neither does the Jewish justice system cut off hands and feet, or bury helpless women alive or stone individuals to death as is still current in your world Salma.
9. Thank God i'm not haredi
david ,   manchester   (11.30.10)
10. #5 Salma - Rabbi is not an Imam
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL/USA   (11.30.10)
He's a mere man, in fact a teacher who unlike your Imam's and Khadi's don't incite the congregants to violence while they're at prayer What ever happened to the questions I had posted to your attention, you have answered a single one
11. Mother of abused
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.30.10)
Foolishness,naivete,and blindness,Nashim datan kalot,(women are frivolous)Satan Hagoel,set himself up a stable with 18 women,have you ever heard of a woman in charge of a Harem with 18 men ?.
12. # 9 Thank God
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.30.10)
david ! The monster is not haredi either.
13. #8 my Jewish grandmother was never ever rude!
Granma's favorite! ,   Jerusalem   (11.30.10)
what's up with the way you comment to #5 and 6? That's not fact it is rather rude of you...for shame is that how you were taught to treat people? If you are really an Israeli/Jewish grandma then you would know better than to be an insouciant churl!
14. #7 Eu! Yak! how could you?!
Salma was asking a legitimate question there was no need for you to be a nasty piece of work in answering her.
15. Y r so many TBers rude to Salma?
How about you all SERIOUSLY consider giving all of us right wing Jews a better name? Here's a rule of thumb for you: If you wouldn't allow someone to say it to your face or in your living room in front of your children THEN DON'T WRITE IT HERE!
16. Thank you Salma, #5: For once I agree
Israeli 2   (11.30.10)
with you!!
17. To all talkbackers against Salma
Israeli 2   (11.30.10)
I read Salma's talkbacks. She can sometimes be irritating and very wrong and even off track, but compared to this vermin and what this sadist and his followers did to kids admittingly forcing kids to eat feces!!! I suggest we make certain to disown and detach this piece of garbage before answering Salma in the negative.
18. Dear Ynet headline editors - I know that you know that...
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem of course!   (11.30.10)
we all know that this person, Elior Chen, is not a rabbi! We've all know for a very long time that he's not a rabbi. So I am wondering the reason you called him a "rabbi" in the headline was because...??
19. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.01.10)
Salma never asks legitimate questions; you should know that.
20. #19 doesn't matter we are meant 2 b polite!
21. # 20
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.01.10)
Polite? how about leaving your name at the end of your talkbacks?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL/USA   (12.01.10)
Which say's it all, he gave himself the title of Rabbi, as such he's not recognized by the community as being entitled to it Too much time has been wasted on this subject because most of you just look for particular words and didn't bother to pay attention when you read the article
23. Whatever punishment he gets, they ought
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.03.10)
to give to his parents and lawyer.
24. acts of ommission are crime
chana ,   jerusalem, Israel   (12.05.10)
Thank G-d there is some form of justice in this world- but not enough. and when will the father of the poor kids take responsibility for his indifference -- his crimes of omission. He was the one who initiated sending his kids to this fruitcake nut. Why does he not take any responsibility? Not now and not then?
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