Eisenkot: Missile defense – for IDF bases
Ahiya Raved
Published: 01.12.10, 01:25
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1. why not?
ralph   (11.30.10)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.30.10)
Israeli civilians should not expect too much.
3. Then maybe
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.30.10)
The IDF should do it's duty and remove the threat from our civilians. I don't care how many enemy die, I do care that our citizens are being threatened with genocide.
4. Missile defense for IDF bases
jerri i ,   NYC   (12.01.10)
This fact became a suspicion several months ago as the capability of Iron dome became more public. It seemed clear that the IRon Dome system was designed primarily to defend the Arrow missile emplacements and important bases with offensive capabilities. There is actually another system that Israel has that could do the work that the original claims for Iron Dome's ability could accomplish. This is the SPYDER antiaircraft missile system. With modern guidance systems and high tech radar/computers this missile system could immediately be programmed to take out incoming medium range missiles.
5. Mobilize
Zichron   (12.01.10)
Mobilize the galut to build bomb shelters . The haredim must help . Long term decades forward they will be needed en masse
6. citizens suffer discomfort
biggus dickus ,   wome   (12.01.10)
after stupid remarks like this i can already see the headlines....ex northern command chief gets new job as bank (something or other) chief. even if its true one should always engage brain before opening mouth i dont think this is his job to talk about these things...i pay his salary to be northern command chief
7. if your going to fight back short term military must be prio
zionist forever   (12.01.10)
The reality of war is that in the short term the militaries offensive capabilities must be the priority. If they are unable to fight back the attacks will continue and we will not be able to do anything about it except wait until the enemy decides to stop or our defense systems are all used up. If the military in the short term can protect their assets then they can go on the offensive. We should also look into buying the Russian S-400 because it is far superior to the US Patriot. S-400 can also intercept cruise missiles which neither Arrow or Patriot can do and it can intercept multiple targets. When it comes to protecting the country from missiles we should buy the best not just American because we get it on aid money.
8. Either build more systems or the reservists
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.01.10)
will not leave the unprotected families alone. No one cares about the public, not the government nor the I.D.F. general staff. We need to sweep them all out after the next elections.
9. 5
zionist forever   (12.01.10)
I think that its possible to create form of civilian national service for haredi & arabs. Most the public shelters in this country are unfit for use because they have just been used for storage and neglected over the years because with the exception of the Galilee & places like Sderot & Ashkelon we haven't needed them since Desert Storm 20 years ago. In wartime they could be drafted to do things like issue gas masks allowing Homefront to concentrate on more important military matters. They can clean the parks & a variety of other manual jobs. This sort of work is neither political or military so there is no conflicts of interest for arabs. The haredi are not being put into an atmosphere where they feel uncomfortable such as the military and they can go home when the days work is done then return to Torah study. It will also get haredi into the working mindset encouraging them to go out get jobs. Its time the government introduced a bill like this.
10. There is no single solution,
PAL   (12.01.10)
If Hamas was to launch the psychological warfare on citizens from the South as they did prior to OP Cast Lead then Iron Dome will be moved to protect the South and OP Cast Lead 2 will be launched. A lot depends on the level of munitions build up in Gaza. If war in the north occurs then the deployment will be different, to protect military assets both in Israel and inside South of the Litani. Iran knows than Israel can seize and occupy Southern Lebanon they have done it before, and they know what happened to their launch sites in the second Lebanon war. So this is why the have got longer range missile, as has Hamas albeit that is an easier task than in the North. Hizbullah fight a retreat and their missile doctrine it meant to complement that. They seek to maintain the ability to hit Israel from North of the Litani as they lose the launch sites in the South. So forces inside Lebanon need to be protected from the redirect shorter range missile fire. Otherwise we prolong the war lose more soldiers and thus civilians. They have learned lessons from the second Lebanon war also. Israel intends to hit heavy and quickly, while Hizbullah seek to lengthen the campaign and extract civilian casualties to prevent their total destruction. Those that do not believe that peace will occur in Gaza understand the need for C-RAM Phalanx cannons to be placed around Gaza. When the US Administration funded Iron Dome that saw it as a defensive system, Israel see it as an offensive capability. The US thought to prevent war Israel thinks to wage war.
11. If...
Daniel   (12.01.10)
the IDF's offensive capabilities were to be hurt, I imagine the civilian population would suffer much more than if they were protected against the rockets. gotta think long term
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