'Revolutionary Guards chief slapped Ahmadinejad'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 30.11.10, 21:40
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1. It should read: "RG chief slapped his b..tch"
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (11.30.10)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (11.30.10)
I would loved to have seen Ahmadinejad get bitch slapped. He's such a punk anyway. You can always tell those guys that just have big mouths with nothing to back it up with. They talk tough with some big guys around them but alone their just weak little cowards. I guess this General had enough and slapped the the little punk, and he did nothing. Walked away and took it. Ahmadinejad would be hiding in some hole if a fight ever broke out, anyone can tell he is, and always was, all mouth.
3. only slap, i'd prefer beat or punch :-/
kitchen boxer ,   cuisine   (11.30.10)
4. President Ahmadinejad supporting press freedom
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (11.30.10)
Does not agree very well with his enemies' campaign to demonize and nazificate him, doesn't it? Don't worry, they will simply ignore it.
5. Slap
Ezra ,   Florida   (11.30.10)
You can verify the story by simply asking a "few" souerces: 1_ Ask the general"s head, which you can find rolling on the street of Hamadan 2- Ask his right hand which is in Qum. 3- How about his left hand ? you surly can find it in Tabriz 4- The legs, body and his testicals are surely attending dinners and can be found on some of most dignified tables of the Iranian leaders. In any case, Ahmadinajad made sure the general will never do it again.
6. Getting slapped by the General,
Joe F.   (11.30.10)
easier to take, than getting sodomized by Israel.
7. #4 - does it include A-jad forced closure of opp papers?
William ,   Israel   (12.01.10)
So, does this "freedom of the press" that A-jad supports include the many opposition papers he forced closed in Iran since the stolen election there? Or will you simply ignore it?
8. Who can believe in news anymore?
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.01.10)
Mahmood getting slapped for defending freedom of speech? This is the funniest news ever. No one would believe either in their right mind.
9. I love Wikileaks. Should donate money to them.
USA   (12.01.10)
Go Wikileaks. Tell us all that good juicy stuff.
10. #2Mark
Hal ,   Usa   (12.01.10)
Big man big mouth, little man all mouth! :-))
11. I would have loved to see the slap-fight!
Stan Brin ,   USA   (12.01.10)
But the real tragedy here is that they didn't open fire with automatic weapons at each other.
12. I meant freedom of press for regime supporters No. 7
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (12.01.10)
Pardon my childish mistake due to being ill informed on the Near East region.
13. n 6
aline silverman ,   Israel   (12.01.10)
Are you crazy or have you got a sick mind or BOTH ?
14. # 12
ill informed on the ME aswell, to be sure.
15. Deep fractures at the top...
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (12.01.10)
Though this 'slap in the face' is of little significance on its own - it does reflect the very deep fissures within the political elite Ah MAD inejad (He of the Demented Entity) is fast - like the Emperor losing his cloak of support in the face of the realisation by Iranians that HE has caused more damage to Iran than any individual in the history of the proud Persian Nation He has isolated Iran where it is now a Pariah State, he has suffocated freedom of speech, suffocated the economy and industry and taken Iran back to the dark ages But worse his PRIMARY agenda ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE is still the development and detonation of a nuclear warhead to herald Irans so called Super Power Status and the dream worlds bowing to his every whim and demand and 'kissing his feet' Does not Iran DESERVE BETTER?
16. The PETA people will go after the general
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.01.10)
for hitting an animal. That achmaddinajacket is one monkey that no one would protest if a lab used him for a medical experiment. Let us hope he winds up as bush meat soon.
17. High Stakes Ah MAD inejad! Place your bets!
Mr Greeb ,   Manchester   (12.01.10)
Going for the ultimate in All or Nothing gamble...The detonation of a nuclear weapon And the prize? A world dominated and completely tamed by Ah MAD inejads perpetual threat of nuclear attack So whats he so rashly gambling WITH and AGAINST that he thinks he can afford to squander? WITH - The future of Iran and the Iranian Nation AGAINST - The world prepared to curl up meekly and accept the new order PLACE YOUR BETS!
18. No. 14, I am not as ignorant as you are
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (12.01.10)
I may be very ignorant in world affairs but at least I know that NE is synonymous with ME.
19. # 12 and #18 posted by imposter..
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (12.01.10)
trying to impersonate me. The usual tactic of dishonest people. The only Talkback I posted was #4. Ahmadinejad being slapped in the face by a diehard Revolutionary Guard general for supporting press freedom does indeed not fit in with the picture his haters like to paint, the one of a hitlerite dictator. People forget that he came to power through democratic elections. People like Ali Jafari are those who are threateningt that very democracy.
20. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.01.10)
Nothing is democratic in Iran & especially not elections. How naive you are.
21. PETA
Cyndie ,   MI, USA   (12.01.10)
Agreed with you 100%! Loved your rename!
22. My impersonator here has a very low IQ
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (12.01.10)
Unable to raise to the challenge of understanding the Middle East culture it then resorts to baseless accusations. Arabs will never make any progress in any field unless they rid themselves off of Islam, it applies to all other Muslim countries as well. This is the main reason for instability and lack of Peace in the Near East. Now the clueless impersonator will counter that she has never heard of it. My counter answer will then be that "of course that she has never heard of it, she is clueless"
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