Egypt: Iran tried smuggling arms to Gaza
Roee Nahmias
Published: 30.11.10, 23:13
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Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.01.10)
Iran is feared by all Muslim countries with any ties to the West. They just don't want Iran messing around in their neighborhood. This is really no news to anybody following the issues in the M.E. While all the antisemitic critics of Israel, pretend it's all about Israel, it just isn't true. Iran poses as much if not more of a danger to Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the list goes on. So when you hear or read the whining against Israel, ignore it. There is no basis in fact. By contrast Israel is the best country in the M.E. in every way imaginable, and why their neighbors are so jealous and humiliated. Israel has bested all its neighbors, without the benefit of oil. Which if taken away would end the prosperity of most of Israel's surrounding countries. You see they contribute nothing positive to mankind, and have not for well over a 100 years.
2. Very astute Suleiman knows Egypt is next on the snake's menu
Alan ,   SA   (12.01.10)
3. Thank you General Suleiman for your insight!!
Alan ,   SA   (12.01.10)
4. sunni Vers shia'at
Brazen   (12.01.10)
their religious Fraction will be their demise.
5. Iran-Gaza
Ezra ,   Florida   (12.01.10)
Iran does that? No kidding now, mr.Mubarak.
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