Infiltration record: 1,940 illegal aliens entered Israel in Nov.
Yael Branvosky
Published: 01.12.10, 16:55
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1. Refugees ?
Gabe Yakmore ,   Canada   (12.01.10)
Or a clever ploy from a terror organization ?
2. What is Netanyahu doing?
Rachel ,   US   (12.01.10)
Besides this facility that won't be built for 6 mos. What is he doing to stop this? Are they being arrested? Denied work permits? Can they be returned to Egypt?
3. Yet more delays, no substantive action
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.01.10)
This is a problem that was already evident while Olmert was in charge. Yet nothing was done. The average number infiltrating per month eventually exceeded those Jews arriving legally as new immigrants - and still nothing was done. Crime rose in areas populated by illegals in Arad, Eilat and Tel Aviv - and still nothing was done. A fence was to be put in place, but the first segment has yet to go up - partly due to foot dragging by the Defense Ministry. Now there's a new committee being established, with a detention center to be built. But how many will be housed there? Who will pay for their medical care? What if they keep coming, will another center be established? Build the damn fence already, and deport those who entered illegally. Turn over the true refugees to the UN's HCR and demand they be settled elsewhere. After all, they fled the country of refuge (Egypt) so they have no claim on Israel.
4. Get rid of them or they will get rid of you..
Al   (12.01.10)
What are you waiting for? Are you so PC that you have become stupid? And dont give me the BS about Jews in WWI Europe, The nazis and their helpers were killing us 24/7..These usurpers are playing you for the fool you have become. You have every damn right to protect the itegrity of the country. Israel was built as a homeland for the Jews..It is not a refuge for the worlds dejected, impoverished and percecuted.
5. # 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.01.10)
The infiltrators come from Africa. They crossed into Israel via Egypt. Both Egypt & Israel are responsible in stopping this illegal influx.
6. implications for terrorism
Wade ,   NYC US   (12.01.10)
If Israel cannot stop illegal migrant workers from infiltrating, it also cannot stop armed terrorists from infiltrating. One wonders why, with all the technology and manpower available, the Border Police with the IDF cannot prevent illegal infiltration? It sounds like there just wasn't a will to plug up the border. Now they had better seal it fast before irreversible damage is done. An armed terrorist can commit atrocities in the first city he encounters- like once happened in Eilat.
7. Who will pay ???
Gabe Yakmore ,   Canada   (12.01.10)
Make them work until they earn their return ticket and ship them back where they came from. End of story.
8. #4 perfectly agree with you here, Al
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.02.10)
Sometimes I find your posts overly negative and irritable, but I'm with you 100% on this one. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions - political correctness by bleeding-heart meretz voters would spell the end of us here.
9. why is nobody stopping them?
jenny ,   USA/Israel   (12.02.10)
I am new to Israel. Can somebody please explain to me how Israel (which is supposed to be an incredibly strong army) with all its strength is incapable of protecting their borders from people literally just walking right into the country and start living here???? You mean to tell me that as a north american Jew - I'm supposed to feel safe living here when the army cannot stop more than a thousand africans from walking over the border? Are you kidding me? How can I believe that this army will protect this country from the most evil terrorists if they can't stop a bunch of africans. This country seriously needs to be careful....there IS strength in numbers. Israel is a Jewish country.......since when did it become Israel's responsiblity to take in every single "refugee" possible. This country faces challenges when it comes to taking care of it's own people and society. The USA which is a heck of a lot bigger manages to keep its borders locked up and manages to toss out everyone it desires not to be there.....and doesn't give a care.......if Israel thinks it needs to be 'holier than thou'.....well - let's see how that works out when the Jews will be a minority in it's own country.......
10. we are the real refugee not imigrants
Tesfay ,   Tel Aviv   (12.02.10)
dear brothers ,we are coming from unstable area which is horn of Africa,mainlly Eritrea,somalia and Sudan.we escaped from war zone.we did not create the war,but we be came the victims .we are just coming to survive.Not for better life.To tel you franklly we have no right and freedom.So we have no better life here,just we are saving our lives.
11. terror
nic schlagman ,   Tel Aviv   (12.02.10)
until today there is not one single case of an african asylum seeker either committing an act of terror or even being involved in planning one. Not one case from 30 000 refugees. They are held for months and questioned in prison camps to ascertain this. We cannot just fear monger here, it is dangerous
12. Jenny from USA.... go back to USA with your racist behavior
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (12.12.10)
we don't want you here
13. It's okay
Afroman ,   tel aviv\israel   (12.14.10)
I am realy realy sory for myselfe becouse all the comments has been posted are realy heart breaking,just nuthin but "hate"..just u hate us couse we are coloured people,it is okay but i wonder how atleast one of you all who claim to a crayzi israelis are too blinded to see the thruth,what we are passing through is not different from your fathers history in europe once . please open up your heart try to see the truth we dont care about "your Jewish state"..may GOD make her greater, but just let us live until things become positive back home ....then after we will march to our fathers land dont need you to force us to.We have culture and value we are proud of we will march praising the LORD and we will tell history to the next generation. Jenny of AMERICA, i just wanna remined you that may be your grand father was once a participant of civil right movment in the USA may be back then may be!... you better know from where you come and definitely you would know where to to.
14. to #13 CONVERT TO JUDAISM then!!!
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (12.22.10)
Jews are not racists. We come in all colors including black. If you love Israel so much then you and your fellow infiltrators should convert to Orthodox Judaism and serve in the IDF!!! The more the merrier!!!!
15. #12 What is so racist about Jennys comments?
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (12.22.10)
16. 35t Vs the Entire Planet That Hates You
Noah Lev ,   USA:hollywood   (12.22.10)
500,000 Jews (Hungarian) during WW2, were gassed in 6wks..even though discussions were being held by the Jewish representative, with US, NAZI and English officials. Begging to trade Jews for trucks, didnt work, the response being it would only extend the German war efforts. Jews trying to flee Europe, were locked in, and LOCKED OUT, of Canada, the US, etc., etc. No country wanted them. Cuba denied them. Only Turkey allowed a few thousand in. Now, Israeli Jews are being selective in who lives and who dies. Come on guys. 35, not unmanageable. Their 2nd generation will join your army, and protect your country from Arab terrorism. need better PR..and aiding Africans is smart. Why allow 500,000 ultra Orthodox permanent charity, who wont work..while these people do? Something is upside down guys. Think about it. Our immigrants here are aiding US. To Israel: use your kup for once in your 62 years.kThe entire world hates you.
17. a surprise
Ramon   (01.12.11)
now this is a surprise- Israel has a security fence around the country, it takes hours to get through customs at the airport- so where do the 'aliens' slip through? Seems to be a security breach somewhere- Palestinians are stopped, but aliens not? Next time you guys made snide remarks about EU Immigration policy, maybe check out yours- . As for Africans, and other immigrants, etc, looking for a better life elsewhere: stay in your country, fight for your rights- somebody has to do it- don't expect Western countries to do it for you, and send aid money forever...
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