Assange: Netanyahu said leaks would help peace
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.12.10, 08:37
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While truth is on Israel's side I am pessimistic about it being accepted by my leaders. Having been close to Jimmy Carter and to zbig Brzezinski to Prof. Rashid Khalidi I believe that they are inherently hostile to Israel. This hostility colors the advice that they give Pres. Obama and shapes his world into the narrative that pressure on Israel will deliver a peace treaty and that will clear up all the problems in the Middle East. It's ironic that my fundamentalist friends regard Obama as a apostate. They state that since his father is a Muslim he is a Muslim. Further they believe that he is, as he professes, a believing Christian. In their mind this is worthy of death. So far other than having extra influence in the Islamic world it appears that his background would serve as a detriment to any bridge to the more conservative aspects of Islamic society.
2. Suddenly all the leftis don't like wikileaks? XD
Omri ,   Israel   (12.02.10)
3. The truth is often embarrasing, but Israel is helped and
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.02.10)
dummyjad left to lie his heart out. I just hope there is a cable on how good or bad Bill Clinton is in the sack, Hillary might just fall off her broomstick.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.02.10)
Assange said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "believes that the result of this publication, which makes the sentiments of many privately held beliefs public… will lead to some kind of increase in the peace process in the Middle East and particularly in relation to Iran". -THERE WILL BE NO PEACE - BUT WAR - Assange also complimented Netanyahu by saying he is "not a naïve man" and "a sophisticated politician". - SAID THE SON OF CHAMBERLAIN ABOUT THE SOPHISTICATED FOOLISH IDIOCY - "if the leaders make these statements publically there will be a significant change". - SURE THING - AS BELOWE - "When leaders are willing to tell their people the truth it promotes peace." The prime minister said, adding that "peace based on truth has a lasting chance." - IF ONE STANDS ON THE TRUTH (WHICH A LIER AS YOU DONT), IT IS CORRECT BUT - - THE TRUTH FACING LIARS IS DANGEROUS TO THEM - - AND THEY WILL RESORT TO VIOLANCE - - TO COVER UP FOR THEMSELVES/FACESAVINGS - -YOU ERR !!!. Arn.
5. I believe revelations will clear air of Anti Israel BS
Alan ,   SA   (12.02.10)
6. Assage's latest leaks have done great good for Israel
Avi ,   Geneva   (12.02.10)
showing Europeans, Americans and the world that Israel is not the main issue in the Middle East, but Iran. People will no longer hopefully be easily fooled by the anti-Israeli media and politicians. This Wikileak revelation, just before the festival of lights, feels like an act of G-d in defense of Israel. Baruch HaShem!
7. FREEDOM of SPEECH!!!!!!!!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.02.10)
Why is this 'freedom, advocated by the LEFT so feverishly, such a hinderence for them all of a sudden? Why is the 'founder of Wiki leaks all of a sudden the 'MOST WANTED man on the planet? Why is he 'all of a sudden being accused of rape? Why not 2 years ago, when the same facts (if they are) were known,
8. 2,500,000 people leaked to Wikileaks
moshe ,   Tivon   (12.02.10)
Ass-ange was helped by the USA concept of security: BBC: " It is thought about 2.5 million US military and civilian personnel have access to the network." see The USA thinks that 2,500,000 people can keep a secret ? Incredible...just UNBELIEVABLE ! ! moshe
9. A lot of stuff known but believed
Mark from Geogia ,   USA   (12.02.10)
It has been well known for those who follow affairs in the M.E. that the so called pro-western Arab countries always sided against Iran. It was the dirty little secret of the west. Israel was a convenient scapegoat but had the same goals as Jordan, the Saudi's and many other Arab nations. The oil rich countries always paid off the groups like the PLO to stay away from their kingdoms. It is what made Arafat a billionaire. The blackmail scheme worked well and still does. The leaders of these countries are afraid of their "Arab street" so have to keep up appearances. While they still hate Israel and the West, and oppose all are values, they do need are weapons. It some cases our food, the U.S. is the breadbasket of the world. Without our grain the world would starve. It is our most powerful weapon. But now the truth is coming out, and is more embarrassing to the Sheikdoms and countries like Jordan, than to Israel. The anti-Israel crowd of course is hurt because their silly little conspiracy theories dry up and go away. It isn't Israel that controls U.S. foreign policy as much as OPEC and that's the Arabs, whoops. What's a poor little antisemitic whiner to do, it's not the Jewish people.
10. the arab nations are glad, israel is there...
eporue ,   europe   (12.02.10)
as then (i) the extremists, which naturally(!) emerge from a religion as islam, can be concentrated on this common "enemy", otherwise they would pick on minorities inside their "territory"... (ii) it gives them a sense of "community", of having something in common... "we are the muslims" - while in fact they are as different as any other people (e.g. christians, europeans). but those differences would lead to fights between them - so, israel as "the enemy" is most welcomed to distract... ...and the arab states NEED it, as long as racism and intolerance prevails so heavily in their societies...
11. Arab fear and hate of an ascendant Iran
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (12.02.10)
is based in the historic animosity between the Semitic Arab version of Islam (Sunni) and the Aryan Persian version of Islam (Shia)... acquisition of "the bomb" is the secular rallying cry to avoid what's been festering under the carpet for centuries.
12. BIBI- ASSANGE...Great COMBO....NOBEL Peace Prize..
Ali ,   villanova -PA- USA   (12.02.10)
Why Play in secret... The Arab HYPOCRITE ARAB Leaders have always played with the Israelis in SECRET....They partied in Tel Aviv..Amman...and every where.. This Expose, for sure will lead to an UPRISING.. and a CLEAN UP.. and may lead to REAL PEACE.. If PROVEN, that BiBi and ASSANGE are in CAHOOTS, BOTH deserve the COVETED NOBEL Peace Prize.. Keep it up you two..Let all the truth come and let us get REAL PEACE..
13. Leaks and idiocy
Brod ,   USA   (12.02.10)
Leaks will help advance peace is pure idiocy and lunacy.
14. LT COL HOWARD @ 1, please, do not let Obama slide.
leo ,   usa   (12.02.10)
As a leader it is his responsibility to assemble the best team of advisers possible. So, if anything, it is Obama who thinks and behaves the way he does. All these Carters, Bzjezinskies, Halidis are distant second. As to that fringe talk of Obama being "not born in USA" or "being Muslim" is irrelevant. Obama is the POTUS and those crazies should learn to deal with it. BTW, Jews, Muslims and all others should be able to become Presidents too, not only Christians.
15. Quite the mutual admiration society between
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (12.02.10)
Julian and Bibi. Keep it up Julian, maybe Bibi will offer you sanctuary/asylum in Israel... where you won't find a polonium latte on the menu. With the latest and more to come Wikileaks disclosures, I suspect Julian is a "dead man walking".
16. there is (or was?) still one, who believed bibi...
eporue ,   europe   (12.02.10)
17. helps peace, yes; helps an agreement happen, no
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.02.10)
for those who don't understand, there is a difference.
18. More disclosures please!
Gab's ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.02.10)
Let Julian do his job, we need to know more and more, stop harrasing and behaving this way, he is helping the world and showing us tte hidden side of the moon. Arab world is really getting hurt, espescially Turquey president with all this transfers to Swiss banks, hahaha!!!!! now we know! Am Israel Hai
19. To: Leo at No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.02.10)
If Obama was born in Kenya, as is becoming increasingly evident, then he is constitutionally prohibited from being the president of the United States. The U.S. Constitution requires that the president and the vice president be born in the United States. It's grounds for impeachment.
20. Problem is USA do not have the courage to act correctly
DisL   (12.02.10)
That the problem why a super power act like a Mickey Mouse.
21. HRW, AI, Greenpeace or other WikiLeaks silent aids
Egon B.E. Friberger ,   Brussels, Belgium   (12.02.10)
No subject wherever in the world can glide behind the media predominance of NGO’s. However, until now only the best of breed in politics and diplomacy emerged as ‘Rumpelstilzchen’ from the organized violation of the secrecy of correspondence by WikiLeaks. Strikingly, no hints of any criticism on ‘superior’ NGO’s chieftains or practices. Former El Dura or NYT upsets, of course, made authentication of 250.000 or more documents impossible in their slow organized dripping into democracy’s immunity systems and, of course, in suspiciously singled out conspiracy theories.
22. believe or trust ???
perla ,   tel aviv   (12.13.10)
I trust Netanyahu, even though I may not believe every statement he makes. Politics is the Art of the Possible ! No one should be naive as to believe that words of political leaders reveal the whole truth
23. Only because
PaulB ,   Cairns Australia   (12.16.10)
Assange leaked what his Mossad masters wanted, and witheld what they wanted witheld. We know your games by now. Its been 60 years, and you really aren't fooling that many people anymore.
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