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Bnei Menashe celebrate Hanukkah
Published: 05.12.10, 13:37
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1. BRING THEM HOME NOW !!!!!!!!!!
JM ,   Israel   (12.05.10)
I had the pleasure of being in the army with and working with members of this community who have immigrated - they are well educated, many bi or tri-lingual, well mannered people whos connection both historical and actual is indisputable. They belong here, at home with the rest of the Jewish people, and if they want to come, we must bring them here now!
2. let them come.
jacob sassoon ,   uk   (12.05.10)
we need them.
3. Bring our people home now! You have 7200
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.05.10)
people who have returned to their Jewish roots fully and there is this delay, and yet the leftist gov of Israel brought hundreds of thousands of people who didnt want to identify as Jews, and still dont (maybe they had a jewish grandparent somewhere ) and they were let in but people who want to return to their people arent let in easily? what gives?
I'm sure its a big project to bring 7200 Jews to Israel and make sure that they feel not only welcome but comfortable in a new society and a different culture. I hope the delay is due to preparations. If there is a way to help please let us know!
5. I wonder, they frobably got traditions from
ghostq   (12.06.10)
early era of Israelites, even though theis is only half of Menashe tribe, acording to the sources, it still a wonder how they kept the true Israelite tradition, makes me curious if they also practis semi pilgramage to symbolice place as the Israelite used to do 3 times a year to Jerusalem, in other words bring them home.
6. Whatever.
7. they are true Jews
Historian   (12.13.10)
Just like the Falashamora, they look like every Ashkenazi Jew, do not they? if this group were so pur for over 27 centuries, how come they look like the rest of the people in that area? come on people, stop being so stupid
8. Bnei Manashe
W Nahon ,   spain   (12.13.10)
bring home now
9. 7Historian
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (12.14.10)
All over the world jews look like the people with whom they live.
10. We are Zo people
Zomi Kahi ,   Myanmar   (11.20.11)
Our ancestors used to call themselves as Jo/Zo/Cho/Kcho. Our tradition is maverick and somewhat weird, compared to others in our country. But one thing I can't understand is why Israel needs us? Why they want to take us just because some of them claim that they are the descendants of Manashe? Shouldn't we just live in our own land even if we were Jewish?
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