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Chocolate coins, menorah on Downing St.
Yaniv Halily
Published: 02.12.10, 13:01
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1. cameron missing.
martin ,   uk   (12.02.10)
obviously the world cup nomination is more important to him than meeting the chief rabbi of the united synagogue and anyone who is anyone of the jewish creme de la creme. after his mouthful of gaza being a prsion (for Shalit) he might be reminded exactly what the historical reason is as to why the festival is celebrated. he should be reminded of the jews overpowering their "guards" who denied them their heritage and country. in the same way that the british did pre 1948 and will continue whether britain is a luke warm friend of israel or not.. who the hell needs these brit politicians making out they are friends. even more important, who are the jewish asshole lickers?
2. This isnt rare event Ynet, London had worlds largest..
Delia Cohen ,   London   (12.02.10)
Menorah lights the past few years in the centre, in Trafalgar square, just up from Parliament and Buckinham palace. AND The giant Westfield mall has again this year 'Hannukah on ice'.. mainly for kids, google all of these events or youtube them, they are all covered. Boris Johnson - the big blond bumbling London mayor looks so cute as he is raised up on a crane to light the candles with some rabbis. All in all, this is a good time, happy hannukah :-)
3.  London had worlds largest.. ....
Eshkol Hakofer   (12.02.10)
could be laergest, but the people who set and light it, are not authentic. they do it for their own glorification!
4. #3 jealous
5.  (End) sez : 4. #3 jealous
Eshkol Hakofer   (12.03.10)
not of them, but for the judaism they trample with their arrogance.
6. #5 judaism and how we celebrate is for however we
proud brit jew ,   London   (12.03.10)
want to celebrate it, who the hell are you to tell people that times dont change, things dont develop. Jews have moved with the times and developed. These British Jews are doing something very Jewish, loud and proud in the centre of London, in one of the cities busiest interchanges, there are orthodox and conservative celebrating together, for once in a while :-) . Let us enjoy the holidays, always takes one miserable scrooge to dampen peoples holidays. I trust you dont move with the times and that you live in a cave with no lights?
7. #5 Your comments alone is a good defintion of arrogance.
Dave P   (12.03.10)
8. 6 & 7 Think!
Eshkol Hakofer   (12.03.10)
ours is a minimalist religion, we do not seek the tallest tree, nor are we after a menora that need a crane to reach. the halacha is happy with $0.69 for a box of 144 candles. the candle need not be lit for longer than 20mins. Your big menora is a gimmick of meshichists out to fool fellow jews into following them and outshout our christian neighbours into a louder holiday. We don't have to, ours is not a festival of the advent of the messiah 'that one of old' or that recently deceased and still waiting from the underground a modern day lazarus. Chanuka doesnt celebrate peace on earth but rather the miraculous 'military' victory, of the few against the many, good against evil, light against darkness etc... as to calling others scrooge? isn't it an image of an ugly jew devised by antisemites? are u joining their ranks?
9. 6 & 7, since u have nothing to add..
Eshkol Hakofer   (12.03.10)
i will add a few words. your hosts , at giant menoras lightings are themselves and their masters disciples of one of the biggest megalomanes (now deceased according to most) ever to come out of the jewish people. that's where guiness type contests of menorahs sizes comes into play. their disciples are often ignorant in matters jewish and are happy remainig that way. they like them to concentrate on their feel good factor. essence of judaism is seconday. feel good, eat a donut or two, leave a contribution and leave us to our act! downtown london is no different than times square or crown heights shabbat shalom
10. Is this a news site or a gossip column?
noa ,   israel   (12.04.10)
11. the haredi of stamford hill (london)
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (12.04.10)
and hackney (london) have a family birth rate of 5.9, nearly triple the british avarage. few are in gainful full time employment. their housing costs have been subsidised by so-called local housing allowances (lha's) up to and including the equivalent of 3000 (three thousand shekels) a week, allowing them to rent big properties (owned by who?, rich jewish landlords). recent fiscal reform has seen that welfare payment drop to the equivalent 2000 shekels a week. these laws and statutes broght in by mr. cameron's administration apply to all britons. they intend to relieve the tax burden and close any schnorrer loopholes )though i don'y imply that it is the case here). it is a fact however that some in stamford hill and hackney and many other places in britain get more in welfare payments from the british taxpayer per week than some people actually earn from full time employment. i have heard that the haredi enjoy great benefits in israel. perhaps there will be an influx then from britain? as to whether this could be a burden on the israeli taxpayer, an unfair burden, is another matter.
12. the haredi of stamford hill (london) 2
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (12.04.10)
i wonder if the haredi consider the long-suffering (and disrespected?)british-taxpayers freiers? and though their spokesmen make much of how difficult it is to get gainful employment in britain that allows religious observance, that arguement seems vacuous and false given that in israel, where jewish religious holidays are state holidays (and all the rest of it), the haredi are yet a burden on the israeli taxpayer, (diifferent freiers to be exploited?). or, havn't the britons noticed? i suppose the freiers of britain or israel are seen as providential by those who can and do get more in welfare benefits than the fools and idiots who actually do, or try to, get honest wages for honest work. compared to get rich without working scams, all freiers no doubt. message to all those in receipt of the equivalent of 3000 shekels a week just for rent, and another 3000 for living expenses, come try and earn it. (the amish in the usa have set a good example of a closed religious community being self sufficient, it can be done through dint of really hard work. enough of the haredi however do not appear to see the dignity of such an approach to religious and national life. great article though, great spin, nothing less than one expects from a slick and clever advertising agent.
13. 8 . 144 candles ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.07.10)
$ 0.69 for a box ? here the cheapest ones are more expensive . It was not a "miraculous" victory . No miracles involved .
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