5,000 acres torched in blaze
Ahiya Raved
Published: 03.12.10, 08:29
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1. Sad
David ,   Haifa Israel   (12.03.10)
may HaShem guide and protect everyone who is fighting this fire. May HaShem watch and extend his shield over those brave and Jewish Israeli guards who died rescuing hamas terrorists in custody... the hamas animals did not deserve to live over them. a sad day... just goes to show the world we JEWS value lives more than ARAB/MUSLIMS... we even value muslim lives.
2. #1
Igor ,   P"T Israel   (12.03.10)
I shocked by this tragedy too but... It's disgusting what you wrote. It's all not about Jews and Arabs. I don't see Ha-Shem in these words. I understand that you are just stunned, of course.
3. 5000 acres are torched
max ,   vienna   (12.03.10)
How many arcres were bombed and torched in GAZA ???
4. Haifa well prepared?? NOT. Multiple Police Statiions
Jale ,   Haifa Israel   (12.03.10)
had no answer, or only automated responses in Hebrew. If you speak something else besides hebrew it was not a pleasant situation to be in. Very dissapointed in Haifa's lack of Police Response to people calling in. If this was Heaven forbid a chemical attack what then? Same lack of organized and comprehensive information outlet for non Hebrew speakers. Disturbing lack of
5. My prayers and heart with all those lost in fire, and those
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.03.10)
injured and those who bravely fought through the night.
6. Time for a Revolution!!
Eli F. ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.03.10)
Its a terrible National tragedy that could have (And SHOULD have !!) been prevented. "They" will build another monument for the dead. "They" will give more speeches about sacrifice and heroism. There will be another high level "Investigative Committee". Accusations and finger-pointing, as to who was responsible. "Conclusions and Assessments", "Will be reached". And, we Citizens, already know, that its the incompetent bureaucratic laden and corrupt Government that have been talking about this pending crisis in the Fire Services for the last 20 yrs. They have squandered precious resources and time. And now we have 42 dead!! Heads should be rolling, but alas, this is Israel, NO ONE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY..Sad and terrible loss......Its like this, in so many sectors, complete amateurish and incompetent behavior. Its actually frightening to think, that "They" are in "Charge"!!
#3   (12.03.10)
are their any trees in GAZA?
8. Very Sad : (
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.03.10)
9. sorry max
David ,   Haifa Israel   (12.03.10)
sorry your concentration camps failed. if you want moe to gaza... its a rat hole no trees... go post your bigotry on anti israel german owned haaretz... go away. you disgust me...
10. #2 Possibly...
David ,   Haifa Israel   (12.03.10)
what i said was harsh... i will reflect. shabbat shalom
11. One thing the firefighters need very much is showers.
Rivkah   (12.03.10)
Trucks with water tanks and shower stalls need to be taken to the area of the fire for firefighters to shower off. California has water/shower trucks for firelines that are under contract to the State and the Federal government that should be airlifted to Israel for this fire if Israel cannot rig something like that for the firefighters.
Jeff ,   Stanford, CA USA   (12.03.10)
California has larger forest fires almost every year-and outside help often needed. The deaths are a terrible tragedy ! Fires can and do spread suddenly and wildly. I suspect this was caused by arson . Forensic exam will reveal. In meantime calm is needed and help for those affected. New better forest planning and plantings will remedy the forest over time.
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