Netanyahu thanks Erdogan for aid
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 03.12.10, 14:42
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1. Bravo Mr. Erdogan
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.03.10)
Adversity tries friends !
EHUD   (12.03.10)
3. Thank you Turkey (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) and to all
Sarah B ,   U.S.A / Israel   (12.03.10)
4. Unexpected Erdogan...
Yossef   (12.03.10)
Yeap, thx Mister Prime Minister. You surprised me.
5. #2 try to hide your hatred. You're not doing a good job.
6. As if Palestinians want Peace
Milena ,   Israel   (12.03.10)
They will not recogize Israel as a State so please you BS is annoying
7. Erogan
Milena ,   Israel   (12.03.10)
He is just trying to make himself look good! Did he run out of kurds and armenians to kill
8. #1 Considering that Israel was first to aid Turkey...
...when it was hit by earthquake, saving HUNDREDS it is really nice for them to send a plane. I prefer they don't send anything, but stop their Nazi racist incitement against Israel and joining Israel's mortal enemies. Turkey has to do a lot more to atone for its sins than send a plane, so no, WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED by this pathetic political stunt.
9. Salm didn't you say the fire was a blessing?
Omri ,   Israel   (12.03.10)
10. Today we stand with Israel
Ahmet ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (12.03.10)
Whatever our relations maybe.
11. Much to Israels surprise
Ali ,   Scotland   (12.03.10)
The world never was against Israel just its Policies
12. Syria & Lebanon shoud have
offered help,as it could help to improve the atmosphere.Still not too late.I remember Israel have offered Iran for help when they had earthquake but the Iranian refused.
13. Some strange talkbacks
Murat A. ,   Ankara / Turkey   (12.03.10)
Be fair please, Turkey and Israel have only political crisis, not human crisis. We will never forget the help Israel gave us during our eartquake for example. Prime Minister Erdogan gave the order himself sending the planes. He would have sent more for sure, but this things have to be coordinated by Israel. Whatever Israel needs, the nations will send without hesitating. Please dont be so pessimistic regarding Turkey in humanity issues. As i said, there is only a diplomatic crisis, which needs time to be restored. May God help you.
14. My Dream is...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.03.10)
That the world always works together even without emergencies. One of the things I always loved about movies like "Independence Day" is how the world pulls together to save all of mankind. They put aside all the petty differences for the common good, and save mankind. I know it's kind of silly, but that has always been my dream. Like the old analogy of how each finger can be broken but held together they make a fist, a stronger more powerful weapon. Mankind is that way as well. Thanks to all the countries that helped Israel in their time of need, well done!!
15. Given increasing Arson Terror-why are there no Water planes
Alan ,   SA   (12.03.10)
in reserve?
16. fighting fires with planes
Annette ,   Qiryat Tiv'on IL   (12.03.10)
Thank you very much for your aid, Greece! Since this is Chanukah, when we celebrate the ancient (163 BCE) Jewish struggle against Hellenism, your kindness is all the more appreciated. Glad we're on the same side now.
17. Turkey & Israel relationship
JUDAH THE LION   (12.03.10)
Hope this will be the start of good relationship with Turkey. Thank you Turkey much appreciated
18. Thank You Greece, Bulgaria (100 firefighters sent!) Cyprus
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.03.10)
Italy Russia US, Turkey is that everyone? Israel responds to every world disaster. They single handedly set up hosiptals in the ;latest disaster in Haiti, and sent several hundred surgeons doctors nurses and technicians along with million so of dollars in their "mobile hospital" Nice to see some gestures back! I also hope Turkey will stop harrasing Israel to be 8 miles wide without Judea aka "west bank". Those are aushwitz borders that you have to be either very arrogant and cocky or else stupid with your head up your tuchus, if you think that is ok. Turkey has a bunch of issues with Kurds and armenians and their gov. turning a blind eye to helping al qaida. so they need to not lecture Israel on how to fight Israels enemies.It would be better for turkey to tell hamas that the jewish people have their right to their homeland. Now that would be helpful, instead of sending a few dozen terrorists to mingl among leftists and anarchists on a few botas bringing things that Aza already has.
19. thnak you murat
OY ,   Tel Aviv, IS   (12.03.10)
if only both our nations had more people who share your kind sentiment...
20. Murat Ankara
Israel appreciate Turkish help[ and Israel have accepted your help. Hope and prey to G D that Turkey never get earthquake,but if they get earthquake,Israel will be willing to help Turkey,and hope Turkish leaders will accept Israel help. May G D bless all people around the world who have GOOD HEARTS
21. are sick!
Dino Domingo ,   Vancouver, Canada   (12.03.10)
at a time like this when there is a catastrophe and people are trying to show regard for human life you choose to blab about history! you are a sick may as well include negative comments about Egypt, Azerbaijan, Spain, Croatia, France, and Jordan as well. all of these countries reached out but you choose to be a typical Jew and focus on how you can divert positive attention and turn it into wonder soo many people feel negative about your kind (i am not talking about normal Jewish people)...creten!
22. # 6-7-8..Throwing pearls before swine...
Edithann ,   USA   (12.03.10)
Israel would never reciprocate with a humanitarian gesture, unless they could take home needed fresh body parts... TATA
23. Thank you Turkish people
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.03.10)
In times of trouble like this one it is great to see that animosities can be forgotten. It shows that there is hope for improved relations in the future. But also it is important to know all the facts. I would like to let everone know that this gesture did not come direct from Erdogan as a response to the disaster. Israel asked help from many EU countries including Germany. Germany replied that they did not have any fore fighting airplanes and German Chancellor asked Mr. Erdogan to send these airplanes. However the fact that Erdogan agreed is a good sign and despite all the things in the past it deserves a heartfelt thank you. TURK MILLETINE CANDAN TESEKKURLER
24. Turkish people
Eric   (12.03.10)
Turks are a good people. They are also a proud people. The recent problems between Turkey and Israel should be seen with that in mind. Turks and Jews go a long way back in their relationship and cooperation. The same goes for Israel and Turkey. The current political situation will and must dissappear soon. This beautiful relationship can not and should not fall prey to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
25. Edithann - you are wrong and here is why
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.03.10)
Whe a big earthquake hit the most populated area in Turkey - Istanbul Adapazari, Kocaeli, Gemlik etc) in 1999 Israel was the first to send personnel and material to aid and among all nations that helped were the most affective in saving lives and re building. Right after the earthquake Israel built a small prefabricated town complete with electricity, water and sewage which is still used by survivors. Even at times like this you are not capable to overcome your blind hatred for Israel and Jews while many Turks - despite the past unfortunate events - in these forums have been more than generous with their posts. After your post #22 please don't be angry if I call you an AntiSemite. TATA to you
26. Fire destruction
Anadelfos ,   Athens Greece   (12.03.10)
Such natural destructions demand huge scale firefighting capabilities, which no country can afford to to face alone. Remember the great fires at California, Australia, Spain, Portugal and lately Russia. In Greece we had a similar situation during 2007 when around 85 persons lost their lives. We finally puted out fire after many days with the valuable help of other nations. I send my deepest condolenses to the families of the dead.
27. prove me right!...
Edithann ,   USA   (12.03.10)
but you are wrong about 'my hatred' for Israel'...Being critical of Israel and people like you, is not 'hatred''s just being critical..meaning 'you must change' as there is something very wrong with you all! PS..any kind of sewage whatever, Israel supposedly built for someone else, was done with 'US' money!! . So why can't Israel do the same for the sewage systems they've destroyed in the occupied territories of Palestine...Is that being too critical??? TATA ...
28. # 22
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.03.10)
You are a very sick woman.
29. #25...Do you know the difference?
Edithann ,   USA   (12.03.10)
Calling someone antisemitic, is just 'shtick' for critics of Israel....It only means you can't 'handle' the 'truth' and that makes you angry! TATA
30. Edithan
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.03.10)
Your words were Israel would never reciprocate with a humanitarian gesture, unless they could take home needed fresh body parts... While in fact Israel did help Turkey in their times of need during the devastating 1999 earthquake. Even the Turks who are critical of Israel in the talk backs are stating this. What you wrote is not a criticism it is straight out lie and insult to Israel proving that you are a genuine Anti Semite. I understand the Turks who ask for compensation (even though I may not agree) and sympathize with them. If you have followed my posts you must have noticed that don't call people Anti Semites but your post here is very clear. I did not even spell it. Many other readers who responded to your post also have already noticed it.
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