Huge planes to fight Carmel fire
Ynet reporters
Published: 05.12.10, 00:46
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1. Wake up and stop fighting with G-D
George Weinstein   (12.04.10)
if all Jews living in Israel would keep to all 613 commandment from the holy Torah, then G-D would not punish us so harshly , for example if we would all rest on the Sabbath refrain from work as G-D has asked us to, then this surly would not happen. So sorry for all the families who lost their loved ones.
2. Stupid government - the paper trail is there
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.05.10)
Representatives of Canadair came to Israel years ago with the CL-215 water bomber the Greeks sent over to help us with. The Israelis said no, too expensive. If you don't believe me, simply look it up in the archives of I think both Globes and Yediot, who reported the story back then. Why didn't they buy the water bomber? Heck, probably the same reason we didn't have seatbelt laws for years - because some idiot in the government didn't think it was necessary (to recall: then minister of transportation haim corfu claimed that seatbelts cause accidents because they bother the driver - that's the kind of IQ level you have to deal with sometimes in the Knesset). So now 42 people are dead, dozens or hundreds of homes are burnt out, and there is hundreds of millions in damage. It could be that a few big water bombers would not have been enough - but they sure as hell would have helped. Was this fire like the LA and Russian wildfires that were just overwhelming? Could be. But the ineffectiveness of Israel's organizational structure has been revealed in its inefficient ugliness.
3. # 1
M. Goldberg   (12.05.10)
How can all rest on the Sabbath, the flames and the fire don't care abit
4. #1
Andy ,   Canada   (12.05.10)
you are insane. G-d tells us to help ourselves and H- has always sent challenges to us. Maybe you should start following the 613 laws. Like the one where you don't speak for H-m.
5. 1 George Weinstein: YHWH protects those who keep His
Rivkah   (12.05.10)
Torah commandments and who repent when they fail in some way. But there are exceptions to that because as rain falls on the good and the bad, so afflictions also come by chance at times. Then there are the times when ha'Satan goes to YHWH for permission to afflict God's people to test their faith, to see if they will curse God or remain stedfast in their love for YHWH. That happened in Job's life and he would not curse God, saying, "Naked came I out of my mother's womb and naked return I thither. YHWH gave and YHWH has taken away. Blessed be the name of YHWH." That is the response YHWH wants to see from His people to afflictions. A lot of afflictions are brought from disobeying YHWH's commandments. Sin opens the door for ha'Satan and his fallen angels and demons to attack a person. What is the primary sin that enables the enemies of Jews to attack them? I believe it is because the Jews have not done what the Prophet Zechariah told them they must do to get YHWH to come as the Lion of Judah the Messiah and Deliverer. They have not called upon the name of YHWH. Hayah Yahweh which means I am Yahweh which is how YHWH introduced Himself to Moses. That could be the name of YHWH. Emanuel which means God with us is another name. Yehoshua or Yeshua means salvation which in English is Joshua, another name of YHWH according to Rabbi Yeshua. Call on ALL the names of YHWH. There are lots of them although most are titles like Adonai. Hayah/Yahweh/Yeshua/Emanuel is a good start.
6. Israel Fire
Zafar Khan ,   USA   (12.05.10)
I pray for the people who lost their lives and property and hope this fire is brought under control soon. This is a major human tragedy.
7. "state" to pay, not taxpayers
Golan ,   Modiin   (12.05.10)
the person who wrote that made it sound like the "state" is going to get punished rather us. And is the "state" also going to pay extra for the 80,000 liters od Kinneret water?
8. Carmel Fire
Joseph ,   Sydney   (12.05.10)
This fire is natures way of reacting to weather conditions. Started by accident, intent or naturally does not matter. There is no such thing as G-D's punishment. G-D lets us punish ourselves by letting us take the wrong decisions. The world is in turmoil due to man's greed and self centred interests. For all its worth I feel greatly for the families of those who perished in these fires. Remember that these fires occur all over the world and the one in Israel is just a baby compared to those that occur in Russia, Australia and the US but are still disastrous.
9. evergreens
rachel ,   chutz4 now home soon   (12.05.10)
B"H.....these are good planes and carry heaps of fire fighting water! no way we could have such planes. too big for such a small country.
10. No #1....and....No #6
Israeli 2   (12.05.10)
Fires have intelligence of their own. Lack of water and lack of Israel's ability to extinguish it only shows that there is lack of compassion and love among Israelis. The fires are there to remind us and the world that in the future fires will rage throughout the world if we have no love and compassion. These fires began on Chanuka because a miracle occured on Chanukah. Today, yet another miracle occured on Chanuka. A world that went against us has come to our aid. That is another miracle. Don't you think?
11. People ultimately responsible for govt failures.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (12.05.10)
Many fatalities accross the world could have been prevented by govt infrastructure. eg: Haiti and Turkey earthquake caused deaths because of lack of building strengh, Indonesia tsunami caused deaths because of lack of early warning system. People, however, must wake up their govt. , kick out the bums, stop voting party lines and get the job done. Maybe the people should vote for their ministers to make them answerable for their competence in their minisry instead of their ability to push the party agenda.
12. A Supertanker from the US you say?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.05.10)
One can only hope this puts an end to Israelis screeching & howling "Where is the US?".
Mohmed ,   Alexandria, Egypt   (12.05.10)
14. #12 Are you Kidding?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.05.10)
"Israelies" live & breathe thanks to the American oxygen , however, ask "where is the US'?! Do you think A Supertanker will change them?!! sure NO.
15. #1
Simcha ,   So.Cal.USA   (12.05.10)
It must be wonderful waking up every morning knowing that your perfect!!!
16. Fires in Israel
T JABS ,   kELOWNA, CANADA   (12.05.10)
We just came back from Israel and spent 4 days in Haifa. After almost 7 years of drought and all the Security in Israel it is hard to understand that provisions were not made for the possibility of fires. We went through a firestorm here in 2003 with a loss of 240 homes and no loss of lives. It pays to be prepared with fire equipment. We certainly feel for the loss of people and continue to pray for Israel.
17. #13 are you serious?
Mohammad ,   Beirut-Lebanon   (12.05.10)
Your a disgrace. I doubt your real name is Mohamed. What a joke.
18. Our prayers are with you
penny ,   Osh Kosh USA   (12.06.10)
First thank you ynet news for a well written article. It is ironic that on the wonderful holiday of Chanukah Israel should have to fight this fire. As in ancient times, the Jews will rebuild. So many people in the United States are praying for the people and the country of Israel at this challenging time. I have faith that Israel and her people will prevail. Perhaps there is one small good thing here besides all the countries coming to help Israel and that is now the leadership recognizes a major security weakness which will hopefully be rapidly corrected. Long live Israel and may God bless everyone in Israel and all of her supporters. Thank you #13.
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