'Our heart is torn'; Fire victim laid to rest
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 05.12.10, 18:12
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1. Utterly Heartbreaking.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.05.10)
My condolences to her family and friends. And condolences to all of the families who lost their loved ones. Every one died heroes. They gave their lives seeking to save the lives of others. What greater thing can be said of a human being than that. Rest in peace, heroes.
2. As Usual
Jeff ,   California   (12.05.10)
The Rabbinate is heartless. All archaic rules without any humanity. When will Israel get rid of the Rabbinate and their stranglehold and sponging off of their country. The Rabbinate is totally worthless to Judaism and to Israel.
3. Why Is This News?
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (12.05.10)
She wasn't Jewish so of course she isn't buried in a Jewish cemetery. It doesn't mean she wasn't a heroine or a good person; just that she wasn't Jewish. May G-d console her family along with ALL of the others; whatever their religion.
4. My condolences to the family
Mike ,   Chicago   (12.05.10)
My deepest condolences to the family. Whatever these few think has nothing to do with how most of us are.
5. Unreal
Chris ,   Canada   (12.05.10)
What racism? This is institutional racism.
6. The rabbinate
Boaz ,   Israel   (12.05.10)
Another embarrassing incident showing that 'pikoach nefesh' is something these soulless human-beings only think about. At times like this, what about being a mensch?
7. Hashem will judge her bravery with great love and juge her
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.05.10)
tormentors in death harshly. Human beings make up the "rule" about burial and some orthodox are so demented about rules that they have no humanity. Bless her and the others who died a hero. G-d will wreak havoc on those who spit on brave people.
8. Why light another blaze? RIP
David Lev ,   Shiloh Israel   (12.05.10)
9. Religion is the root of all evil!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.05.10)
Prove me wrong! An action like is an affront to humanity, human dignity and an insult to those who give their lives for this country and are treated like dirt because they are not "Jewish"!
10. An angel went to heaven, and the rabbis are expected in hell
Laura   (12.05.10)
Those obnoxious rabbis again. If it's not stealing, begging, molesting children, they must reject human decency, a dead little angel who saved their miserable skins, and paid with her short life. One of these days, their miserable god will turn on them and purge our little country from these parasites; our curse.
11. 2 - Heartless?
od   (12.05.10)
You racist - is it that bad to be buried by a non-jewish person?
12. The Rabbanut
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.05.10)
... would have refused to bury Ruth in a Jewish cemetery. They cannot see the forest for the trees. No grisly pun intended -- but not inappropriate, either.
13. The Rabbinate is right
Dan Weintraub ,   Los Angeles   (12.05.10)
I am very sorry to hear about the sad loss of this brave young woman. However in terms of a proper burial the rabbinate is right in this case. If the mother isn't Jewish then this army cadet shouldn't be buried in a Jewish cemetery period. The article mentions nothing about the mother or cadet trying to convert. However I do support the opinion of some rabbis to further the process of conversion for folks who serve in the IDF.
14. Tanach says lineage is through the father
Scott ,   Haifa   (12.05.10)
Where do these rabbi's get their rules from? There are scriptures in the Torah that talk about embracing the stranger. Isaiah 29:13 says, "This people draw near to me with their mourths and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the precept of men." She laid down her life. She is part of her people. God says she is part of her people, who gives the rabbis the right to decide this?
15. What is the news here ?
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (12.05.10)
May her beautiful soul rest in heaven,but what is the news here ? If she is not jewish what shall the rabbis do ? Thanks to the rabbis for preserving our heritage.
16. The real Racist
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (12.05.10)
Let me see, a non-Jewish hero gets buried in a Non-Jewish cemetery. Who said she is less than anyone else, who said that a non-Jewish cemetery is less than the Jewish one? The readers who are screaming are the ones who are equalling non-Jewish as being less than Jewish. THEY are the racists. So easy to call names, so hard to see the truth when they look in the mirror!
17. Separate rek
Alex   (12.05.10)
Religion is the private issue, and should be treated as any other "hobby". There are enough dead-frozen idiots in the vicinity, to have them in Israel as well. To neutralize rabies is enough to keep them out of money – no one will need them any more.
18. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.05.10)
Lineage is through the mother in the Jewish religion.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (12.05.10)
Enough is enough Ynet is on the same level as any other Jew hating website or publication. While they censor the hell out anyone does not fit their anti-Semitic propaganda machine, their writings starting to read like Der Sturmer during pre WW2 Germany. Maybe when Tel Aviv is burning will they stop this insanity and start reporting the news. Meanwhile they are really going to far in their hate mongering.
20. Apology called for!
M ,   Israel - South   (12.05.10)
Since I don't expect Mr. Vaknin, the major of Ashkelon, the government of Israel or the Rabbanut to apologize to Tania Lansky's family for this outrageous behavior by the Rabbanut - I would like to apologize in the name of all Israelis who still have the decency to honor our fellow Israelis who gave their lives for all of us! Tania was one of us! My heart failed when I saw the bus burn up and all of our dear ones die in the flames! Shame on YOU RABBIS of Israel for YOU are not serving GOD but only yourselves with this heartless decision, nor do you seem to read the TANACH either - but only your interpretations of Scriptures your own way. GOD cannot be pleased with any of you! But why would you care?
21. #4 Get a Life
Aaron David ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.10)
Tania is a hero, and will get the hero's burial that she deserves in Israel, in a military cemetary.(albweit-non-jewish) She wasn't jewish and therefore will not be buried in a jewish cemetery. Seems like you want to preach your own brand of religion, but it wont work, because no one buys it. Jeff, why do you want to bring more pain to the family? Fact is that she didn't convert when she was alive, and now its too late. Her mother wants to bury the issue along with her holy body and neshama. (she was probably a rightous gentile) Let it go and learn a little about your own jewish life before making comments and judgments. Why would circumstances of her death make her jewish and entiltled to be buried in the jewish section? Why react to every headline as if that is what is important. Isn't the way one lives their life just as important? From what I read she seem like a rightous gentile to me. I am sure our hero Tania will get a proper hero's military burial as just as she lived her life.
22. #11 Kol Hakavod
Aaron David ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.10)
You are so right! What is wrong with being buried in a non-jewish cemetary for a non-jew. Certainly sounds like they feel that it is a degrading place to be or there wouldn't be an issue. I believe there is a very special place for RIGHTOUS GENTILES, and anyone who doesn't understand that is TRUELY RACIST. We are so superiour? Seriously, what is wrong with most of these people that they just don't get it. A non-Jew who keeps the Noahide Laws in all their details is said to attain the same spiritual and moral level as Israel's own Kohen Gadol (high priest) Talmud, Bava Kamma 38a
23. Tania
Richard Z. Chesnoff ,   New York, NY   (12.05.10)
The rabbonim of the rabbinate will destroy Jewish unity and the Jewish state sooner than Hamas & the PLO put together! Busha ve'kherpa!
24. racism
David Linshiz ,   NYC   (12.05.10)
I remember a time here in the US when a black person could not be buried in a "white cemetery". Fortunately this has ended. Time to stop this sort of thing in Israel also, especially in the case where someone dies while working to better the land of Israel.
25. #14 Scott, wrong
Akiva   (12.05.10)
While I'm sure we all appreciate your paskening from a portion of Tanach which actually has nothing to do with the discussion, that's not how Judaism works. Lineage is through the MOTHER as per Gemorra, ie, the word of Hashem. She was not a ger, nor did she have a Jewish mother. She was thusly not a Jew. She was certainly a wonderful person, but she was not a Jew. Just like you can go down to any Holocaust Memorial and pay tribute to the Righteous Gentiles, so too does her not being Jewish not mean she is to be highly regarded and praised, if not more so. The Religious-baiting here on Ynet is getting worse, quite frankly.
26. This is one of the stupidest things I've heard-
Not religious person ,   Israel   (12.05.10)
If she is not jewish obviously she won't be buried in a jewish cemetary. Why is this news? Very sad what happened, and condelences to her family, but what's the question here? Jews in jewish cemetarieds non jews in non jewish cemetaries. I'ts like that all over the world. What's the problem?
27. #26
David Linshiz ,   NYC   (12.05.10)
Except in the rest of the world, we don't call them "non-Jewish cemeteries"--therein lies the difference. People are Jews or Christians or Muslims or Agnostics or whatever they want. Only in Israel is someone defined as "non-Jewish".
28. non-jewish
chaim ,   brazil sao paulo   (12.05.10)
Why is such a dishonour not to be buried as a non-jewish?
29. Why Discriminate, We Have Something
Dav Lev ,   Burbank.CAUSA   (12.05.10)
To M Israel: good for you. I am an American born Conservative Jew. My torah is Etz Hayim. My rabbis have been Conservative and Orthodox. In the shul or reception area, we are all Jews, I do not discrimiinate over what really is a racial bias. Like the blacks..we are an amalgum of peoples..lots of intermarriage 2,000 years...and forced conversations. We cry about 14m Jews increase in decades. We blame WW2. But there is more to it. 600,000 Jews have left us..for other faiths. The Orthodox by child births and intensity,have ruled for too long. When confronted, Orthodox Jews run for cover..afraid to tackle sensitive situations.I have seen it over and over again. Secular Jews are hated as much...but are not as obvious..but its still here. Scatch someone in a bar. An ans: Israel needs a constitution defining the state..both parents should determine ones religious faith. But a child with a father who is Jewish, has Jewish sperm guys. Get it. Israeli Orthodox act as if the county has, like Turkey and Iran, 75m people. It doesnt. It has 5.5m..and most are closet Jews..get it. We have something to sell, lets sell it.
30. Will a Tal exemption student be taking her place?
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (12.05.10)
Of course not. Let's not get crazy.
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