Iran 'dominant player' in Iraq politics
Published: 05.12.10, 18:05
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Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.05.10)
Iran seeks to be the main power broker in the M.E., giving money is the main way to achieve that goal. So Iran gives money to all the players, then sits back and watches who becomes dependent on that money. Then they control that least for the short term...Iran is a master chess player. Even enemies help each other in the short term if they have a common enemy. Remember Saddam, after an 8 year war with Iran, he sent his fighter Jets and other weapons to Iran and Syria rather than let the coalition forces destroy them. In gulf war 1 his pilots were so outmatched it was like target practice for the U.S. pilots. So Saddam flew the rest of his air force to Iran, a country he had just finished an 8 year war with. What does that tell you? Why do you think Iran wants nukes so badly? Why do you think so many cables from wikileaks confirm the fact that Jordan, the Saudi's, Egyptians etc want Iran out of the game. They cannot come out and say it publicly...the fear of the "Arab Street"...but their people feel like their leaders are puppets of the U.S.. But the fact is they would be puppets of somebody, right? The question is, does it make a difference who? If the choice is the U.S., Russia, China, Iran, what is their best option?
2. If money was the reason, then the US and...
Persian CAT   (12.05.10)
its allies would own all of Iraq. The Iranian and Iraqi peoples have had centuries of close religious, cultural and economic relations until the European colonialist implemented the policy of divide and rule after the WWI. So money is NOT the only factor. Iran and Iraq have realized they can stay together or sink separately. What the Arab "leaders" say or think is quite irrelevant, because they are neither elected nor trusted by the people in the region. BTW, to those people who keep using the pejorative "Arab Street", to you, Sire, it is "Arab Public Opinion", you know what I'm saying?!
3. Duh
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.06.10)
Iraq is not a country, but an invention of the British to dominate oil at the expense of the non-Arab peoples. The US took advantage of the British set-up, perpetuating this fake country. Obama, blinded by his anti-Jewish racism, ignored Iraq in his rabid attempt to destroy Israel. From Wikileaks we learn that something good might come from Obama's incompetence and stupidity. Kurdistan might become free and a new Shi'ite Arab country, allied with the Persians, may come out of the ruins of Iraq.
4. Persian Cat
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.06.10)
Here is a rat tail for you to chase. Thanks for Ynet for letting you say your views. You should say that each time you open this site. Iranians had much richer culture before Arabs invasion. Iran does not need Iraq to survive. Your Mahmood needs Iraq to stay on course. To keep you busy fighting while they get rich and stuff money in other gulf states. You are being played, little pussy cat.. Since when Arab culture had anything to contribute to us but religion that has already put us at rift with ourselves. We are fine w/o them. They need us. Thank God the other Arab leaders are not elected by the people. Otherwise they would really start eating each other alive.
5. NR 3.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.06.10)
Kurdistan might become free and a new Shi'ite Arab country, allied with the Persians, may come out of the ruins of Iraq. Israel Israeli , Tel Aviv (12.06.10) YES - THIS WILL HAPPEN !!!. Arn.
6. Iranian Jew, I'm grateful the ynetnews prints my posts...
Persian CAT   (12.06.10)
other than than I don't have the foggiest what you're talking about!
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