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ADL: Rescind all Helen Thomas honors
Published: 08.12.10, 14:14
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1. The person at the head of the awards committee is Israeli
m   (12.08.10)
Her name is Hagit Limor. Who could have thought that an Israeli would want to cellebrate an antisemite, even 20 years ago? Today there are many more who work hand in hand with antisemites to destroy Israel.
2. 9/11 was done by elves who needed
ghostq   (12.08.10)
a break from the heat. and the car bomb in time squar is just a buggi from last carting race, and the mail bomb is just a x mass greeting card, probably forgot a few more threat on USA and USA jews, by arabs, in other words lady zipp it cause her life work worth nothing now. the white house needs beter employs.
3. #1 & 2..She's an American journalist ...
Edithann ,   USA   (12.09.10)
And you can't take that away from her... Goy hating Jews'.. can't accept the truth on any terms... Anyone critical of Israel and what they've done these last 60+ years, with theft of land, UN violations, massacres of innocents... is automatically antisemitc...and coming from 'goy hating Jews' it's rather amusing... TATA.
4. Israel has NO 'Jewish only' roads
Eric L ,   Chicago, USA   (12.09.10)
They are confused with 'Israeli only' roads (which Muslim Arab Israeli's have the same access as any Jewish Israeli)....The Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza do not have the same rights as Israeli citizens, as many are hostile to the Jewish state....No country grants the same rights to non citizens......The fact is Israel is demonstrably not an apartheid state....Alan Dershowitz challenged Jeremy Ben Ami to a $10,000 J-Street donation if he could produce proof of such a state sanctioned 'Jewish' only apartheid street....Notice he can't collect...
5. to #3 actually journalist license can be revoked
ghostq   (12.09.10)
here is y, in democrachy the freedom of speak is allowed only when it doesn't hurt other minorities rights, or is hate speach against certain group, in this case she broke a very basic element of democracy, and she inciting against entire community, not only her liecens can be revoked but she can be prosecuted for slander and face penalty, I am not jewish but I know this much, and where I come from people were even send to jail when they were incited against jews, if she won't get any penalty than USA will become less democratic, and Israel history in the area goes beyond 62 years, just the very idea that she connected jews and money showed nothing has changes in the anti semitism department, and as they always say what start in the jews never end with the jews, the hating cycle she enables will turn against others. but since Amerikan today learn the hard way what democrachy is, and what it means it will take time, cause amerikans r slow thinkers.
6. Nice if it happened - but it won't
Talula ,   Israel   (12.09.10)
She's another one hanging around God/Allah's waiting room - her number will be called soon, and then we'll be rid of the stupid ignorant old bag.
7. 1 & 3 - head of journalists org
oferdesade ,   israel   (12.09.10)
hagit limor president of the Society of Professional Journalists was born in israel but moved as a child. maybe she needs a blitz
8. Helen Thomas / ADL
Lloyd H Weston ,   Hoffman Estates, IL   (12.09.10)
I think the ADL is right, but WSU is wrong! I believe many of the statements Helen Thomas has made recently — about Israel, Zionists and Jews — are indeed hateful and bigoted. It is the job of the ADL to seek out and fight hatred and bigotry – that’s what they are paid for, and they do the job very well. Nevertheless, Helen Thomas has every right to spout her opinions no matter how hateful or bigoted they may be. Helen Thomas is not the issue. The First Amendment – the very basis of any journalism curriculum – is the issue. Let the ADL do its job. And let Wayne State University’s Journalism Program — a public institution of higher learning — do its work in upholding the right of free speech. Leave the Helen Thomas Award alone! For more information, please go to:
9. #5...if's obvious you know nothing about
Edithann ,   USA   (12.09.10)
the centuries of Jewish history and their relation to the rest of the world.. She has told the truth in everything she's ever written...just because it's critical of Jews or Israel, doesn't make it any less true, factual and important...She's a journalist not a propagandist for Jews.. It is Jewish money that buys and sells Israeli policies here in the US..and to say it's not true is telling a lie...Do you know what lying's deliberately telling a falsehood to manipulate for an advantage....It's what you're whole statement is about... TATA
10. 6 Talula
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (12.09.10)
And what if she achieved immortality through her work?
11. # 9
martin ,   uk   (12.09.10)
she is a propagandist for the arab cause. she speaks honestly about her thoughts. that is not necessarily factually correct.. jewish money and it's lobby is only a fraction of what saudi arabia contributes towards american policies, especially in the mid east and even more so with abn islamic president. perhaps you need to read more factual evidence about israel and the jews before you voice your own fantasia. try mark twain's "innicents abroad" and then ask yourself where all the arab west and east bank settlers arrived from and what reason(s). perhaps then your arguement might carry more weight. .
12. To Edithann
Yaakov ,   USA   (12.09.10)
Your statements are patently incorrect, and misleading. Helen's statements which aroused ire are the following paraphrases, that "Jews should all go home back to the countries where they were gassed" and "Jews run hollywood, wall street and control public opinion". Now, while she DID get the memo and started using the word "zionist" she was merely repeating rhetoric from the Protocols of the Elders, and substituting the word Zionist for the word Jew. Now, telling the world that she imagines that "Zionists" control everything in America is basically conspiracy theory. She just doesn't know when to stop. Face it, her copmments last time around had NOTHING to do with Israel. She was being blatantly Jew-hating.
13. #3 must be very weak to have so much hate
rachel ,   usa   (12.10.10)
14. helen Thomas, the darling of the white House
josef   (12.10.10)
she was a vulgar reporter -- she is a vulgar person -- she has a vulgar personality -- she make vulgar speeches -- she has vulgar looks and please don't tell me about her lipsticks and haido, and she was the cream of the crop of american journalism. To put it bluntly, she was, and still is a stupid broad full of crap.
15. #6 Talula
David ,   America   (12.10.10)
First let me say, I also find Helen Thomas to be a disgusting anti-Semite. Now having said that, I would kindly ask in a loving manner, would you please refrain from equating the Eloheim of Avraham, Yitz'chak, and Ya'acov with the moon god ba'al/allah, the god of the anti'Semites? There are many good outlets for your hate. You don't need to include the One who loves you!
16. #8 Lloyd
David ,   America   (12.10.10)
This is not about the first amendment. No one has denied her right to say any of the things she has said. Nothing in the first amendment requires that everyone like the things spoken. We have the right under the same amendment to speak out against hatred and bigotry. Please take your soapbox elsewhere. You are waisting your breath on this forum. Let the disgusting anti-Semite practice her first amendment rights as she wishes but all the world needs to know that we are not going to smile and swallow her drivel. Go away Lloyd.
17. Witch hunts in our name is antisemetic. More importantly...
Josh   (12.11.10)
More importantly is why she in her postion would come to those conclusions. Is she just mentally ill? Did Arab propoganda sway her? Did a Jewish person or Jewish group behave in a way not in keeping with Torah? Rather than using the ADL to police the world and creating yet more antisemitism, how about we police our own image? Because so much is made secret and the current protexia situtation has even the most avent Zionist person stnad mumbling about injustice, would we not be served better to get ourselves back on track to being the light to all nations. Clearly if G-d thinks we could be admired by all nations as "The light to all nations"and not reviled, then it surely is possible. The fact that we are not points inwardly at us that somewhere there is work we must do to fix the lamp. shine that light. So the question is what have we done to achieve the very simply task of shinning in true and simple Torah adherance. To words that came from G-d's mouth? Forget the Rabbinic illegal additions, and get at least a simple reading of Devarim under our belts and start leaning towards the light that brings blessed compliments from the world. We don't need to beat this old woman up on a world stage to prove how tough we are. It is this ADL watchdog that is getting people to think the Jews are trying to hide something. I mean, this is an old and now broken woman. An hypothetical example of how the naions see this: If you saw a man walking down the street and a crazy street person said to a outsider looking fellow something and a minute latter a black car rolls up and ten men get out, rob her, paint signs on her, and beat her up, you would think the crazy person knew something and the fellow totally overreacted. No one listened to the woman until now seeing the attack by the ADL. Surely this woman is coloring severly outside the lines, but there is a clear and visible existance of support for her views. You can't go around leaglly punching people in the head before the onlookers will see you as a villan. ADL don't do us any favors!!! Sometimes letting a person sit in their own light is enough for the world to see their flaws. By stepping in and jumping up and down the spotlight of ridicule shifts to Jews and the ADL. She accuses of propaganda and we (ADL and Antisemtism cause) send in a squad to silence her and inflict pain on her?! Something so trivial as defaming an old and frail woman that most people feel has turned the corner towards senility, is just way too krass. This will turn more people off of the ADL and Jews. Choose your battles already!!! Senility cause people to even call their own family members bad things. Do we need ADL resources stripping her of what she deserved in her healthy years? ADL go do something good and leave us out of your witch hunts.
18. #17 Josh
David ,   America   (12.11.10)
Great points, however it appears that you have forgotten one minor detail. Well, not minor at all! There are "Two seeds" in the world. One of the Woman and the other of nachash! The brighter the Light of Torah shines through His People, the harder the nachash will fight! He comes on as the shining one to try and make Isra'el look bad and unfortunately, Isra'el gives him a lot of ammunition to work with. Even so, if Isra'el failed to give the ammunition, he would find another way.
19. #18 I have some very bad news for you
Josh   (12.11.10)
If the nachash exists, it works for G-d. For as it says G-d builds up and G-d destroys. If you are of the crowd that believes that the reason Israel suffers any cursed event is because the snake is stronger and working against G-d's will then you have failed the test of Torah. For G-d is our sheild and if we can see He is not sheilding us, then we are standing on the choose death road and headed for the abysis. I am so tired of excuses and twisted spagetti logic that never asnwers the truth to the simple question, where do we stand in choose life and choose a blessing when we see a world rearing up to strike yet anothe cursed blow. The liar will blame the snake when he infact is misleading us as an administrator of G-d's test to see if we are lying to G-d when we say we care. The answer "It is the snake" is the worng answer in this multiple choice test of choose life or choose death. With our G-d there is no reason to fear the snake, After all the book this nachas seed is mentioned in was not written by a prophet, was it? The giving of amunition is NO DIFFERENT than the pharoh saying he will not let the Hebrews go. G-d touched them in the head and they walk into the spotlight with their pants down. That is the issue here. What are we standing in the spotlight for? To take away awards froma senile old lady? If this reporter is angry, and not just insane, chances are it is because somewhere a forbidden addition to Torah opened the door to abusive ideas, she saw them and labeled us all. I am tired of defending ideas I don't agree with or people that damage Israel under our flag saying it is for Judaism or worse it is for G-d. It is neither. The ADL wants to destroy a decrpid old lady because she has bad ideas in her head. She got fired, leave it at that and get off stage. I know what goes on in Israel. I see what is being done in the name of religion and it is unfounded in Torah. Its bad and I sense the bill is coming where we pay and pay big. Nowhere in Torah does it condone standing up for choose death people from Am Israel. We will pay if we do, for we have chosen sides against G-d. That bill might include any cusres from Torah including the injustice of antismeitism, leaders that make fools of us, ADL that chases old ladies to the grave to take away awards, or pomotion of a vile nation over us. My point is we should take responsibility for what we have immediate control, doing what G-d asked. We cannot snuff out the curses, we can only avoid them by not choosing them. If you think G-d lied when he said we could be a light to all nations, then the antisemites will as you said have amunition to defeat the good of this world. I don't buy it. We are missing something and that is why we are in this heap of trouble. Reread the book written by the prophet Moses and I am sure we will find it. I am of the belief it is Devarim 4:2 - No Adding. It is additions that got us in this mess and keep us there throughout the generations. Our history shows we have long been on the wrong road with no protector. This dance is getting old and the singers of it are no longer looking like geniuses but microphone mongers. Who doesn't want a change of tune?
20. Josh
David ,   America   (12.14.10)
Josh, There is only a fine line between our opinions. I am not yelling, "the devil made us do it." I am saying that unfortunately there are two seeds and some, as you say, do not choose life and end up as the bad seed. Yes the Book was written by a Prophet. His name was Moshe! Of course he was speaking the words of El Shaddai! I did not make up the two seeds. I got the information from Torah! They do exist. It is clear, "I will put enmity between our seed and his seed." We see the enmity displayed in Esav of long ago, and of Esav of today. If we live Torah the enemy will find another source. Someone who doesn't. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I believe it is a very important concept to discuss. BTW, I do agree about chasing old women, although in this case it is a very disgusting one.
21. Helen Thomas
Mrs Marion Genes ,   Essex England   (03.20.11)
Israel allows Arabs and Jews plus all other nationalities to walk freely, shop , board transport and so on so can this woman tell me why Jews/ Israelis are not allowed the same freedom in Gaza and the disputed territoriesand why they are restricted to when they can walk on the Temple mount ?
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