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'A firefighter's job transcends politics'
Yair Altman
Published: 05.12.10, 23:30
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1. Abu-Gharbia, I am so happy
Yossef   (12.06.10)
that we have so generous, strong, courageous and smart people like you, to live together with, in Jerusalem. You make me feel really very very optimistic. Thanks and I wish you to recover quickly.
2. You are a hero, Abu-Gharbia, thank you
Alicia Cohen ,   Tel Aviv   (12.06.10)
Abu-Gharbia, thank you. Shukram. Todah. You are a hero. A truly mensch. As a Jew, I can only thank you for your efforts and endeavors. May God bless you and yours forever. May God show us that there are good people like you here in Israel and in Palestine. We are cousins and your attitude reflect you are a dear relative. Thank you habibi.
3. Thank you
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (12.06.10)
THank you needs to be said to EVERY firefighter. --to those from Israel, to those from foreign countries, to those who were first firefighters and then whatever religion, nationality etc. they are. Abu-Gharbia was interviewed, his efforts are no more or no less appreciated than those of his co-workers--Jewish, Arab, Christian and Druze. again--thank you
4. thank you to a hero
your humanity and concience is incredible. may god protect you and your family and may you recover very soon from your wounds. salam, shalom, shukran
5. the words of a hero
Kevin ,   reno, NV USA   (12.06.10)
"A firefighter's job is to save human life regardless of religion, nationality or politics. I think people understand it. A firefighter's job transcends borders and is bigger than politics." G-d bless you sir! May you recover quickly
6. Thank yo!u Mr Abu-Gharbia
michael ,   danemark   (12.06.10)
7. Abu-Gharbia Tarek
Bruria   (12.06.10)
What a wonderful story! While we do have our problems in the middle east, I thank Gd that there are people like this good man. Gd bless him and heal his injuries quickly.
8. God bless you, Mr. Tarek, and all of the other firefighters
Zvi   (12.06.10)
9. He is an Arab from East Jerusalem?
James ,   Canada   (12.06.10)
If he has not received them already, I am sure the demolition orders for his home are in the mail.
10. since in the last past year the original
ghostq   (12.06.10)
residenses from Israel moved inside Israel the so call east jerusalem just inhabitate it this year, this means nothing since palis think they can be part of Israel, all the funding to his equipment comes from Israeli source, so to be a hero on someother people expense isn't much heroism, more like opertunist.
11. to #9 jelousy dorsn't look good on you
ghostq   (12.06.10)
especially when Israel pay his salary. it hurt your agenda isn't it. ti hi.
12. Take a bow man, you are a HERO!
Talula ,   Israel   (12.06.10)
I take my hat off to you and your determination and bravery - thank you!!!!!
13. i have an idea
JL ,   israel   (12.06.10)
lets put our politicians on a slow boat to antarctica and replace them with our fire Abu-Gharbia and his firefighting crew we say we are proud to have had you here helping us...real men of honour....bravo!
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