Carmel fire fully extinguished
Published: 06.12.10, 00:52
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1. And people still think Jews control the world
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.06.10)
...we can't even control a forest fire in such a tiny country by ourselves never mind control the world.
2. Righteous Gentiles
zichron   (12.06.10)
Since the righteous gentile is greater than the Cohen GadoL we must do more to make more people righteous and to encourage righteous acts universally .Meanwhile at least part of the destroyed zone needs construction there of a mega nuclear chemical biological and disaster shelters.
3. As the rebuilding and repairs are started, paint all
Rivkah   (12.06.10)
flammable surfaces with NO BURN Paint that is non-toxic. Use NO BURN fabric spray for furniture, even in vehicles. Sand vehicles and spray paint top, bottom, sides, engine compartment with NO BURN and a topcoat of regular automotive paint after sanding slightly the surfaces that have the NO BURN. Spray inside the vehicles and homes with the fabric protector. Spray NO BURN paint without a topcoat on the inside of attics and garages.
4. Baruch Hashem!
safta of 12 ,   israel   (12.06.10)
5. to 1
hala ,   jerusalem   (12.06.10)
i think the world can not control israil .and israil likes to be the jewish state so the world can not control the jews but jews must control themselves in war and in peace
6. Hey Nick #1
David ,   Haifa Israel   (12.06.10)
i invite you to leave israel. also go to anti israel anti semitic german owned haaretz... all you jew bashing israel hating bigots are more at home there.
7. forest fires are extremely difficult to control
JO   (12.06.10)
there have been major fires in California and Greece and many places. Fire and dry weather is dangerous mix and even the best firefighters have extreme difficulty fighting such fires.
8. Hey David #6
Adam ,   Carmiel, Israel   (12.06.10)
He's not Jew-bashing or Israel hating from what I read. However, I do read the ignorance and paranoia in your own message.
9. first alert was not acted upon
bredma ,   tel aviv   (12.06.10)
Why is the first alert not mentioned. The flight instructor who flew over the first inkling of a fire and reported it - but nobody came for hours. This is something that must be looked into. At that stage the fire could have been contained and none of the rest might have happened. I can see everyone putting all the blame on the teenagers who began the fire and nobody taking responsibility for what happened afterwards. Why did the response take so long? Why were the fire fighters in such a bad way? Where was the government and the different authorities? These are more important questions than blaming two youngsters who should be punished - but not blamed for the entire fiasco. People are people - we are meant to be able to put our trust in the infrastructures.
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