Argentina, Uruguay recognize Palestinian state
AFP and Ali Waked
Published: 06.12.10, 22:06
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1. Evil Jew Behind Argentina's Recognition
Jacob ,   Canada   (12.06.10)
As, always there are evil Jews behind the wave of anti-Israel acts. Timerman is a Jew!!
2. Congrats. She showed the entire...
Persian CAT   (12.06.10)
"Anglo-German-French world" who has ballls. Shame on the all these spineless bastards who are sqirming in their own slime making garandiose empty statements about morality and human rights when the Aparthied regime constanly shows them the finger.
3. Palestine is tomorrow's enchanting!
Nour ,   Palestine   (12.06.10)
Today is not 1988. Nowadays, all countries are in agreement, it's time to quit the excuses behind the brutal occupation of Palestine and lend a hand in the establishment of a free, democratic Palestine.
4. World liberal agenda
Michael ,   NY   (12.06.10)
Kirchner, just another self hatting jew, joining Obama in persuit of anti Israeli - pro palestinian Liberal agenda.
5. Domino Effect
Sholomo The Homo ,   Tel Avia, Israel   (12.06.10)
watch for more and more countries to line up with the Palestenian. This is will be so interesting.
6. Why the fear? Palestine is here!
Ray ,   US   (12.06.10)
The whole word knows and acknowledges that a Palestine will be established on 67 borders, this is what the “Peace process” is about This is what the US, EU, quartet all Muslim and Arab countries are pushing for. Nothing to fear here, unless Israel has other plans, which is very clear. Israel fears losing control, being forced to provide rights to a population in a land they seek for greater Israel. A land the world recognizes as occupied. The world for 60 year has been largely silent in the on this issue, but the past 10 years the calls have gotten louder and louder, it’s time for Israel to face the truth: Never have there been more calls for the rights of the Palestinians, the need to stop land theft the need to stop colonizing occupied territory it’s time for Israel to be civilized, not just claim it.
7. Time Annex our land and take control once and
Martin ,   SA   (12.06.10)
for all. What do south Americans have to loose. We dont need the enemy in our kitchen next door. Negotiate thereafter only if necessary. They actually cant negotiate as we said before. We toook possession of the land from Jordan. We need to confirm it. Jordan has no interest in it at all.Snooze now and then everyone tells us what to do.Ridiculous.
8. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.06.10)
So, which of the six permanent members of the Security Council has "recognized" the non-existent "state" of "Palestine?" Right. That's what I thought. Enjoy your enchanting dreams.
9. How do you recognize an entity that doesn't exist?
William ,   Israel   (12.06.10)
Palestine doesn't exist, so claiming you recognize it is akin to saying you see leprechauns. While its the choice of these nations to live in a fantasy land, in reality they are both circumventing UN resolution 242 and the Oslo Accords, both which involved only Israel and the "Palestinians". This is essentially a "get out of jail free card" for Abbas as he'll continue to threaten Intl action to gain concessions while giving nothing claiming that he can't enter negotiations without getting concessions. I wonder how effective he'd be working from Damascus with the rest of his team.
10. Aparthied Regime? # 2
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (12.06.10)
#2, are you speaking about the P.A. as an apartheid regime? You surely are not speaking about Israel, where minorities have full rights including serving in the government, or where minorities can work, pray and live anywhere within the country. There still is no Palestinian State, yet they are already telling where Jews cannot live. Israel certainly does not meet any definition of apartheid. The Arab population and in particular for women have many more rights living in Israel than they do in any other Middle East country. In fact, if you give the Arab Israelis a choice to move to other countries, they would not make this choice. So you are either outright a racist, not very bright or you really are a Number 2.
11. Same as his father.
Dr. Jack ,   Canada   (12.06.10)
What can one expect from the son of Jacobo Timerman, an enemy of Israel and someone who often mocked the Shoah victims. Self hating Jews are the plague of our people.
12. Surely you just...
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.06.10)
# 2 Persian (fat) cat. Yes I agree with you, she may very well have balls; she looks pretty good for a drag queen! # 3 Noor,I also agree with you, you do have a “free democratic Palestine”. It’s called JORDAN!!
13. Yes, End the Occupation
emanon ,   USA   (12.06.10)
Return to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Return the land to the rigthful owners: the Jews of Israel.
14. First Vatican,then S. America if EU next then US in bad spot
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (12.06.10)
This changes little directly for Israel but it could put US globe influence at possible risk and force US to take stronger actions. This action could carry over to ICC and get out of control very quickly but likely another freeze is coming at first of year to take the pressure off Israel.
15. #8 answer is: China and Russia
Nour ,   Palestine   (12.06.10)
Good night, some of us actually live in the Middle East you know. PS. Here's some study for your day:
16. Since when Brazil + Argentina not "western countries"??
PZ ,   New York   (12.06.10)
Merely the two largest countries in the Western Hemisphere after the U.S. and Canada (one of which also happens to be 9th largest economy in the world)... I think Ynet (and Mr. Lieberman) need to take a look at a map!
17. It's like Munich (1938) all over again
Steve Klein   (12.06.10)
The nations cannot impose a Muslim-enemy state on Israel. Only if Israel accepts it can it happen. Even should the United Nations Security Council recognize this new Muslim state in Israel it cannot happen against Israel's will. Israel is a nuclear power. She is a great military power. Israel is not Iraq. Israel is not an Iran or some other 3rd rate military power. Only if the nations are willing to use physical force can they impose such an entity on Israel.
18. President Mahmoud Abbas
frank ,   usa   (12.06.10)
to Palestinian collaborator Mahmoud Abbas and his and your gang represent your self only.even israel know that
19. to 8
handala ,   jerusalem/palestine   (12.06.10)
russia and china :)
20. Netanyahu the door mat
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.06.10)
It turns out that the extreme-Left was right about Netanyahu: an empty suit who can talk well. By encouraging Brazil and Argentina to recognize a new Arab state, the "Palestinian Authority" renders the Oslo Accords nul and void. Netanyahu can now legally revert to the pre-Oslo era: full Israeli control of territory, a stop to Arab immigration and unlimited building for Jews in areas liberated in 1967. Sadly, Abbas and his band of terrorists know that Netanyahu is a door mat and will do nothing.
21. #6 what?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.06.10)
The 1948 ceasefire lines as borders between Israel and an Arab state is a fantasy of the Israeli extreme-Left. There is no Arab who agrees to these borders.
22. To : No 8: Sarah B
Ray ,   US   (12.06.10)
So, which of the six permanent members of the Security Council has "recognized" Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? or recognized the west bank as anything other than occupied territory? the world is moving in a different direction, move with it or get run over!
23. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.06.10)
Really? When? And what about the remaining four permanent members? :-))
24. # 6
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.06.10)
You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.
25. 2 Apartheid?A Christian is treated worse in Arab World
26. a 'virtual declaration.......
tiki ,   belgium   (12.06.10)
for the establishment, of a 'virtual state, for a 'virtual people, made by 'real stupid LEADERS who want to persuade the world into believing that there once was a Pal country with Pals within a 1967 border. Nonsence , there never was no country, there were no Pals (they were Arabs) and there were no 1967 borders (only armistic lines).These leaders might think that by making unrealistic, unfounded and baseless 'exclamations they contribute to World Peace. They don't. They only expose their own stupidity and self acclaimed importance, because Mrs. Kirchner/Lula and all the others who undoubtly will follow in (let's give it another 4 years) will be yesterday's news!
27. :: Sarah BS - #8 - 1-2-3-4-5
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.06.10)
Dearie dearie me Sarah BS is on a bit of a roll today, this will be the third time I have corrected her today. The Council is composed of *five* permanent members, not six.
28. Israel's grave diplomatic errors in Latin America
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (12.06.10)
First of all, it is noteworthy that, after 19 talkbacks, there's finally a Latin American expressing his thoughts in Ynet! Regarding the article, thanks G-d that Israeli diplomacy has finally awaken to Latin America's growing importance in world politics. We, Brazilian Jews, watched with dismay many years of Israel's constant diplomatic disregard for this region. About 5/6 years ago, the Israeli consulate in Sao Paulo was closed, against the vigorous complaints and warnings of our community. Hasbara's efforts were reduced to a minimum - and meanwhile, Arabs and Iranians redoubled their efforts to strengthen diplomatic and political ties with Brazil and other Lat American countries. Add up the anti-Israel bias, inherent to the leftist/populist/demagogic governments of Lula et al, and you see that this latest development, however extremely wrong and deplorable, was also very predictable. Anyway, better late than never - we, Brazilian Jews, welcome the new approach Israeli diplomacy has shown towards Latin America since last year, and fervently hope there's still room for a reversal of the trend. PLEASE enhance your Hasbarah efforts, every opportunity must be wisely used to make Israel case!!!
29. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.06.10)
We have lost BBSNews, almost lost Batty Groves, alas we have gained Ray !! Oh dear !!
30. How cute, the arabs think they deserve another state!
Akiva   (12.06.10)
Sorry to all the misguided arab friends here, I'm afraid you've all been deceived. You see, it matters not who recognises you. Indeed, forget the fact that the US has a veto on all these matters and will never give you your state. No matter what you may do, how you may struggle, who you may get to agree with you. Hashem and Hashem alone is in control. In fulfilment of His Holy and Unchanging Torah, we have returned to the land He gave us. You cannot defeat Him, you've tried for generations but have always failed. Israel's hope is in Hashem, AIN OD MILVADO!
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