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50 municipal rabbis: Don't rent flats to Arabs
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 07.12.10, 17:24
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1. Before anyone starts bleating about it
Howard K ,   USA   (12.07.10)
be reminded that PA clerics and politicians have threatened Arabs selling real estate to Jews with death. All these rabbis are saying is that it's not Kosher to rent to non-Jews.
2. there has never been fatwa to not sell houses to Jew
observer   (12.07.10)
are those Islamic scholars misguided?
3. kobi nahshoni strikes again!
dan'al ,   eretz yisrael   (12.07.10)
who put this tembel in charge of writing about the religious? makes about as much sense as plumber in charge of writing about astrophysics...
4. does this include
JL   (12.07.10)
non jews that are here from other countries like the far east .. europe or other places?
5. Does this new ban include
Puzzled   (12.07.10)
holiday apartments? I wanted to come to Israel next summer for a week or two. But I'm Christian...
6. what kind of statement or ...
palestinian ,   jerusalem.palestine   (12.07.10)
religion is this . this confirms what it is said in the Quran about you .. They worship their rabbis ,not the creator and they do not followtheir book (meaning the torat ) . as far as i am concerned ,the gentelmen in the pictures need a collective retirement party (shower first please ) . this is as racist as it get .. good for us ..let the world see your true colors .
7. blurring the lines
marv   (12.07.10)
except for ben gurion and menachem begin, other israelis PMs have reduced israel's expression of national identity, its ancestral home. Listening to rabin, barak and olmert, you would think that israel is a stranger to the land. In fact, the arabs are strangers or stragglers. No 24/7 program beaming such informationn to young arabs has been set up. This is shameful.Going way back to ancient times, israelis had friction and wars with arabs. separation would be the best idea and not simply along current lines. its really best for all the arabs of judea, samara and even israel itself except for those arabs who willingly take the loyalty oath , its time for all the arabs to go to Jordan. Israel is the land of the jews and the arabs can have their country. Israeli governments have blurred the lines and made israelis ashamed of even mentionning that the west bank is ancient israeli land desecrated by the arab invaders. Hebron, ramle, beitlechem are ancient jewish cities, not arab cities. As an aside, all the haredi have to go into the idf, develop martial arts skills and stop being the physical weak link of jews who are regularly intimidated by arabs or others in europe. Enough of the haredi yankelism. f both my sons took karate and can handle themselves, then all the haredi have to do likewise, some martial training, no exceptions, no torah, no excuses.
8. Thanks Howard K
George ,   USA   (12.07.10)
Thanks for the info about Palestinian clerics forbidding sale of property to Jews. We all needed to know that Palestinians are every bit as racist as Jews.
9. 22 arab countries want NO Jews there so let the arabs
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.07.10)
go live there and leave Israel for the Jews.
10. rabbis
gadot ,   herzlia   (12.07.10)
i rather have a person,who is a gentile living next to me, than these high and mighty shit and yours is the same,and we both go into the ground in the end.
11. Arabs; Don't take it personally..
er der   (12.07.10)
They wont rent to to non-orthodox Jews either....
12. ban
boubou ,   netanya   (12.07.10)
and the antisemitism would grow up and grow up and grow up
13. distant memories
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.07.10)
Arabenrein !!!! Nicht in unserer Vaterland !!
14. sounds like a de javue
Ahmad ,   nablus   (12.07.10)
this edict sound reminiscent to the Europe prior WWII!!
15. to #6
Dave from Brazil ,   S   (12.07.10)
We all know that in the Palestinian territories renting a land to a Jewish person gets you the death sentence. Stop being a hypocrite. This utraorthodox rabbis don't represent Israel.
16. Does that include Bnei Noah as well? Secular IDF soldiers?
Scott ,   USA   (12.07.10)
This is shameful.
17. Applaud these rabbis
Moshe ,   Israel   (12.07.10)
I applaud these rabbis and fully support them. This land belongs to the Jewish people and no one else as G-d granted it. We should not rent or sell property to the Arabs, Ethiopians, migrant workers, Druze or any other non-Jew. This is necessary to incur difficulties on them so that they will consider emigrating out of our lands.
18. Another racist Jewish Fatwa
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.07.10)
Put you in the same ranks with radical muslims
19. Justifying racisim
Rami og Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.07.10)
sad to see how many jewish posts are justifying this racist action by comparing it to what goes on in arab countries. Let me remind you that two wrongs don't make it right. It speaks volums about moral decline among Israeli jews, please don't cliaim you are better than muslims, as obviously you are not.
20. #14 In Europe it became law while
GZLives   (12.07.10)
this is just a bunch of rabbis who have already been condemned by most including the Prime Minister. And lets remember its really just mimics the despicable Arab position only its less extreme and I don't hear anyone condemning the Arabs OR referring to their position as even Apartheid or racist. Nevertheless, I condemned these rabbis and find their edict disgusting and not at all Jewish
21. Arabs can be killed for sell to Jews
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.07.10)
How about equal coverage of the other side. Arabs are under a death threat from their religious leaders. It does not make news here. Why??
22. Sounds like Nuremberg laws to me
Lisa ,   Israel   (12.07.10)
These rabbis do NOT represent the majority of people in Israel, including those of religious faith. Most of us are truly disgusted by this.
23. Of Course I have Issues with this
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.07.10)
Anyone who has read my posts here would know that, but let's spell them out. First: What is the responsibility of the children of Israel to the stranger that dwells among them? It is probably not a good idea to leave them homeless. Second: Who is a Jew? Does someone who happened to be born into a family of Jews, but whose words and lifestyle deny the G-D of his fathers count? How about someone who has no Jewish blood but who is a convert and sincerly dedicated to YHWH? Also, of course the practical considerations mentioned in the article: intermarriage and blasphemy. Consider the family who rents to someone like Ruth. She was an outsider who was introduced to the G-D of Israel through intermarriage and who was acceptable enough to YHWH to be put into the lineage of King David. So with Ruth's example, why is it that living with a stranger and bringing a stranger into the family are automatically considered the death knell for the faith instead of an opportunity to expand the people of YHWH? (post scriptum: If someone hates the children of Israel and the G-D thereof, then of course don't house someone who wants you and your G-d gone. My question is about the sincere and seeking stranger.)
24. To #21 Larry
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.07.10)
The fact that an Arab who sells land to a Jew will be killed by Muslims is not news because we already know that Islam is a socially reprehensible, morally bankrupt faith that instills only hatred and violence in its adherents. If there are Muslims who do not kill or enslave to advance Islam - or support others who do these things, then it is despite, not because of, what their faith teaches. On the other hand, the Torah teaches the children of Israel to care for the stranger that dwells among them and enjoins the Jews to be a light to all peoples. This ruling, by making the light of the people of the Torah seen only from a distance by strangers who are not allowed to dwell among them, seems to contradict these admonitions, which makes it remarkable and worthy of debate.
25. PA law against selling house to Jews: DEATH BY HANGING
Howard K ,   USA   (12.07.10)
Google: PA Arab sentenced to death for selling house to Jew. Here's a report from Jerusalem Post and you'll find others. "In the first case of its kind, a Palestinian Authority "military court" on Tuesday sentenced a Palestinian man to death by hanging after finding him guilty of selling land to Jews." Te man had acted in violation of a Palestinian "military law" dating back to 1979, which states that it is forbidden for a Palestinian to sell land to Jews. Not a Fatwa, perhaps, but the law of the land in the Palestinian Authority.
26. Jews are 1 in 600 in the wolrd; about .016% of the wolrd
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.07.10)
so they want to prevent that precarious number from getting smaller through intermarriage, also there are people who want the destruction of the Jewish state, and they dont want them living in Jewish towns. Makes sense. Im more concerned about jews trying to live in arab towns who are threatened they will be murdered and thier house burned down (recent example 4 weeks ago in northern arab israeli town)....also the law among the "palestinians" where if an arab sells his house to a Jew he gets the DEATH penalty.
27. #6 LOL! Islamic DEATH penalty to sell house to a Jew?
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.07.10)
You hypocrite. Who is the racist and the nazi that says not only can you not sell a house to a Jew in Israel, but you will be murdered by Islamic courts if you do? Also Jews are not allowed to live in Arab towns, or they will have their house burned down, with them in it! You guys are so easy, you are such hypcorites. At least these rabbis can point to 2 truths a) Jews are only .016% of the world population, or 1 in 600. They dont want that number to get any smaller by intermarriage b) Many racists like yourself try to move into Jewish towns for their arab nationalist reasons. Common sense says that is not ok I dare you to respond with anything intelligent.
28. Rami of Nazareth. "YOU"
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.07.10)
Thats very ignorant and stereotyping of you to label all Jews like that. Should we say you are an anti semties because all non evangelical Christians are? That would be the same sort of bs stereotyping? see the problem with that?
29. Hold On
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (12.07.10)
Try to understand what the Rabbis are saying - they didn't get together and make this up. They have halachic backing - this is an ancient issue. Wish it didn't have to be this way, but it's the neighborhood. We all know the other side kills for this. In terms of nurenburg, that's disgusting. Grow up - no one is having their land taken from them. how stupid.
30. Rami #19, Lisa #22: Question.
Steve   (12.07.10)
Personally, I cannot see a problem with "renting" a Jewish-owned aprartment to a non-Jewish friend of Israel. #5 for instance seems to be a Christian friend of Israel. So long as they are not coming to proselytize, I cannot see where it is a grave sin. On the other hand, if we believe the land of Israel belongs to the Jews, why shouldn't rabbis say so? Why should we sell our inheritance? I just read where PM Netanyahu said, "Torah commands us to love the stranger." Indeed it does. But are enemies of Israel strangers? The "stranger" who resides in our land, is a friend of Israel and the Jews. Would you rent or sell Jewish land to Israel's enemies who are dedicated to Israel's destruction?
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