PLO: US failed, we'll turn to UN
Ali Waked
Published: 08.12.10, 09:53
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1. PA
David ,   Haifa Israel   (12.08.10)
the PA and muslims have only themselves to blame. the UN is useless and anti semitic arab controlled. we in israel do not listen to them anymore. you muslims have a home anyhow... JORDAN!!!
2. Abed Raboo
Hakim ,   Palestine   (12.08.10)
Can Go #$%^ himself...
3. Question
George ,   NSW, Australia   (12.08.10)
In the article is stated: "US chooses to condemn Brazil and Argentina" ??? I sought was Brazil and Uruguay...
4. i have just one word for pm bibi
kristen ,   ca   (12.08.10)
solict. and to make it clearer: israel needs to do just what to pa does get there and fight for recognition. and everybody can contribute. wherever you live talk to your community to your representatives
5. "US failed"
Harry ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.10)
The US did not fail. They are trying hard to resolve an issue, but deep in their hearts, the know that the issue at hand is a scam, distortion. Stop the Bull already, there was never a Palestinian people. You have not history, no culture etc like other countries. Your own arab brothers refuse to help you, because they are using you as a tool to destroy Israel. SORRY, Been there, done that. The World tactics have failed all these centuries. Give it up. Return home to Jordan and then you will have maybe some quiet. But then again, in all your other arab countries, there is dictatorship, poverty etc.......THE US DID NOT FAIL.
6. Time has come
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (12.08.10)
To make a U turn in external politics and go to the UN and ask them to help us starting a real peace process with no lies and no preconditions. To be aggressive, very aggressive (that's the language the world understands) stating that we are ready to talk and to recognize them so as to call their bluff!
7. Annex Judea & Samaria.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.08.10)
Time to throw Abbas & his corrupt cronies out of the territories. We don't need a failed terrorist state, Gaza is enough. If Arabs want to realize their national ambitions, they can move to Jordan. Unfortunately, Likud is no longer much of a right-wing nationalist party, Netanyahu just doesn't have the backbone to be a leader.
8. Terrorism,war,US failed to destroy Jewish state
Sam ,   Canada   (12.08.10)
Terrorism,war and the US all failed to put an end to the Jewish state for the Palestinians. So, now the Palestinians will turn to the UN to put an end to a Jewish Israel. If it refuses or is unable, the Palestinians will threaten to blow up the world to get their way. The Iranian lunatics can hardly wait.
9. #4, kristen i have just one message for u
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (12.08.10)
talk to your neighbors and representatives to tell them what? that you need their endorsement for your apartheid state to steal more arab lands? and that they should sacrifice more of their interests and lives to satisfy your greed?
10. The first freeze was a mistake. Pals wasting time.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.08.10)
11. Go to the United Nations
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.08.10)
the U.S. veto will be there, SO THEN no other choice but to dissolve the Palestinian Authority and return to square one "people under occupation", NO EXTRA TIME, GAME OVER.
12. Talkbacks
David ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.10)
When I read the talkbacks I realize why a plebiscit ("MISHAL AM") is a terrible mistake. Should these talkbackers one day decide whether your and my children and grandchildren shall live in peace or die in battle? God forbid
13. Indeed the US policy was mistaken
E1   (12.08.10)
The New Democratic Adm made a big mistake 2y ago when created the "freezing" as pre-condition to the peace talks- since then, difficult to get out of it! Any solution in the West Bank has to be take in consideration the demographic changes since 67
14. according to international law...
Golan ,   Modiin   (12.08.10)
the land on both sides of the Jordan belongs to the Jews. See San Remo Conference. The "Green Line" is not an internationally recognized boundary, the armistice agreement in 1949 makes it clear that it will not be a border, and the UN division of Western Palestine in 1947 is not legally binding. 141, 242, 338 resolutions have no legal standing. And the country which illegally occupied the so called West Bank gave up its claim to that territory in 1988.
15. "Game over" #11
Harry ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.10)
That's right. Mr Palestinee. Why don't you just do what thousands of other arabs are doing. Packed their bags and moved on. WHERE? Interesting, not to other arab countries. England, France, Germany the USA etc. You can't deal with the FACT, that your own Koran, says the Land of Israel, belongs to the JEWS. MOVE ON. Going to the corrupt UN will not bring you a homeland in ISRAEL. You are RIGHT, IT IS OCCUPIED BY THE JEWS. Stop being used as a Pawn, to satisfy the World desire to rid itself of the JEWS. Are you willing to take the chance, if you were told, that if the World would rid itself of the Jews, the World will itself collapse. I don't think so. The Buck Stops Here.
16. #3 Article is correct - Uruguay said it will declare in 2011
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.08.10)
So far only Brazil and Argentina have declared, and the declaration from Argentina does not give the Palestinians 1 millimeter because it is based on the "borders defined in 1967" - thus after the war.
17. The only failure belongs to the Palestinians
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.08.10)
The Palestinians again show that they don't want peace. In return for a construction freeze, Israel should have insisted on a freeze on Palestinian violence. If the Palestinians want peace, then it's obvious and logical that they stop shooting at Israelis. Unfortunately, our government is incompetent, and simply let the Palestinians and Americans lead us around by the nose. In the end, of course, it's the Palestinians who prove once again that they do not want peace with Israel - the want peace without Israel.
18. go to the UN & you loose your ally Obama
zionist forever   (12.08.10)
If the palestinians go to the UN at this stage in the Obama presidency he is going to be put on the spot. Does he stand by his arab allies and let the arabs go it alone or does he risk loosing jewish votes in 2012. Right now Obam goves Abbas unconditional suport and he hates Israel just as much as the muslims do. Abbas would be a fool to give that up for the sake of a temper tantrum. If Obama is forced into using the US veto then the UN route dies & he has upset Obama personally. The reality is whilst the UN can recognize an arab state in theory there is nothing physical they can do. If the UN said that Judea & Samaria were now a palestinian states and the settlements must go what happens if Israel just refuses to give them up? Does the UN seriously think they can get Israel to give up Jerusalem? The palestinian state would be in 2 parts and if they don't want to fly the only way to travel between them is through Israel and there is a very good chance out of spite Israel will refuse to let them cross. The UN can't force Israel to give palestinians Israeli territory and if Israel decided to refuse to let them travel through by road it would mean nobody is going to invest in this state because business wants good transport links so the state would be bankrupt before it got off the ground. The UN cants force Israel to share water and they certainly cant force the right of return which is a key palestinian demand. If palestinians want to loose Obama then go to the UN. If they want a viable state then they have to negotiate unconditionally.
19. Marwan no 9
JUDAH THE LION   (12.08.10)
Did you know Jordan is stolen land. Stolen by the BRITISH MANDATE and given to HASHMNITE in 24 ct GOLD PLATE. How many JEWS live in Saudi Arabia,Jordan,and Jews were not allowed to prey in our HOLY PLACE in Jerusalem when it was under Jordan Rule. Who are the racist and apartheid state,clearly you Arabs.
20. Go to the United Nations.
jUDAH THE LION   (12.08.10)
oh dear me Salma,GAME OVER or NEARLY OVER. You have to find your way to Arabia
21. @11 Don't feel bad, Salma
Bubbles ,   B'klyn   (12.08.10)
US will eventually recognize Palestine, if Obama has anything to say about it. But we must remember he is a puppet, after all, of the "New World Order".
22. Re #9
Andrew Brehm   (12.08.10)
In contrast to all Arab states, Israel is not an aprtheid state. There are no unequal laws in Israel. Why is everything always "Arab land"? Why did Arabs invade Israel 1300 years ago if it was "Arab land"? And what exactly is "Arabia" when Israel is "Arab land"? (Is Kurdistan also "Arab land"?)
23. Re #11
Andrew Brehm   (12.08.10)
A reasonable proposition! Just know that once the PA is dissolved Israel might just withdraw from the West-Bank behind the wall and leave you a people without Israeli money. The only ones "under occupation" will be those living inside Israel and they can leave if they don't like it.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.08.10)
You should talk with Israel, since that's who your making the deal with. How's that for an idea? But it isn't surprising you should run to the UN. After all 57 of the 192 nations are Muslim and with OPEC they really control the UN. While it is easy promote the antisemitic myth that the Jewish people really, and secretly, control the world, only the fools and hatemongers believe that. What's laughable is the Arabs in the disputed territories are mad at the U.S., because they failed to get started the "indirect" talks. The phrase is an oxymoron. The way you talk is directly, wouldn't you say? Instead of begging the U.S. to force Israel, or running too the UN to get them to force a peace on Israel, just sit down and talk. The problem is they really don't want peace, just a PR victory that blames Israel for the failure of the talks. Think how strange that is? Rather than sit down and decide borders...witch would resolve all the building issues...and all the other complicated issues, they want to play some stupid blame game. They want to be identified as victims and Israel vilified as bullies, to perpetuate the false David vs Goliath myth hoping that will give them a better negotiating position. Really, it is that simple.
25. #13 good idea but
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.08.10)
Your idea is excellent and would be supported by most Israelis, but has failed miserably since the Oslo agreement, most notably under Barak and Olmert who offered exactly what you suggest to be rejected by the Arabs. The minimal Arab demands are: Israeli retreat to 1948 cease fire lines; prohibition of Jews visiting Jewish holy sites ethnic cleansing of Jews of all areas under Arab control, unlimited Arab immigration into areas under Jewish control.
26. No more US shit
Nader ,   Ramallah   (12.08.10)
Abbas MUST start getting the Pal state recognition by each country - so far 3 recognized the Pals state on teh 67 boarders, so lets carry on and leave this US shit
27. More Palestinian incitement
Ehoop ,   UK   (12.08.10)
They were the ones who refused to talk almost until the freeze expired. Every one of their government's public declarations, including that Israel delayed in rescuing Palestinian prisoners from the Carmel fire, is designed to hide the truth (create a new narrative) and raise tensions. They show that they have no interest in peace. Bibi should start attacking them verbally - loudly telling the truth about what they say and what they do is all the ammunition that's necessary to win that particular battle.
28. #marwan - just how does Jordan treat it's Palestinians?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.08.10)
With equality? NO. Jordan recently announced that it is withdrawing citizenship of Palestinians, weather born in the west bank or Jordan. And that's after they threw most of them out to Lebanon, wh.ere they STILL are forced to live in "refugee" camps. Israel an Apartheid state - rich coming from Jordan
29. Bibi and his current goverment will
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (12.08.10)
never agree stop building in the West Bank nor will they negotiate to turn over settlements to a Palestinian entity... it would be political suicide and may risk a civil war. He is waiting for an internationally imposed/mediated settlement.
30. No. 2
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.08.10)
You elected them. But I agree, they are useless. they wouldn't know what to do with peace if it was handed to them on a silver platter. You just don't have the mentatlity for it! Whining, and winging and accepting billions in international aid with which you've achieved zilch, is all you're good for. Please define Palestine - whee exactly are its borders?
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