Hundreds protest against rabbis' letter
Ronen Medzini
Published: 08.12.10, 20:06
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1. 150 people?
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (12.08.10)
Leaded by Abraham Burg??? Common!!! Burg is a shame for Israel due to his anti Israel positions, he is a Mr. Nobody. The other 149 show you how many people really felt offended other than big mouthed people like Shimon Peres who talks about ethics when he shouldn't mention the word! The same people who work against Israel in Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood in Jerusalem, these are the ones who were there!!!
2. Only 150 demonstrated
Arik Guivat Yearim ,   Israel   (12.08.10)
which is nothing, so why publishing it? the rabbis are right, no renting or selling to arabs who are our enemies.
3. This is not Zionism, Its a Disgrace
izzie irgun ,   zion   (12.08.10)
As a hard core zionist and israeli supporter I am embarassed by the letter the Rabbis sent. Had any other country issued such an edict against Jews we would be up in arms. Many arab countires currently have these kinds of laws and we point to them to show their intolerance. Now what do we say, its ok for us but not you. This is also not a religous issue although the Rabbis would like to make it one. They need to accept that anybody who is an Israeli citizen, albeit arab or jew, has the same right to rent and own property. and that should enforced by the state. We as Jews cannot let fanatics to destroy our morality and democracy or our reputation for being a fair and just society no matter how parshas they want to quote. There are plenty of Israeli arabs and Druze who stand with us and they should not be made into second class citizens.
4. Israeli Left showing its true fascist colours
Etoile ,   Montreal, CAN   (12.08.10)
A cornerstone of a free society is the right to own property and do with it as you see fit, that means sell it to whoever you want. If these rabbis wish to submit an opinion to whoever will listen, that is their right as long as treason or incitement to force is not used. However this rally seeks to undermine such rights in the name of social engineering which fits their agenda, no matter whose individual rights are trampled. To be quite honest, if the people of Israel refuse to do what is necessary to maintain Israel as a continuous Jewish state, such as only sell to Jews as well as even Gentiles who do not subscribe to destructive activity, then it doesn't have the right to exist. The decision lays totally on Jews as individuals, whether life is worth living.
5. would they protest against seculars driving out haredi?
zionist forever   (12.08.10)
A group of secular idealists come out to protest big deal. They people who do want to keep arabs out could get twice that many people out to protest at a moments notice. People like this who don't like discrimination against arabs have no problem with discrimination against haredi. In places like Ramat Aviv the rich secular jews who see judaism as the worst thing to ever happen to Israel go out of their way to keep orthodox jews out of their neighborhoods. They are terrified their secular children might do something like put on teffillin ins the streets. They never come out to protest when arabs intimidate jews to keep them out of arab areas. They don't protest at the fact the arabs want to limit the number of jews allowed to live in the Negev of Galilee to avoid judaization of the areas. These are the same kind of people who come out to demand we don't deport illegals or saying stop building settlements.
6. I don't give a rat what the world may think
Israeli 2   (12.08.10)
like so many talkbackers who voice their opinion against these rabbis, but I AM very much concerned about what Hashem has to say. Where is it written in the Torah not to rent to gentiles?
7. Let me see if I understand this
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.08.10)
We have 50 city Rabbis that have made a religious ruling. Exact what is their function - why to make religious rules. And we have a handful of extreme leftists that want them fired for that. Then we have university professors who use their positions to promote international boycotts of Israel and it's universities. What is their job - well it's suppose to be teaching, it sure as hell isn't to lobby foreigners to boycott the State of Israel. And those people have protected freedom of speech. Me thinks that they are a bunch of hypocrites.
8. Israel Belongs to the Jewish People
yoni ,   tel aviv   (12.08.10)
The country of Israel was given to the Jewish people. It belongs to us and nobody has any rights to the land other than us. I dont care what citizenship they carry if they are Jewish they have an equal right to the land if not they dont. Its not that we dont like them it just doesnt belong to them.
9. #5 Zionist Forever, well said.
Jake   (12.08.10)
10. 150 people????
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.08.10)
Wow! I am impressed... Next thing you know they will take up a bench at the central bus station...
11. rabbis
Mike ,   UK   (12.08.10)
They are an absolute joke, who in their right mind ever listen to them? A bunch of spongers and low lifes. To hell with them all.
12. Where are the Israeli Arabs' voices?
citizen   (12.08.10)
The Arab members of Knesset are always quick at condeming and hurling insults but Why are the Israeli Arabs not demonstrating to show that they have no problems with Jews living in their communities? Racism is a two-way street - come halfway and see the difference it can make. Until then, the goody-leftist camp (including Burg) should just shut up - or, alternatively, practice what you preach - rent or sell to Arabs - in your neighborhoods. That would be the best response to those you accuse of racism.
13. PROBLEM SOLVED: Arabs to move in with these 150 people
ONLY 150 ,   BIG DEAL   (12.08.10)
14. what a bunch of hypocrites
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (12.09.10)
Getting a statement from Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement protesting FOR Jewish arab coexistence when that organization is expressly for Jew fee arab sectors these liberals are "liberal" when it's convenient for their antiJewish agenda
15. Israeli 2 (6): where in Torah?
sk ,   USA   (12.09.10)
You ask "Where is it written in the Torah not to rent to gentiles?" Simple: the Noahide Laws require non-Jews in Israel to avoid in any way claiming the Land as their own. The problem these rabbis address is that the "Israeli Arabs" are Jew-haters who claim the Land. Have I answered your question?
16. the rabbis again - too much emptiness
rachel   (12.09.10)
to much idleness,a wasteful breed. The Jewish people's disgrace, Israel's calamity.
17. Rabbis = Rascists
Avi ,   Israe.   (12.09.10)
These lunatics are on the public payroll and should be dismissed immediatly. Just imagine abroad if some religious figures decarled do not rent appartments to Jews. These so called rabbis are encouraging antisemitism and giving our enemmy amunition
18. Hundreds?
gerald kreeve ,   Israel   (12.09.10)
Even Ynet readers aren't so stupid. 150 is not hundreds.
19. Avraham Burg is closer to than anyone to a weed
Elianana ,   Jerusalem   (12.09.10)
Arabs do not sell or rent to Jews, under threat of their life. Why do you know only to judge Jews? There are two sides to this coin.
JUDAH THE LION   (12.09.10)
Why you leftist did not make any noise or demonstration against the Palestinians when they PA issued a warning against anyone who sells land to the Jews will be killed.This is one sided and not FAIR. We have only very small land and it must be JEWISH
21. Hundreds protesting against the Rabbis
Issy Hass ,   Ra'anana-Israel   (12.09.10)
Sir-where were these hundreds when the PA issued threatening probition of selling properties to Jews by the Israeli Arabs. iSSY
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