UK Imam prays for Carmel Fire victims
Published: 09.12.10, 07:47
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1. the Muslim leaders expressed themselves
ghostq   (12.09.10)
very differentelly when the pro pali protested against Hahava shop products in London last month. maybe over night people see the light, or this is just pr for getting more funds.
2. Will they be discussing Muslim anti-Semitism?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.09.10)
Hostility toward Jews is growing in Europe, and most of it is coming from those same (mostly Muslim) "immigrants" this group is so concerned about.
3. all the respect
Rami of NAzareth ,   Israel   (12.09.10)
Hope to see more such initiatives..
4. uk govt "imams"? kidding much?
maren   (12.09.10)
sounds fake to me
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