Safed student says 'Arabs out!' spray-painted on his car
Hagai Einav
Published: 12.12.10, 00:06
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1. pallywood
pini   (12.12.10)
Prob done by other arabs for world pity. Doi
2. A result of the rascist rabbis remarks
Haim ,   Tel Aviv   (12.12.10)
Unfortuently such incidents as this will be come more common unless the rascist rabbis are silenced for good.
3. Pini, do you live here?
Israeli   (12.12.10)
there has always been periodic anti-Arab incitement through graffiti all around this country. I know Arabs who had a hard time renting an apartment in tel aviv. These are all lies?
4. to #2 and 3: a result of arab racism and fascism
laurence ,   Israel   (12.12.10)
This is plain justice. You can't rent a place or buy a land in an arab village as a jew without bieng lynched. The Palestinians condamn to the death penalty any arabs who would sell a property to a jew. Mahmoud Abbas declare that he wants Judea Samaria juderein (empty of jews). The arabs are the nazis of our generation, in their country they make a complete ethnic cleaning. The Rabbi's decision is a measure of protection against our enemies that want to erase us from the map. This is not racism. Why should we give them everything without reciprocity ? Only desillusional lefties jews think we should. These student should go to Palestine to study. Of course they want to take advantage of the high quality education that they receive in Israel. Weird i thought we were an apartheid country. On top of that Arabs country like Saoudi Arabia are buying lands in Israel through Arab israelis. We have to stop this trend. It is a question of survival.
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