Nixon blasts Jews as 'obnoxious' in tapes
Published: 12.12.10, 08:01
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1. how come this reminds me the movie
ghostq   (12.12.10)
"Amerikan beauty".
2. There are Jews and there is Kissinger.
Nora Tel Aviv   (12.12.10)
3. Italians are smart, polite, welcoming & wonderful people : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.12.10)
no doubt that Golda Meir had given him the RIGHT impression ; )
4. As a kid I remember my Jewish neighbor
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.12.10)
who was a few years older than me, coming back from Viet Nam in a body bag. I was lucky in the sense, that I turned 18 in 1972, the year they started to wind the war down, but running to Canada never entered my mind.
5. It's not like Nixon was unique among world leaders.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.12.10)
People would like to imagine that somehow world leaders, politicians, actually all public figures, are ''better'' - they don't have a nasty side, they're perhaps ''smarter'' or more moral. Sad to say, people are people & world leaders & other public figures can be low-life creeps, bigots, jerks, total morons, & every other vice found among any other group. What counts is that in the final analysis, Nixon delivered. He had his motives, not very altruistic, but he came to our aid. Kissinger, on the other hand, is revealed to be a most digusting example of a Jew with little loyalty to his own people. Sadly, also not uncommon. We should never, ever, turn any human being into an idol.
6. salma the refugee #3
David ,   Haifa Israel   (12.12.10)
like YOU ALL have given the world the right impression by your suicide bombings and gunning down pregnant mothers?
7. I do not care about Nixon being anti-whoever.
leo ,   usa   (12.12.10)
He was the one to pull Israeli butt out of the fire in 1973. And whatever his motives might have been this is the only thing that counts as far as I am concerned. As for Kissinger, let's face it, did he really say anything offensive or he simply explained real situation? Does any one of you really thinks US would've gone into war with SU over Jews with any other administration at the helm? They would've gone to UN and that would've been it.
8. 3 palestinians could learn a lot from italians
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.12.10)
for starters they don't blow people up.
9. No Gold Was Spared
Cirque Um Sized ,   Abroad   (12.12.10)
No stone was left unturned Till Justice that was blind And could only see what was behind Exhumed the turds of yesterday's Third Force While Fourth and Fifth killed on with no remorse ... In the Ghetos there were always Kissingarses and Goldstones They were part of the "Judenraat" We have them infesting all sorts of places and institutions. Brings to mind the Noam Chomskis and Norman Finkelstein. About that kind of "Jew" I can only repeat my own observation: "He is no real Jew, Make no Mistake! Just help me sew His Epidermis back!"
10. This is not true
Ricardo Macher ,   Karne Shomron   (12.12.10)
The tapes are fake. Kissinger was a great friend of Jews. I seems to be more one trick of this Obama Administration. They are trying to convince people Obama is reliable. Folks, dont be foolished.
11. Salma
Gimpel the fool ,   S.A.   (12.12.10)
I thought the article siad he liked Israeli Jews whom he seemed to admire, Salma!
12. #10 Ricardo
Mat ,   USA   (12.12.10)
the conspiracy theory brigade has arrived. .....oh joy...this will be rollicking good fun. Get some popcorn for your donkey Rashid. All we need now is some Bible prophecy about Kissinger from Rivkah and some living proof of Nixon's observations from Sarah B
13. @3 Nixon had respect for "Israel".
Bubbles ,   B'klyn   (12.12.10)
Cared less about "Palestine".
14. #3 all muslims have given the world is death & destruction
Allah ,   Jannah   (12.12.10)
Radical Muslims like Salma = Mindless fools who can only hate and murder. Islam has no useful contribution to the word. Islams Greatest gifts to mankind are seething and grievance mongering and murder.
15. Wrong Headline
Yossi ,   Arad, Israel   (12.12.10)
Your headline says, "Nixon blast Jews as obnoxious", yet Kissinger said, "it was no concern of US if Soviet Jews were gassed." Hello!?! I'm not a Nixon fan, yet during the Yom Kippur War, Nixon rejected Kissinger’s advice to delay an arms airlift to Israel. You should headlining Mr. Kissinger, not Nixon.
16. Israelis aren't liked anywhere?
Ian ,   Nice Europe   (12.12.10)
Only Palestinians love them and want them to stay, they brought them so much love when came from nice Europe in 1900s. Why can't Israelis look in the mirror and say why? Wherever we go, our habits and ideology show us the door?
17. # 14 don't whine when called names, like an Israeli - full
Apess   (12.12.10)
18. well first off
pini   (12.12.10)
I'm glad he's dead. But what's up with the no jews in vietnam? Lol. We make up less than .01 percent of the popullation mr douche bag
19. 16 Ian, Pals stuck with us forever.
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.10)
They are incapable of showing us the door, despite their feeble attempts.
20. to #3 Golda wasn't italian :P
ghostq   (12.12.10)
italians r amazing people and Golda was too, glad Israeli zionist woman leader inspired you, you see in Israel women can be also prime minister. ti hi
21. Nixon vs his haters
Brod ,   USA   (12.12.10)
Nixon haters could say anything to spew their hatred on him. However, the fact remained that he was the only President , apart from Harry Truman, who had greatly helped Israel. Nixon came to Israel's rescue in the 1973 War when he ordered massive resupply of needed weaponry to Israel despite the opposition of the AntiSemites in his administration, and Democrat Nixon-haters going after his head in the Watergate affair. What Jimmy Carter, Barack Hussien Obama, Bush Senior, and James Baker did to the Jewish Nation and Israel were far worst. In fact, Obama continues crusading Jihadism on Israel. Obama continues to listen to AntiSemite and Israel hater like Rashid Khalidi. Nixon would be a saint compared to all these scoundrels.
22. ok but....
the family leftist ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.10)
Despite President Mr. Nixon's personal views stated in February 1973...let us then remember that in October 1973 President Mr. Nixon commander in chief of the USA armed forces ordered the USA armed forces to assist the IDF and IAF and supplied us with the necessary petrol (gasoline) for our IAF planes. and that made all the difference for us!
23. hmm with enemies like that who needs friends
marcus ,   nyc   (12.12.10)
wonder what he would've really done if he liked jews...considering he saved their butts in 1973 war.
24. kissinger what chutzpah
american ,   ny usa   (12.12.10)
So this is the same kissinger that till today understands and tries to dictate israel on how to deal with the
25. #Salma the fake muslim- go read the koran
Omri ,   Israel   (12.12.10)
and tell me what it says about this land and who it belongs to. Stop believing those fake Imams that interpretate the Islam to modern political gains, just go see it for you're self if you know how to read... Like I said before, for all you know Allah is punishing you. Some Muslim you are.
26. Kissinger,is a Jew, ...but"...only " by birth.
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.12.10)
27. Dead right
Raptor   (12.12.10)
We are obnoxious to the world and to ourselves. The first feature of our obnoxious nature is that we are "The Chosen People". The second feature is that "we are cleverer than the Goyim". The third feature is the use of the word "Goyim" in its derogatory sense. We are no "better" or "cleverer" than any other People and we certainly are not "chosen". Chosen by whom ? by ourselves no doubt, by the guy who wrote it in the Bible. Self appointed over bloated obnoxious "chosen ones". We must step down a peg or two. Let's just be normal humans and not "chosen".
28. #21 true but it happened only after
Omri ,   Israel   (12.12.10)
Golda told him that if he isn't going to send help to Israel right away, Israel will have to use it's 'secrete weapon'. I'm sure you know what that means... In the end the help came too late and it arrived only after the war was turned and Israel was winning. Overall I wouldn't give him any noteworthy credit in helping Israel more then he had to as part of the cold war. Not too helpfull... he didn't even let Israel strike the arabs before they invaded us in 1973. For the 'best presidant to Israel' that would be George. W bush.
29. leo #7 the other half of 1973
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.12.10)
Nixon threaten to bomb us if we didn't let supplies through to the Egyptian 3rd Army. I was there and that racist was threatening to attack us for self-defense.
30. Horrifying and Indescribably Evil
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (12.12.10)
It is tragic and frightening that the same horrific Jew hate continues. The Palestinian Authority security services (army) are financed, armed, and given continual advanced military training by the U.S. One of the U.S. trained terrorists told journalist, Aaron Klein, that all of the training is used against Israel. They are America's proxy army against the Jewish people. The US/EU/UK/UN ruthlessly demand Israel surrender half her tiny land to rabid Jew-haters PLO/Palestinian Authority Muslim terrorist organization who greatly honor the savage Muslim killers of Jewish innocents. All Palestinian Authority maps show the new state of "Palestine" covering all Israel - revealing the PA goal of barbaric conquest and Jewish genocide.
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