Burberry opens flagship store in Israel
Meirav Crystal
Published: 17.12.10, 08:01
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1. Burberry Franchise, Israel
Michael Albert ,   HOLON, Israel   (12.17.10)
Congratulations Ofra, Mary amd Lia. Best wishes for the success of your new boutique shop.
2. Another store I can't afford!
3. buying Brit not for me
Lauer ,   Jerusalem   (12.17.10)
Why do Israelis buy from Brits who are totally anti-Israel? Likewise Ikea and the Swedes.
4. Chav tastic.
Alfie Knowkes ,   Golan   (12.17.10)
5. Who can afford Burberry in Israel?
Avi ,   Tel Aviv   (12.17.10)
6. Burberry's has such beautiful classic clothes. I wish I
Rivkah   (12.17.10)
could afford them.
7. #3 because not buying Brit deprives jewish Brit businesses.
How about that you xenophobic nonce? How's that for a thought?
8. Another important step to becoming a 3rd world country
The Last Zionist ,   Eilat   (12.18.10)
9. Oh what a joy, a real gentelmans shop in our schtetel!
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.18.10)
10. We need Kosher dresses in Israel
John ,   Accra,Ghana   (12.18.10)
burbbery take your evil dresses away.Why should Israelis purchase a brand from anti-Semite country?.
11. Where on earth is state square? Sounds hilarious
state square   (12.19.10)
is it in/near the ugly hi rise buildings? Worst thing wil be the all nouveaus there...ugh. Burberrys is established, solid quiet taste which 'in your face' noveaus just don't have and never will have, not for another generation at least ..if their money lasts that long. Similar to all these nouveau religious appearing everywhere, writing everywhere, craving attention. Their kids will be 'the real thing' hopefully.
12. State Square Location
Renee ,   Ra'anana   (12.19.10)
State Square is "Kikar Hamedina". Why are these business people not bringing Costco, Walmart or Target to Israel. These are stores for the MASSES, with good prices for everyday items! Move over Hamashbir Department store!
13. good news cant wait
Avi ,   Israel   (12.19.10)
cant wait to see what they have , usually i shop in London for burrbery. Sorry loves but the Ha Mashbeer just dosent cut it with me
14. Directions
Nahum Litwin ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (12.19.10)
State Square is just up the street from Boulevard of Kings. Hopefully, there will soon be stores in the suburban towns of Grandpa's Village and First to Zion.
15. Answer to number 12, why no walmart, costco, target?
mankey8 ,   netanya   (12.19.10)
I have been asking this question ever since IKEA came here. IKEA stores in Israel perform among the best stores IKEA operates per capita. I called Target, Wal Mart, and several other European giants (Carre Four, TESCO, Metro) Target does not operate internationally. Wal Mart was here in the early 90's and failed. Although they ran a chain of small stores under an Israeli brand, not like they operate now. Basically they all have said the same thing. They don't come to Israel because of scale. The market is simply too small for them to come here and offer discount prices. Even though the per capita income is as much or higher than the areas surrounding most Targets and Wal Marts, the benefits (profitable sales) do not outweigh the risks of operating a store here. (Franchising, Real Estate Costs, Distribution, employment costs, currency rates, compliance, taxation) In other words, even though they know the store would out perform most of the stores in their chains, its not worth the headache of getting it started and maintaining its performance. IKEA, Toys R US, Office Depot and ACE are all very successful chains here so I disagree, then again when your company is generating $400 billion dollars in yearly revenue, its hard to argue with their logic. India has some very nice large format retail chains with good quality merchandise at reasonable prices. They also generate Israeli type revenues in a very competitive, young market. I think the possiblity of having one of their stores in Israel seems much more realistic, What I would like to know is there are franchisee rights already obtained for Old Navy in Israel, why are they so slow to bring it to market. Old Navy would be massively successful here, and compete directly with H&M which is a runaway smash hit. GAP is treading water and Old Navy would have been the much wiser choice for a chain.
16. Thanks #14
Bare Bereee   (12.19.10)
From me, in : Village Gardens, Entrance of Hope
17. Another chav address
on de face   (12.19.10)
for tightsim, jeansim. Have we reached leggingsim and bootsim yet here? We will...
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