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Poll: 55% back rabbis' anti-Arab ruling
Published: 15.12.10, 09:36
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1. Apartheid
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.15.10)
So if someone accuses us of being an apartheid state, then they are, of course, bloody antisemites. And worse still, if the accusor happens to be Jewish, then he is a bloody self-hating Jew.
2. When I see this articles I am PROUD TO BE ANTISEMITE!
Brad ,   USA   (12.15.10)
You got it on yourself, do not forget! You are the ultimate racists who whine and grumble when you get on your nose because of racism! Publish this, censor, if you dare. Or will you just publish "We Jews are the supernation!"
3. RABBIs;Don't sell to Arabs
I disagree with the call of the rabbis not to sell to Arabs but I understand their feelings and their reasons. As long as the Arabs make ownership a political problem and a death penalty offense in the West Bank to sell or even to contemplate selling to a Jew(although they claim that they don't enforce this lawthe" street" murders those who are accused of being collaborators which translates into possibly having sympathies toward the Jews. A loyalty oath, also severely criticized, Michael a long way for national reconciliation between Arabs and Jews. In the meantime liberal rabbis should be very careful that there opposition does not voice like some have a stress to abandon Israel.
4. such a nice country to raise your children in
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.15.10)
sure anyone can find plenty of reasons to hate everyone who isn't like ourselves, but come on people. at least try not to assist this society going down the drain.
5. Fear of the 'unknown'
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.15.10)
Sadly that is what fear can do to a people. We are in danger of becoming just another ghetto, despite being a State. And the media, regretfully, do not help to alleviate the fear.
6. Look who wrote the article
Noa ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.10)
It is easy to find statistics to support your viewpoint. I'm sure another survey would yield the complete opposite results - I have not spoken to even one person in Israel who supports this view. I bet I could find 500 people who would yield a very different statistic. It's a shame that an article like this is even printed - it does nothing but turn the world against us. Shame on you ynet. Be responsible.
7. Question: How many Arabs live on your floor?
Moshe ,   Netanya   (12.15.10)
Please answer everyone. Perhaps you live in a villa? Answer or shut up!
8. What percentage was against renting to Haridi?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.15.10)
9. This article....
Elokim ,   Israel   (12.15.10)
What this article does is make valid ANY and ALL anti-jew/anti-semite (although anti-semite would include Arabs by it's true definition) treatment in other countries. The world over can see the truth in the "rabbis" words... It would be the same thing if the Pope (or other cleric) an Imam made statements like this that Jews the world-over would cry out about the Holocaust. Yet they don't see they are treating others how they themselves DO NOT want to be treated!!!! It's no wonder that anti-semitizm is a growing belief!?!?!
10. What a "democracy" Israel is...
Spinner ,   World   (12.15.10)
More like dictatorship who wants 'absolute authority in any sphere'. Ahh...such true colors shining through!!
11. Ha!
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.15.10)
And You wonder why there is No Peace in the Middle East?
12. 3 - nice logic there
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.15.10)
"As long as the Arabs make ownership a political problem and a death penalty offense in the West Bank to sell or even to contemplate selling to a Jew..." so, in other words, if "the Arabs" do something that is wrong in your eyes, it's ok to respond with similar, albeit less offensive measures?? and you say you understand this?
13. This law is only just if
Ted   (12.15.10)
the Jews around the world also not rent or buy from others. Since Israel is the Jewish State, then Jews should only be allowed to buy here. Does that sound ridiculous? Yes, it is as ridiculous as this rabbinic proposal. If Abraham would host the strangers, and God in Moses' Law state to treat the strangers well with one law, then how is it this Jewish State that is supposed to represent God's standard to the word can allow such biased proposal to be made? Shame on us, the Jewish State. We are isolating ourselves further.
14. #13 living in okie dokie land
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (12.15.10)
Since when is it a crime to preserve our national identity? We are not threatening to end Arab existence and we are not trying to invade the Arab lands, we just want to make sure that we have a home of our own. They can't buy homes from Jews then let them buy homes from other non-Jews. The Arabs are trying to destroy our Jewish state with demographics so we take these drastic measures against a drastic situation. And this is a crime? I for one don't think that capitulation is an option.
15. We are a racist people but what about the Arabs?
Israeli   (12.15.10)
I would like to see a similar poll of Arabs. I assume the small majority would view a Jewish family buying a house in an Arab town as "colonialism". What is the difference?
16. :: The ugly face of racism
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.15.10)
This poll is indicative of the long lonely road to ruin Israel is trudging down. One should also remember the recent poll taken among Israeli schoolchildren which shows that the next generation of Israelis are quite racist in their views towards Arabs. Israel is only a very young state, barely over 60 years old, but it will never survive as an Apartheid state. For all it's successes Israel is failing on the most basic level ie: social cohesion, a fractured society where Arabs and Jews cannot live together and where even Jews live in isolation (eg: settlers, Haredim, Russians) will lead to the dissolution of a nation state. One has only to look at examples like Yugoslavia or some African states to see what future Israel has in store. It should also be noted that the prime reason for the failure of certain countries was due to Western powers creating nation states with no thought or foresight to the different ethnic mixes which would be contained within these demarked borders.
17. Here's the real deal .....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.15.10)
Let's drop the political correct hypocrisy. If we don't get rid of the Arabs, they will get rid of us. It's not just a problem in Judea & Samaria, that's only part of the problem. A large, hostile minority cannot reconcile themselves to a sovereign Jewish state. They call the founding of our State a naqba, a catastrophe. Their entire leadership works ceaselessly to undermine the Jewish nature of the State. Some engage in terrorism, like arson, for example. Jewish farmers are harrassed & threatened in the Galilee & the Negev, subject to violence, theft, & vandalism. The gov't. & the police do nothing. Arab crime is either ignored or downplayed. Anyone who thinks that our reaction to this hostility is racism is being intellectually dishonest. We have no obligation towards those who have made themselves our enemies. This is not about democracy nor civil rights nor any other liberal platitude that ignores reality by taking refuge in unrealistic rhetoric. Since the gov't. does nothing except ignore the whole problem through cowardice & the mental disease of political correctness, why be surprised if others take their own measures?
18. Ted #13: What is a stranger?
Steve   (12.15.10)
You invoke the patriarch Abraham and the law of Moses which commands us to "treat strangers well (and) with one law." How do you define a stranger? When Joshua and the Israelites entered Canaan, there were Canaanites in the land. Were the Canaanites strangers who should have been treated well, with one law? Did Moses and Joshua violate God's commandment to love the stranger?
19. M.G. #16: What you are missing.
Steve   (12.15.10)
Multi-ethnic states can survive only where its ethnicities have common principles uniting them, as has been the case (more or less) in the history of the United States, until now. But demography is rapidly changing in the US. Social cohesion can only exist in society through loyalty on the part of its citizens. When you've got a minority - you mentioned Yugoslavia - who do not share common principles with (or loyalty to) the state, chaos and failure are certain. Israel's Arab inhabitants, by and large, consider the establishment of the Jewish state an injustice that they cannot abide. Many feel no loyalty to the state. There is no social cohesion with Israel's Arabs. There never has been.
20. On this matter...
Christian Hart ,   USA   (12.15.10)
I want to visit Israel (actually I would love to live there), so this ruling would be detrimental to me, BUT I want it to happen! I care more about preserving Israel than I care for my own desires. That is because I love the Jewish people and want what is good for them! Arabs are fascists...I had an argument with an armchair warrior the other day who thought that using children as a human shield was part of a 'moral' war against the Jews (all this despite the fact that he lived safely in Canada). I would like you to notice that he subconsciously thinks that there is a WAR happening right now...whether you liberals believe it or not. What happens when you empower fascists? I know there are a whole BUNCH of people out there who are lying to themselves and saying "they will calm down, they will live in peace with us once we are 'fair' with them" but YOU are ignoring history AND common sense! I think in less turbulent times you could reverse this ruling...but for right now it must stand both to protect the Jewish people and to minimize future losses. It is hideous but most thinking people realize that Jerusalem will be divided by the MUST think about minimizing losses, strategic assessment of your homes...this is where your beloved children are, your wives, your parents... I have to admit that I just don't get the viewpoint that says "An army is invading and I have a responsibility to the people of that army (you seem like traitors to me)." You have a responsibility to your own people, for their preservation. I know many of you won't relate to this but there was lots of footage during the day of 9/11 of Pals and other Arabs dancing in the street, giving gifts to each other and laughing while people were being burned alive and screaming jumped to their deaths out of the top of the tower. When I find out about atrocities like Yemen, I pray for those people, cry out to G-d to end the injustice of the war machine...but I would never ever celebrate a tragedy of my enemy. You would do well to think about what kind of mind would, and whether or not you want them living next door to you.
21. Israel was BUILT on racism.
Andy Grove ,   Rochester USA   (12.15.10)
Come on - the whole purpose of Israel is to create a JEWISH STATE. Why is anybody shocked that such an ideal would produce a nation of bigots who laughably call themselves a western style democracy?
22. This is a terribly written article.
Hal ,   LA, USA   (12.15.10)
All this article does is repeat some statistics from a poorly conducted poll. The only thing we know about demographics is religious fervor, and we have no idea what the confidence level is. Additionally, as you learn if you continue to read the article, people were given 4 options, 3 of which were clumped into one category for the sake of a shocker of a title. My faith in Israelis shrunk a little as I read the headline and first paragraph, but grew as my faith in this article shrank. This is not how we do journalism.
23. A light unto nations
David ,   USA   (12.15.10)
Israel is a light unto nations--racist and fascist ones.
24. Criminal
Rachel Corrie ,   R.I.P   (12.15.10)
Just not right for by any standard for any country in the world that would like to call itself a civil society. I am not an anti- semite, and i believe in the preservation of your state and all and i love your people. but like George W. Bush your policies are critically flawed, short sighted, with heavy long term implications. Hard to believe anyone wants peace over there.
25. Arabs and Jews
Martin ,   USA   (12.16.10)
This survey contradicts itself. If 55% are in support of those rabbis but 57% weren't bothered if they moved into the same neighborhood. Most Israeli Jews are excepting of Israeli Arabs despite this very flawed poll.
26. #15...Don't believe you're Israeli
Spinner ,   Israel   (12.16.10)
If you were Israeli, you'd know that Jews would 'buy' a house in an Arab town, they'd just steal the land and call it their own and make a "SETTLEMENT"!! Not colonialism... Most Arab-Israelis (other wise known as Palestinians with a Israeli ID) get along with other religions and can live in peace with them. It gets ugly when a double-standard is applied to their daily lives and laws that impede on their human rights!
27. Survival
phlogiston ,   USA   (12.16.10)
The holier than thou commentary rebuking the policy is flawed. Israel will not survive unless it repatriates its Arabs, and is not destroyed by a demographic majority using putative democratic mechanisms. "Democracy" is only utilitarian and when it comprimises survival needs to be modified unless one is suicidal. The Islamics need to be repatriated to countries in which their compatriots are sovereign, and permit a homogeneous state to thrive.
28. to #24 not really since the arabs devalue properties
ghostq   (12.16.10)
it also exist in Europe, people don't want to live near immigrants, doesn't matter if it's inside Israel or outside of it city immigration never works out. they just immigrats from the country which is basically the same.
29. Anti-spiritual conduct
salim zeidan ,   isfiya Haifa Israel   (12.16.10)
The spiritual generations-long character of both the Jewish people and currently the Jewish -dominated stae we live in can neither be preserved nor enhanced by force and prejudice. It seems these people have forgotten their faith ! Co-existance has lways been the golden line of Jewish ccommunities ans such it should always be ! Stop racist spirit in yurselves. God bless you
30. #29 It's not racist
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (12.17.10)
It's not racist because non-Jew is not a race... If Jordan's spiritual leaders said that Jordanians shouldn't sell their homes to non-Jordanians it wouldn't be racist would it? So why is it racist if Jewish spiritual leaders say that Jews shouldn't sell their homes to non-Jews?
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