Kadima: PM sold IDF soldiers in return for Shas vote
Atilla Somfalvi
Published: 12.12.10, 18:52
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1. Livni blows again
Ron ,   USA   (12.12.10)
As Comptroller has been studying the fire preparations issue a long time and is to make another report on it soon, including the Carmel fires, a government commission is redundant. Actions to remedy this years-old problem is needed, not another study. Her cheap political comments demean her and highlight her own past acts that extended & aggravated problems. Does she think Israeli votes are idiots!
2. sodl out
alexi   (12.12.10)
who sold out the soldiers of the idf whose blood was needlessly shed? Olmert, livni and peretz, all 3 cowards of the first rank , who did n ot allow the idf to improvise and use a stong counter strategy to snuff hezbollah. As for commission, why pay lawyers to state the obvious( and winograd only enabled to olmert to retain power thereby harming israel): 1) centralize fire fighters under police services 2) acquire fast 12 small water greek type fire fighters, 2 illyshin medium carriers(45000L) and one US style water carrier(90000L). 3) Stockpile flame retardant chemicals and masks. 4) Increase the number of firefightes among the haredi. 5) recruit 5 members of kadima like shneller. 6) Fire Barak (ho mindenstraus said was disconnected from reality like he was with paintball gun orders which no one admits to ownership of the order) and replace him with yaalon whose deputy could be dagan. I just give you the recommendations of a committee for free rather than wait 12 months for a ponderous review and 20 milliion dollar payout which would be a payout. Livni's answer to fighting hezbollah would be to form a commission to ask them how to fight. Its near incredible how the young democrasy of israel keeps producing moronic leaders, without courage-olmert, peres, livni, ramon, barak.
3. It's actually quite amazing.
Shmuel ,   Yerushalayim   (12.12.10)
It seems as if there is not ONE issue on which Netanyahu does not change positions. Is there NOTHING that he believes in besides staying in the PM seat? Why does he want it when all he does is follow, not lead? What a pathetic, small, gutless wonder.
4. Ms Livni, you voted against a firefighting squadron
Canadian Otter   (12.12.10)
Tzipy Livni voted against a firefighting air squadron when she was a minister in the Sharon government, a squadron which could have helped put out the Carmel fire.
5. Waiting 3 days here won't get anyone killed
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.12.10)
Olmert and Livni threw away of tens of soldiers lives as if they were of no consequence. If it takes to Wednesday to come up with a compromise no one will suffer.
6. We're looking at you........
Tony ,   USA   (12.12.10)
.........and think it's no wonder your nation is in such a mess. Your own leaders are tearing down Israel and attacking your leaders. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Do you think you're the exception to this eternal rule???? Signed, "More of the same in the USA"
Ian ,   ניוקאסטל אן טיין   (12.12.10)
...that things have got back to usual with the Israel government now that Obama has stopped interfering. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
8. A halachic conversion is a halachic conversion
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (12.12.10)
Who cares who administers it? I am sure that the IDF is just as capable of carrying out a halachic conversion as the Rabbinate. This is just splitting hairs here... those Jews who convert with IDF or Rabbinate via halach are 100% as Jewish as me or any other Jew. If anything the Rabbinate should be allowed to review the halachic conversions and point out any mistakes they find to the IDF so they can fix it.
9. a reminder to Livni of Kadima
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.12.10)
Lebanon II: 121 dead, 628 wounded soldiers Cast Lead: 10 dead, 336 wounded soldiers Gilad Shalit
10. Livni wants Netanyahu's seat badly. Thou shalt not covet
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.13.10)
thy neighbours goods.
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