Livni: Israel should have accepted freeze deal
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.12.10, 21:45
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1. Livni
David ,   Haifa Israel   (12.12.10)
a dolt who is in the opposition for a reason... she is powerless and angry
2. Now we know why Livni couldn't form a coalition
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.12.10)
Because 70+% oppose her point of view.
3. Livni & Fayyad
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (12.12.10)
Livni knows Israel as well as and moderate to right wing politician. Fayyad knows the Palestinians and more importantly, the US better than any Israeli politician does, especially Netanyahu. Fayyad worked as part of the US government for several years. A shame that Netanyahu chose piece over peace..
4. Livni for PM!
Alon ,   Ramat Aviv, Israel   (12.12.10)
Livni is the only one who can get Israel out of its current mess.
5. Livni..Who asked You?
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.12.10)
TONGUE TWISTER : Lippy Tzippy Livni gets stroppy on one of her hippy trippys 'cause she is dippy .
7. What offer should he have accepted?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.12.10)
Given what Bibi told everyone he was offered, and the fact that the USA could not agree to it let alone put it in writing what was there to agree to? Every time Livini speaks about peace and politics she shows she has no clue - and I am sorry to say I voted for her.
8. Israel is a home for Jewish refugees from Europe
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.12.10)
What about the refugees from Arab countries that now have racist policies against Jews living there - just like the Palestinians want? Livini needs to stop making these stupid comments.
9. RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTIST Livni is a minority and speaks for
Jason   (12.12.10)
10. Netanyahu erred?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.12.10)
Livni says Netanyahu erred in not accepting the American offers, but she is ignoring reality. Netanyahu came back from his meeting with Clinton ready to renege on his word in exchange for Clinton's promises. His ministers said they would support the racist freeze if they saw Clinton's promises in writing. It turned out that Clinton lied to Netanyahu and she wasn't ready to promise him anything.
11. livni
alexi   (12.12.10)
Livni's idea of good policy is to agree with fayyad and obama on freeze and concessions even if they are bad for israel. In case livni does not understand UN resolutions, the west bank is disputed territoriy and was used to launch agression against israel. why should israel freeze since it wants some of its disputed territory and secondly, the arabs have not stopped their incitement and lies. And for abbas, who wants specifics, ancient judea and samara-the jordan valley, buffer space on the arab side of the fence, settlement spaces, no bridge across israel and that is for starters. Arabs face choices and one choice is for all of them to be removed from the west bank. Fnally, to see that livni is really an empty vessel, she asks bibi to step down because of israel's lack of air fleet in the carmen fire but neglects to admit that she voted against a fire fleet years ago-what a hypocrite and bald faced liar. Similarly, she offers herself as a good leader but neglects to say why she didn't grab olmert during the 2006 war with hezbollah and demand a proper counterhezbollah ground strategy once the war got going or block olmert from initiating a war until it was ready. No,she sat there like a dumb zippora. And israel is supposed to trust her? Bibi and lieberman are not perfect but are doing good jobs, have restored deterrence. I have more confidence that the failing osloists and their media promoters of oren, verter, barnea, benn and now attila sommfali.Ask rthe millioin israelis in the south who they trust more-bibi and lieberman or olmert, barak and livni??
12. Livni: Israel should have accepted
Norway   (12.12.10)
Livni must never be allowed to carry through her policy!
13. "Politics ends at the water's edge" - but not in Israel
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.12.10)
An old US maxim is that one does not undermine the country's action and leadership on foreign soil or among foreigners. That principle has no resonance among Israel's opposition who take every opportunity to both undermine their country's leadership and expose the country's fractures. Livni is a fool and an opportunist, and everyone knows it.
14. Don't everyone gag at the same time...
sdunc ,   Zionist   (12.12.10)
Since when do Livni, er Miss Irrelevant, and Fayyad have anything worth saying to a major news outlet? ABC must be more desperate for news than I thought.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.12.10)
Livnis' Brain ,and probably her heart also ,are frozen .
16. Livni Continues to Hurt Israel
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.10)
Bibi didn't turn down the US offer. The US reneged when they realized that 3 months wasn't going to get them anywhere with the Palestinians who were refusing all concessions re: security issues. The reason for this of course is that Abbas agreeing to a demilitarized state would be signing his own death warrant. Livni's only concern is self-promotion. If she cared anything for this country and the existential threats we face, she would join a coalition government rather than wait for Bibi to collapse under the weight of his current coalition partners.
17. Livni hate Bibi because she lost the power.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (12.12.10)
Livni hate Bibi because she lost the power. She hate Bibi more care about Israel. Sick .....
18. Mark ben Josuf: #3
Avraham ben Harvey   (12.13.10)
You wrote: "Livni knows Israel as well as AND moderate to right wing politician....." What does this mean "and moderate?" Can you please explain? I watched the ABC video. Christiane Amanpour interviewed Tzipi Livni and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. What did Fayyad say other than the Zionist occupation must end? The (evil Zionist) occupiers must give way?
19. As I have said before-Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.
She's a sore loser ,   Rueben, Israel   (12.13.10)
20. She should take the example of GW and stay out politics &
leave Bibi alone. ,   She's a fm Olmert   (12.13.10)
21. Fayad talking to the wrong Israeli leader!
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (12.13.10)
The Livni-Olmert years were the worst in Israel's history. Their policies have been rejected by the Israeli people. If Fayad is serious about peace he should sit down with the present Israeli leadership, not the looser who represents no one but herself
22. there must be a reason why Livni did not win the election
Anna M Sedda ,   Italy   (12.13.10)
23. Now we know why Livni & Barak were summoned to talk to
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.13.10)
Hillary. They now have a mission to unseat Netanyahu. The reason given for the meeting according to Hillary was to see if she had their support. That was so laughable and rather dangerous at the same time. It is more likely that she tasked them with mashing up Bibi's government, starting with that ABC interview to undermine and discredit Bibi. We all know that Livni and Barak are very obedient to Obama and Hillary. If these ask them to jump, they'll ask how high. All four of them favour appeasement and concessions from Israel. Let's see now. The options are Livni or Bibi for PM. I'll go with Bibi. At least he is trying to navigate the choppy waters even if he has move backwards to go forward. Livni knows one word very well - surrender. One thing Israelis have to take credit for - when a hostile Obama is strangling Bibi in a corner, they push back hard to extricate him. Israel must never hand over power to Livni. She will give away the store. When she pushes at Bibi, push her back hard.
24. To N 17
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (12.13.10)
Mr. Rosenvald, I don't understand your, and others, radical comments about Tzipi Livni. I am Brazilian too and a great friend of Israel. I think she is a wise political leader, deserving be respected and followed. Peace demands mutual concessions, not intransigent views. Reflect about it. (Pense nisso). Luiz Felipe Haddad.
25. why?
jk ,   the rova   (12.13.10)
First off, Ms. Livni, there is a reason why you are not the Prime Minister and that you are the Opposition Leader. And to Mr. Fayyad, if this really did break international law, it would have been taken care of much sooner.
26. 18 Avraham - TYPO
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (12.13.10)
It was a typo - the word should have been "any" not "and." Fayyad knows how to talk to average Americans and sell ideas to non-Fox News viewers in the USA. Maybe you don't know what occupation does to the occupier, Avraham. Occupation is not good for either the occupied or the occupier. It is corrupting to both and creates moral depravity on both sides.
27. 21 Mike - Current Israeli leadership?
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (12.13.10)
Fayyad might sit with them. But Netanyahu cannot talk about more that the color of the Palestinian flag without his coalition collapsing. He cannot talk about compromise on Jerusalem or borders or Palestinian security or even realistic Israeli security or parts of his coalition walks. That is why Netanyahu was elected, to prevent any realistic hope of peace being achieved. He's doin' a heck of a job at it, too.
28. The moratorium is a form of applied racism, anti-Jewish...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.13.10)
...racism, that in principle must not be accepted by anyone who oppose racism.
29. Racist Livni
David ,   USA/Israel/Egypt   (12.13.10)
So now it is in the open. Israel is the home for the refugees from Europe. I believe the attorney general should investigate what she is saying and prosecute her for racism
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