EU keeps up pressure for Israeli settlement freeze
Published: 13.12.10, 22:49
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1. eu Should Stay Out Of Official Israeli Business
Brazen   (12.13.10)
2. #1 - its not "israeli business", when its against intl law.
eporue ,   europe   (12.13.10)
3. EU has no moral standing
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (12.13.10)
EUROPE SHUT YOUR MOUTH'S YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY OR CONTRIBUTE. Europe slaughtered Jews almost achieving Hitler's dream of a Jew free Europe only to replace literate, sophisticated, industrious, partiotic and well assimilated Jews with parasitic scum who are systematically destroying European culture (susch as it is) and sucking dry all welfare benefits. Now Europe again is herding Jews into the ovens telling us what we can build where, when and how. Europe has NO moral standing whatsoever to say anything to Jews other than "I'm sorry" and "here are monetary reparations that can never replace your loved ones we murdered, but it is all we can do."
4. Not your next door neighbors
Yaakov ,   USA   (12.13.10)
It's so easy to feel kind and loving to terrorist areas when they are not your next door neighbors. LEt's see how Europe feels when they have 500 more extremist mosques in London, Brussels, and Copenhagen
5. Gd give land to Israelis before or after their state of 1948
Jack   (12.13.10)
6. EU should instead call for a permanent freeze of Jew-hatred.
Menachem ,   Israel   (12.13.10)
in the Middle East and Europe alike.
7. #2 It's still Israel's business regardless of legality
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.13.10)
8. Note to EU: FU
Laurence ,   Santa Ana, USA   (12.13.10)
9. But 4 da outside help, then & now, No such thing as Israel
Balfour of 1917   (12.13.10)
10. #3
marcel   (12.13.10)
well said. Israel needs no lessons from nazi europe
11. The freeze
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (12.13.10)
It's not true to say that Israel refused to extend the freeze. Netanyahu agreed to extend it on condition that the Palestinians recognised Israel as a Jewish state. They would not do this. Therein lies the problem.
12. EU is hardly impartial in this matter
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.13.10)
Beginning with the shift toward the Arabs that followed the October '73 War, the EU has increasingly moved into the Arab/Palestinian camp. Personally, I don't understand why the EU was given a voice through the "Quartet" since they're so obviously in the Palestinian camp. Heck, they give more financial support to them than the whole Arab world combined. So I agree with Brazen - the EU should stay out of it. (Side benefit: We wouldn't be seeing Ashton's face as often.) And no, those "settlements" aren't illegal as they claim.
13. No Such Thing As
Brazen   (12.13.10)
international law, arabs pay no attention so whats good for the goose is surely good for the GANDER, Like I said eurotrash Stay Out Of Official Israeli Business.
14. Did the EU call for the palestinians to...
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (12.14.10)
return to the "unconditional" direct talks that they keep placing more and more conditions on? NO. Did they call on Abbas to stop incitement to violence in state controlled media? NO. Did the palestinians, I mean EU (honest freudian slip.. I sware) call on hamas to stop firing rockets at Israeli towns and cities? NO.
15. Israel vs EU
Brod ,   USA   (12.14.10)
Israel can tell the EU to mind their own business. They have NO business intruding in Israel's internal affairs. Judea and Samaria are Israel's LIBERATED HISTORIC HOMELAND-LAND OF ISRAEL WHICH IS GOD-GIVEN AND GOD-RESTORED FOR THE JEWISH NATION.
16. 3 - as the largest trading partner of Israel Europe
Dave   (12.14.10)
has all the rights and even obligation to demand Israeli compliance with international law. you on the other hand seem to be little confused and out of touch sitting there in FL, USa.
17. chutzpah
marcel   (12.14.10)
barak was massively rejected by israelis in the sharon election for reasons of lack of trust and him offering arafat a total israeli sellout. So olmert needed someone to replace peretz and he was the one. And later in coalition deals, bibi offered him defence. I prefer yaalon but that's another story. He is defence minister. Now he runs around washington offering israeli positions on peace negotiation, many of which the voters massively rejected. Even if they adopted those positions, they don't want him negotiating them. Israelis feel more comfortable with bibi than barak. Yet he persists in acting like PM. What arrogance. On top of it, he still runs around crying the blues about hezbollah yet he has no time to arrange a fire fleet with the loss of 43 lives. I doni't think much of him. Lieberman gives many israelis not all more strength than this failure as defence minister. Ashkenazi has more in one finger than this lebanon and west bank flop. He can talk peace moves all he wants when visits olmert in jail where he can join elder, verter, barnea , amir oren and attila somfali,a real collection of chamberlain losers.
18. EU feels that their job is to be the Dictator to Israel
Seppo ,   Finland   (12.14.10)
Obama started talking long time ago that settlements are legal but he does not like it and it is obstacle for peace. And this talk prevented talks. Now that Obama has given up EU attacks with a full force, they want to prevent talks at any price by attacking against settlements and they get the talks prevented as long as Arabs get support for any excuse not to talk. For 40 years settlements were no obstacle for talks. They became obstacle only after US and EU MADE them to be obstacle. Problem for EU. the US says settlements are legal, EU says settlements are illegal and these two institutions which are supposed to be brokers cannot even agree of basic legal elements. Both try to please Arabs as much as possible and they dont care what they put out of their mouth. In 1948 Israel had all the rights to build everywhere west of Jordan river. Jordan's illegal occupation 1948-1967 changed the situation. In the minds of the West this occupation changed the whole WB to be Arab territory against UN Charter and UNSC 242.
19. EU bashes Israel because there is no penalty
SteveInNJ ,   North Bergen, NJ   (12.14.10)
This is partly Israel's fault. The EU has for decades incited the Palestinians in believing the Palestinians are entitled as a matter of rights to just about anything (and everything) they feel like demanding. It's up to Israel to devise the penalties that will tell the EU there is a price to be paid for the EU’s virtually non-stop incitement against Israel. At minimum the ambassadors of Norway, Sweden and the other craven cowards should be declared persona non gratis until their governments learn a minimal level of civility. Second, any, and I mean any foreign gov't (including guess who?) that has any meeting with any PLO / PA (is there any difference?) in Jerusalem, should be arrested and imprisoned for espionage (for which there is no diplomatic immunity). I think even the cretins of the foreign diplomatic corps would get the message quickly. Can you even imagine China putting up for one day with the sewage that Israel has chosen to swallow for decades?
20. I don't know which is greater
SteveInNJ ,   North Bergen, NJ   (12.14.10)
your gross ignorance of the facts of the situation is exceeded only by your gross ignorance of basic rules of grammar. Take a course in rational thinking, and then come back and waste our time.
21. Even Bashar al-Assad realizes that a freeze is stupid
Zvi   (12.14.10)
Demanding it accomplishes nothing except to give Abbas an excuse not to negotiate.
22. EU Hypocrisy
Ed ,   USA   (12.14.10)
The EU's repeated criticism of Israel undermines any incentive for the Palesinians to negotiate. Indeed, it is worse: it prevents the Palestinians from any serious negotiation because any deal that they would make with an putatively immoral entity would be illegitimate from the start. If the EU had the slightest interest in Palestinians, it would be pressuring their leadership to negotiate instead of condemning Israel.
23. and you wonder why EU lost all standing
Eric L ,   Chicago, USA   (12.14.10)
Shame on the EU.....Leave it to the EU to parrot almost every baseless Palestinian demand almost verbatim....
24. EU sanctions could hurt Israel's economy, come April
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (12.14.10)
and S. America with others may follow. That could affect Israel's ability to afford one of the strongest armies in the ME. Until PA and Hamas reunite sanctions unlikely but still dangerous for Israel.
25. For #8Laurence Santa ana
Moragh   (12.14.10)
Laurence, I loved ur msg. The best yet!
26. Balfour of 1917
Moragh   (12.14.10)
of 1917... I believe u idiot
27. This isn't about love & flowers
RIka Chaval   (12.14.10)
Pushing for results on the ground hopefully leading to a peace agreement is in Israels own best interest. Don't forget, Bibi himself endorsed the 2 states solution in is Bar Illan speach, as did the previous government, whether you like it or not, this is official Israeli policy now, just as it is official PLO and PA policy. So, instead of playing games with countries that are Israels best friends, US and Europe, all we're asking is that Palestine and Israel get it done. Stop backing out, stop playing the blame game, be real !
28. EU Complicity with American Appeasement
Alex Weiss   (12.14.10)
Why does the EU waste their time talking about freezes when they know all Israeli settlements in occupied territory violate International Law. Surely they should be talking about imposing sanctions, rather than complicity with the American policy of reward and appeasement for the illegal Israeli occupation and settlement enterprise.
29. EU taxpayers are the suckers here
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.14.10)
If I were an EU taxpayer I'd start questioning why the EU dumps so much money on the Palestinians. Notice there's a call for a construction freeze, but no call by the EU for the Palestinians to freeze their attacks on Israeli civilians? The EU also keeps demanding that the Gaza border be opened, yet doesn't demand that Gazans stop shooting at Israeli civilians. Makes you wonder about the moral standing of the EU. It certainly seems that in another 100 years Europe will indeed be Islamic, and non-Muslims will be subjugated despite the years of knuckling under to Islamic demands - including those of the Palestinians to shower them with money despite no accounting or acceptance of European standards. European fools, easily separated from their hard earned tax money.
30. Would be nice if they actually identified the broken law
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.14.10)
In looking at the legal issues I can not find any actual law that has been broken by building in lands liberated in a defensive war. Under the claims that they seem to be making the Falklands, Kurdistan, Basque, Northern Ireland, Scotland, etc. should also be returned to their original owners. Not even UN resolutions 141 and 242 talk about creating a new country for a people that were never self ruled. The Eu should be pushing for a country like Andorra like country which has its peace ensured by Israel, Jordan and Egypt.
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